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Hello Caesar ! Thank you so much for taking the time to do a interview with me. I have admired and respected your work and you since our first meeting. You are my inspiration, role model for me wanting to pursue a magazine and my friend!



VQDM: What made you choose the path you’re on now compared to what your parents wanted you to do and has there always been that support from family?
CC: I have always been an artist since I was a kid. But my family was probably more confused or interested in what I did rather than pushing me into any direction, they let me make my own mistakes and learn from them. I also enjoy creating new things and pushing the limits. I have always felt that if someone else is doing it then I can do it or I can make it better. The only thing that limits us is time. I also believe there’s always more than one way to do something.


VQDM: How many projects do you have and can you tell us about them ?
CC: The more recent ones: “Angels & Gasmasks,” and my comic “M.U.D.” by Revil Comics. But I have had several art and photo books published and my short film was an entry into Sundance Film Festival. My better known project of course was “The Dead Timez Magazine” in that we featured hundreds of local bands, artists, and international world known bands also including Cold, Hurt, Trapt, Vast, Suicide Silence, Otep, Puscifer and many more. It was a fun and great adventure for me and lasted over five years and I was able to promote some great bands and have some great events and meet and talk with some of the best people in the world.



VQDM: Are there any projects that you get more excited about doing than others?
CC: I enjoy all of my projects but I would have to say I get more excited about being able to create my own art like drawing. However that’s also the one that I get the pickiest about and it also takes the most time. As for projects I would have to say “Angels & Gasmasks” my art/photography series, I think it hits home with a vast variety of people and they seem to enjoy it as much as I do.



VQDM: What is the worst mishap you have experienced in an interview or a photo shoot or both?
CC: I can’t say where or when but those that were there know about the small fire in a field on our first day of shooting the “Angels & Gasmasks” short film, it was crazy but fun. As for interviews for “The Dead Timez”  I’ve done so many it’s hard to remember and most of them were great. I guess if you would say “difficult” I might consider when I was talking with Maria Brink from “In This Moment” I had her and “Otep” for the same issue and after all was said and done I replaced her with Flyleaf.  Other than that there’s the rush to get stuff in on time to meet deadlines to print/publish and that can get stressful.



VQDM: What does art mean to you?
CC: I believe art is a healthy form of communication. It allows the artist to release their inner thoughts and emotions. I think without art, all of us artists would be crazy.
I also want to say that practice does make you better, I feel like everyone says that…but it is a fact.



VQDM: Who are your hero’s?
CC: Hellboy haha



VQDM: What has been your biggest challenge with doing everything you do and being a new father?
CC: Time! My family and work come first. Anything else I do is done late at night.



VQDM: What inspires you?
CC: I’m inspired by risk and creating something new.  Starting a project that I have no idea how to finish, or seeing other people also making something new; that has the potential for failure… That’s what gets my heart and creativity pumping.

VQDM: If you were able to sit under the table and listen to any two people speak, who would they be?
CC:  The wealthiest person in the world… The smartest person in the world.



VQDM: What is a typical day/week like for you?
CC: Well it’s pretty quiet now days compared to when I was doing “The Dead Timez” normally I would be calling or emailing people and setting up things. But now I focus on work and family. As for work I stay busy with graphic design from companies who want designs for billboards, brochures, t-shirts, and all kinds of things. I also do design work for some local bands and small companies. When I’m not doing all that, I focus on Revil Comics my new project. Me and my cousin Isaac Crawford are pushing Revil Comics hard to get new and original titles out to the world. We have a ton of events in the works and some already done. Check us out!



VQDM: What do you find to be the biggest challenge in the creative process?
CC: Being able to create something from your mind you first must have the right tools or a good amount of patience.




VQDM:  If you hadn't been born in this century, when and where would you have liked to have lived?
CC: I guess the early 1500’s so I could watch Michelangelo work.



VQDM: I had the pleasure of hanging and working with you for a short time on your Angel & Gasmasks film. You are a fierce director! Very cool to watch you work. Would you mind telling  the readers about Angels &  Gasmasks?
CC: Yes thanks again for your help! The best way is to check it out on facebook and youtube. J The best way to sum it up is that it’s a post-apocalyptic world where even Angels can be infected by the sins of man and the world, while trying to protect us they also have to face their own human like emotions.


VQDM:  You have been a big contributor in the local music scene, sponsoring shows and sponsoring musicians. What has been the biggest reward of that?
CC: The biggest reward was to help promote bands or artists that truly deserve recognition. Missouri has some of the most talented, original, and memorable artists.
Please help support your local bands and artists they deserve it more than you know.

VQDM: What is your best advice you could give anyone wanting to pursue a profession of so many professions? 
CC: DON’T…I’m nuts! Haha Think before acting and remember that… What you’re doing now, will be…what you’ve done. So take pride and give the extra effort to make it amazing.

VQDM: Caesar Crawford in 3 words? 
CC: Determined, Original, Creative.


VQDM: What can we expect from you in 2016?
CC: Comic books! I now draw and write comics for my comic company “Revil Comics.” I will also be doing more graphic design, writing, and maybe some more photography here and there maybe another music video.

VQDM: So you do comic books now. Well do you have any advice for others wanting to do comics?

CC: Before you start, practice and learn framing scenes. It helps to tell the story. Also I tell everyone to start sketching with a blue pencil that’s what the pros do and it help so much in finding your elements and shapes. Also find a cheap printer and start doing comic cons…get your self out there.




Kathey Waxler  Sept 2015





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