VQDM Interview with Rob Boyer, bassist for Conquest 

VQDM -What was the defining moment for each member that lead them to playing music and more specifically why the instrument (or vocal)  currently being played?

Rob-I can not speak for everybody else in the band but for me (Rob Boyer) I started playing the bass was because I have always enjoyed the tone and sound of a bass. I like that low in growl but also truthfully was to score vagina. 


VQDM - What is the most meaningful thing that has happened to you because of the music you play as the guitarist and vocalist?

Rob-Meaningful things to me are the fact that my children and then my grandchildren get to come and watch me play as well as young fans who are into the bass guitar and wanting to learn to get into this type of environment I feel it is very cool that I can be inspiring to them.


VQDM -What is the most screwed up thing that has ever happened to you because of the music you play?

Rob-Quite honestly we really have not had any really screwed up things I mean we have had some screwed up gigs but other than that you know it's just Rock and Roll.. you know.


VQDM - Any Regrets


Rob-NO, music has been a large part of my life and I don't regret a minute of it!



VQDM -Is there anything musically you would like to do that you still have not accomplished yet?

Rob-There are some ideas I have for tunes that I would like to record before I forget all those cool riffs but sometimes I can't really bring them to the table because it's a little bit different than what Conquest does but I would like to at least get them on some form of recording eventually.


VQDM -What was the inspiration for the forthcoming album?

Rob-The inspiration for the new release"The World Has Gone To Hell" is simply today's age people are so captured into the political side of who is right and who is wrong the people are tearing each other up on social media as well as in public. People who were best friends for years and years and years now are enemies largely they are fed nonsense from the media and that's what they believe instead of speaking to each other and asking each other questions. So really kind of it's our take on the world has gone to hell because of all the political turmoil.


VQDM - Who did you get to engineer and produce the album, and is there any special reason as to why them?

Rob-The engineer for the album who's the same gentleman whose done our past releases is Adam Long. We use Adam because he's got an incredible ear for dynamics and Derek Brumley our vocalist and guitarist is largely the producer for each album.


VQDM -Did you guys use any fun tools or tricks in the recording process?  


Rob- We are pretty much straight ahead in our recording we do not really get into too much gadgetry because we want what we have on disc to be able to transfer live on stage.


VQDM -What are the tracks you each like the most off this new album? And why?  

Rob-For me I would say Snowman is one of the coolest tracks but I really dig Demons and Angels as well because there's a pretty slick baseline that I put into it that accompanies Mike Crook's spot.


VQDM - Will you be doing a tour to help promote the albums release? If so what areas are you wanting to hit the hardest?

Rob-As far as tour scheduling after the new release comes out we have been looking at different options on how far we want to take it. We do have a lot of offers from New York down but we also have a lot of really good west coast interest so not sure yet. We definitely do want to at some point do a European thing but let's be honest financially it has to be feasible it has to be otherwise it's not worth it to us. As far as shout outs the first one goes out to Rich Donald from Pops Nightclub in Sauget IL for still believing in Conquest after all these years and giving us prime placement for shows there. Jeffrey Swanson for Dark Star Records for always pushing us and promoting us as well as distributing for us. Our tour manager Scott Borland and our drum tech Mike Anderson for always being there every gig lugging it in and lugging it out at the end of the night. Of course our family and friends and all the people who have stuck by our sides for the last 30 years of Conquest being an active and yet still relevant presence in the metal community. 

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