Chainfist “Scarred” Release date October 1st 2014 on Mighty Music


Coming to us from Denmark, Chainfist is a band that has most definitely caught my attention! These guys are fuckin’ HOT, and I’m not just excited about one song or even a handful, but rather the whole damn album, and I feel privileged to bring to you this kick ass melodic Metal masterpiece! I love it fast and I love it heavy, but most of all, I love that I can sing along with their vocalist Jackie Peterson. Jackie’s clean and powerful vocal talents are the perfect pitch with no compromise to the Metal talents of the band backing him! There is so much talent here and to be able to play an album and not feel the urge to press next on the deck is golden. “Scarred” is full of heavy groove laden riffs, guitar solos, and perfectly timed drum beats that make me want to take on the day with a feeling of conviction that this ruling album instills! Michael Kopietz – Guitar & Thomas Hvisel - Lead Guitar, sound like a perfectly oiled machine, keeping the rhythm and guitar solos tight and aggressive, while  Braca Pedersen – Bass & Jesper Heidelbach – Drums, bring that monster metal sound to a height of perfection that any accomplished musician strives to achieve! Look folks, get out of your daily routine and check out something new; Chainfist will give you that feeling of excitement and like myself, wondering “where in the hell have these guys been all my life?!” All I can say now is….


When can I see these guys live!! “Scarred” is on sale now so pick up your copy today and support the bands who work so hard to give us the music we love!


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Dec. 2014


Cd Review: Furyon- Lost Salvation



5/5 stars



Band Members

Matt Mitchell - Vocals

Alex "Nickel" Bowen - Bass

Lee Farmery - Drums

Tiago Rosado - Guitars


Brighton, UK

Record Label

Dream Records (Cargo Records) (UK/EUROPE) / t.b.a (USA/JAPAN)

Short Description

FURYON is a new band from the UK who like nothing more than to challenge expectations. Raised on a diet of heavy metal, prog, and classic rock, FURYON mix all these components for a truly unique and contemporary sound.

Current Location

Brighton, UK



This is yet another band from the UK that has some amazing talent and some great musical skills all around , it never seizes to amaze me the amount of great music that is getting written , performed and recorded. Riffs are abound that gets you grooving and tapping along for me the song that really hits that home for me is "Scapegoat" -great classic rock song played here with some newer edge built in.


This has been a great year thus far for music already and only hitting the mid mark of April , am excited to see what the rest of the year holds.

If you are a fan of great Rock n Roll , takes no prisoners and is straight up great groove , I doubt you will disagree with my selection of Furyon -this band compliments each other in the playing style , they clearly play for the better of the song. Some bands get off on their own things musically strongly written songs here where each bang of the drum or vocal styling all goes to the building of the overall delivery of the song.

The instruments are all equally mixed gives the listener a full spectacle of sounds -esp if you have the headphones , really have enjoyed this album I thank all those involved in the making of this album. Most of all for Furyon for their great song compositions.

"Dematerialize" is yet another great song , song fantastic guitar playing throughout the song. I sincerely cannot recommend this band enough, easily one of my favorite albums of the year!

With each song comes another song that just adds enjoyment to the overall sound and this band deserves all the success they find , I wish them all the best with the sales of this album.


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