VQDM Interview with Marty McCoy-Guitarist for Bobaflex

VQDM: With 2016 kicking off and you have released a new single "A Spider In The Dark" how do you feel about this year?

Marty; 2016 is going to be our bitch!!! We are the best we've ever been and our fans are as determined as ever to spread the Bobaflex gospel. 


VQDM: Do you feel like the social media links have been hindering your band's connections or does it help bridge the personal connection with the band and the fans?

Marty; It definitely helps. I can sit in the front seat of the bus and connect with people all over the world. I've met long lasting friends through the bands social media page. 


VQDM;  What is your band's plan for this year with either new music or new video releases?

Marty; We're already working on new music. 

I feel that our current album has a lot of life left in it, but we're always looking at the future. Videos are so much fun. We're constantly thinking of some way to get in front of the camera. It's another creative outlet that we all enjoy. Be ready for something new very soon. Lights, camera, action!!! 


VQDM:  What has been the one song you all feel is the most impactful over the last few years that your band has released?

Marty: Bury me with my guns on!!! That song changed our lives and allowed us to continue being a band. It opened the door at radio and put us on the charts. 


VQDM: How do you feel about kids at your shows? Do you encourage them to be at the live events?

Marty: Hell yes!!! Kids mean you're relevant. 

They get excited and have no preconceived notions. They are pure music fans.  


VQDM:  What is the one rule the band has that they keep up with for touring?

Marty: No drinking until 30 minutes before show time. That's the only rule. 


VQDM: Do you feel there is a specific artist that has made the biggest influence on your current style of writing?

Marty; Nope. We all listen to everything. Nothing is off the table when it comes to writing. It makes for an interesting album. 


VQDM: Has there been any moments that the band has had that was the most memorable, funny or dramatic?

Marty:  Playing our songs with 10,000 people sing back to us is pretty dramatic. 

Thanks Madison Wisconsin!!!  


VQDM: Is there anything that your members refuse to try while on the road (food wise) since you travel to many different areas?

Marty: Our drummer Tommy is pretty picky. He likes hamburgers and pizza. He's recently added chicken to his diet. 

Our sound guy Dave Bigelow hates mustard, onions, and coffee. Everybody else will eat anything....that moves. 


VQDM: Who is the most humble member of the band in your opinion?

Marty:  Our Drummer Tommy. He works the hardest on a nightly basis. Never complains and is alway down for the cause. He's an amazing drummer and all around solid guy. The first one to show up and the last one to leave. Love that guy. 


VQDM: Who can be the most egotistic of the band?

Marty:  That's a tough one. We've been humbled so many times our egos are 

Pretty nonexistent. We're just happy to able to play music and we appreciate everything and everyone who have allowed us to do so. 


VQDM: Success is how we look at it for ourselves, do you feel your band is at it's most successful point or do you feel there is more to do before hitting that climax?

Marty:  We're at the highest point so far. It's getting bigger everyday. We don't see it stopping anytime soon. 


VQDM: Is there anyone who has been pushing behind the scenes that may not be spotlighted often that you would like to give a public shout out to?

Marty:  Doug Weber is our Mgmt. He's awesome!!! He cares about us and is a 24/7 hands on guy. Never had a manager like him. Our sound guy Dave Bigelow is the 6th member of the band. He's been with us for along time making us sound like a monster on stage every night. It's it an easy job. 


VQDM: If you could share a stage this year with any band that is on the market at this moment who would it be?

Marty: So many to choose from. I think FFDP. They have the ear of the rock world and destroy people Live. Such an amazing live band. Sevendust would be another. These bands live are like a clinic. They teach lessons and it would be great to take the course. 


VQDM: Any words of inspiration to others looking to do what your doing?

Marty: It's the best job I've ever had. Playing music is hard work, but it's so rewarding. Practice like an insane person and one day you'll get to clock in on a stage or studio. Your company vehicle could be a tour bus. It's an amazing job and there are many positions to be filled.  

Marty- Bobaflex

Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine- Feb 2016



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