Hiya!  I'm Kathey Waxler I am a Fan first and foremost of Music , Rock, Metal, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal I adore all types of music, it is a art and my passion.

I really don't have a certain genre,  when I hear unique and exceptional talented musicians/Artists, I  want everyone else to hear and experience them as well.

I enjoy Helping Artists achive thier dreams.. I do this from the heart and the compassion I  have for music/Art and how it can heal ( has me many times) and calms any emotion that bleeds into our soul  and how musicians work so hard at their gift/craft for who? Us the fans !

Their love for that singing, writing, guitar, drums,  bass,  piano, chello  etc and those same  raw emotions that we feel are filtered  through that instrument or lyrics or passion in their voices is pure magic and art!  I was ask though recently what I thought about metal music.... Here is what my answer is.....

In  Metal I think you have a variety and still accepted in the metal community. You have the battle of the riffs, the fastest, the loudest, the darkest... ( Mr Mustaine, Slayer,Testament ) The beauty in the Metal ( Randy R and Marty Friedman, Steve V, ) Your southern Metal ( Dimebag, Wylde)  and so on.

The melodious of Marty  added with the fury of Dave complimented each other to form the power and beauty of metal and Return to hanger. ( with Al pitrelli ) one of my favs as well.

But you also have some people with demons in their lives and looked down upon in society for what these issues have been or it's a problem we don't talk about etc and there is the music, their serenity, their way to express what they feel inside,  to express the pain and deal with the hurt. We all have our own ways and our own demons. 

You also have your shock rockers as well.You have to admit, these musicians are genius's!

 But we choose what we listen to as fans.. Escape goats for society ? That they are....But metal heads have heavy freakin shoulders right?!

VQM Bands are the ones that inspired me to speak to Yvonne about  giving back to music with the magazine so one day I just threw the website at her ha! Now how can you say no to that!?

Honestly I can't explain how music or what music means to me. Maybe just maybe that emotion has yet to be discovered :) And why do I do what I do to help artists? It comes naturally,  no thinking involved. I'm just a fan first! I believe in them so I want others to experiance that same feeling....

 # 1 Megadeth  Fan

I am also the co-founder for Rock 4 Arc, Recherché Local Artist's, Founder Of POsinIVY Spoils ( Designs ) POsinIVY Promotions and very honored to be part of the VooDoo Queen Management Family,  to bring my sister company Voodoo Digital Magazine to form a balance in the sister network.


Music...My Secret Place , My serenity...... Keep the Metal Fast , Loud and Alive and Rock N Roll Rockin!


Skills: Imagination... Determination...Passion...


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