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Walking in to Top Fuel Saloon I saw three guys and a girl sitting at a table. They seemed very approachable so I introduced myself and they invited me to sit with them. As we chatted I soon found out they were the band known as Boddah based out of Springfield, Missouri. They referred to the girl as “band wife” and I had to laugh because they were just such a fun amusing group of guys. They introduced me to a previous member who left the band to become a national touring musician with national act: FRAMING THE RED (who has at least 200 tour dates a year) His name was Kuan. When he’s not touring he accompanies BODDAH to help out and guest vocal on a song within the set list. But, before I go any further I’d like to introduce the band.

BODDAH: TRAVIS TUCK - Vocals, guitar



As our conversation continued I was able to conduct a short interview. The results are posted at the end of the article.

Unfortunately our conversation had to be cut short as it was close to start time. Hope you enjoy the show, and if you don’t you don’t. They laughed. The guys took to the stage and soon wowed the audience with a semi unique creative blend of music.

If I’d have to put a genre on this I would have to say their music is a form of Southern Grunge Rock, Rock, Southern Rock, slight Dave Matthews, Touch of Nirvana and several other genres. (You will have to go to a show and make a distinction for yourself) Their set list was short but very enjoyable and easy listening. All audience patrons could be seen toe tapping and moving to the music from their seats. I could tell as I gazed throughout the crowd everyone was pleased. As the set list drew to a close the band thanked the audience and exited paving the way for the next act. Overall this is definitely a must see for southern rock fans. Read on for my interview.

Boddah Interview:

VQDM: Hi guys. How did you guys all get together and decide you wanted to form a band?

BODDAH: Hi! It was KUANS fault. (Laughs) He left to go tour with FRAMING THE RED.


VQDM: How long have you guys been together?

BODDAH: 2 1/2 years


VQDM: Do you have any albums out?

BODDAH: Yes. We have our first which is Self Titled and we are currently working on the second one.


VQDM: What do you base your songs on?

BODDAH: They are all based on life.


VQDM: Do you guys get along for the most part?

BODDAH: Well,(laughs) we think Tuck is a double asshole because he is a guitarist and a singer( laughs) We all joke around with each other and enjoy working together and playing. We play for fun and put the fun in our music. You have to have a tough skin around us but we are all jokesters. We also play the music for stress relief.

VQDM: Do you guys do a lot of touring?​

BODDAH: We perform at a lot of festivals and like to play with everyone. We love music. We also do a lot of local shows.


In closing I’d like to say thank you to BODDAH for a great show and for taking time out of their busy schedule to do a little interview. Wishing you guys much success. For more information on BODDAH please visit the following sites:

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