VQDM Interview with Blue Felix



VQDM: Who was the original brain behind the band's name and the basic idea of how the band developed? 

Our Singer, Toxsick Tripp came up with the name and the concept.  The name is based on an extremely powerful brand of LSD from the 90's.




VQDM: How has the band changed since the first year that you had formed as Blue Felix? 

More ways than we could count.  Lineup changes, face paint/wardrobe changes, going through different managers, booking agents.   The music has definitely progressed through each record, but the bands concept and premise hasn't really wavered much since the beginning.




VQDM: As children did any of you grow up with music being a major part of your life and if so what was the one thing that has stood out for you throughout your career so far?

All of us have been playing music since we were young.  We've had some nice notches on the belt career wise.  A few that come to mind are direct support to Marilyn Manson at The State Theater in Minneapolis.  We played both dates of the first two Knot Fest events, which allowed us to play with some of our favorite bands including Slipknot, Lamb of God, and Machine Head.  We've also had a great time playing Dirt Fest in Michigan for the last 5 years. 




VQDM:  In this age of industry there is not nearly the amount of financial push and security for bands who are trying to break out, do you feel that your band has made the impact on it's own or did you have help along the way that allowed you to continue forward on touring and producing your videos as well as your albums? 

We've done everything on our own.  we've never relied on a record label or investors to keep the band going.  it's not a glamorous life style as an underground band.  But we've been smart enough with our hometown shows, our online merch, and our distribution to keep things afloat.




VQDM:  The tour scene has also changed and many of today's big bands as they say play much smaller bars along the way, how do you feel about playing to smaller rooms verses big venues with smaller crowds? 

We've had some of our craziest shows in the tiniest bars, in the smallest towns.  Big rooms and big crowds are always ideal, but we'll go wherever the fans are willing to see us.




VQDM:  If the chance to be overseas came up for your band at this moment and you were asked to go tomorrow would your band take that risk?

It would really depend on the offer/tour.  We are more than willing to go wherever, whenever, if the opportunity makes sense.  But we also wouldn't blindly throw away $30k to go to Europe just for the sake of saying we went to Europe.  It has to be a worthwhile endeavor.




VQDM:  How do you feel about your songs and how they have impacted your fans, such as "Middle Finger Up" and "In The Mirror"?

Those two songs have resonated well with fans both for their content, but also the simple catchy hooks.  The response from our fans has always been overwhelming and unwavering.  They're our family.  Every single one of them.




VQDM:  Out of all the places you have been on tour where was the most memorable night up to this point and what was the story behind it?

At this point there's no way to narrow it down to just one.  Our answer to question #3 kind of sums this up...




VQDM:  What horror type actor would you want to be if asked to be in a movie based on your personality on or off the stage?  vigilante. 

We've always flown in the face of authority and the "fall in line" attitude pushed upon us all by the main stream media, and the elites.  But to be honest, you'll be much more likely to catch us in an "adult" film.




VQDM:  There is always that one song the band themselves do not like and yet their fans love to hear them play it, which one would it be if any?

We really don't have any songs that we don't like.  We've always stood behind the music we write, and have never stored away catalogs of unused songs.  If something makes the cut on an album, it's because we love it before the fans have even heard it.   The fans love to hear "middle finger".  It's usually the closer, and everyone goes nuts.  We've seen some wild mosh pits during that song.



VQDM:  How important is family to your members?

All of us are pretty close with our family.  Likewise being a musician sometimes requires an "everything else comes second to the band" mentality in order to keep things moving forward.  Everyone involved in Blue Felix over the years has given a tremendous sacrifice to the band.  Being on the road gives us a special appreciation for the moments that we do get to spend with our family. 



VQDM: Where do you see the band in the next five years?

Hopefully still making music.  The business side of things is particularly tricky these days.  Bands at our level are lucky to make it anywhere at all these days.  Blue Felix has made it 10 years now.  The best we could hope for in 5 is to still be in the game.



VQDM:  Any words of encouragement to those younger kids who are trying to make it work and are fighting just to break out in the scene?

Get a day job that works well with your touring schedule, and get creative with your merch.  It takes a lot of money to tour (diesel, overhead, crew, food).  That money doesn't come out of thin air.  But if you keep your personal life afloat and put yourself in a position to pay your bills while still doing shows, and use your merch sales to help fund the band in the early stages, you can sustain what you're doing and thus build your draw.



VQDM:  Shout outs to any one or company that have made a huge impression along the way for your band's career?

Coldcock Whiskey has been outstanding.  EMG pickups has supported us for years.  And our friends at Capitol Guitars in St. Paul, MN have always had our backs.   I'll also give a shout out to Fractal Audio and DR Strings.



VQDM: A moment of truth, what is the music you yourselves listen to in the tour vehicle on the road? 

We have video of us rolling down the road blasting The Backstreet Boys.  We have no shame.  To be honest we listen to everything, it just depends on the mood.  One minute it's gangster rap, the next minute it's metal.  A lot of classic rock too.



VQDM: To close with a lasting thought, is this where you want to be?

At this point we've done more than we could have dreamed of as little kids.  The music business isn't what it used to be, and few artists are making millions of dollars these days.  But we've played with some of our favorite bands, in some amazing venues.  We've built a loyal, rabid fan base.  If it was all over tomorrow, we'd have plenty of notches on the belt, and things we can hang our hat from.



Yvonne Loveland- VQDM- 2015 



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