URN - Epiphany -Dark Moon Records release 2015


Members Dominic St. Charles Vocals and guitar and keyboards, Julian Umberger Bassist and backing Death Vocals, Christopher Migdalski Guitarist, Liam Hamning Drums

 and percussion


            The first thing I wanted to point out to those of you who will be purchasing this album is the fact that on top of some very eye captivating artwork the album also includes a booklet that encompasses the lyrical content of each song. This is quite old school but very refreshing. For so many the album casing is a huge factor of even purchasing a physical copy. With the digital aspects of downloading and streaming the artist must go that extra mile to gain the attention of a future buyer would want. I can say honestly URN has achieved that. So on to the actual review of the musical side.

            As the first song kicks in, Autumnal Sunrise, you hear the beautiful sounds and tones of what you may feel is folk inspired music. Bringing the Celtic styles alive with instruments such as the violin played by Jenna Scifries and the 36 string harp played so elegantly by Tracy Demarco. There sound was throughout many of these songs such as Cast In Amber and Brisk Snowfall along with Tracy's backing vocals. Christopher Lorton also did some acoustic guitar on two of these magical songs. To say that URN has stuck to a simple format for their music would definitely not be appropriate. Moving into other guests on this very diverse album was musicians such as Nick Kapka who also did percussion for these three songs. Kevin Macguire played violin on the newer songs that were wrote when the band had moved from Chicago to Florida such as When The Rain Has Fallen, The Road To St. Patrick's, Epiphany and Empty Promises. Along with Nicholas Sencyzsen on keyboards on a few of the songs. You may think from the way I am describing their music that the songs are all on the lighter rock side however they do have some heavy rifts including what we would call Death Metal sounds that come across strong and bold inspired by Julian Umberger who is one of the original members of this band.

 My Chosen Path has such a twisted but grabbing sound that although it has the death metal sound it brings you back and forth from insanity to your own mind's solitude and peaceful oasis. The song Epiphany which the album was named after is one of my personal favorites from them. The rock sounds along with the metal's edge from the guitar rifts take you on a extreme journey as you listen to the intensity of Dominic's vocals your able to feel as if your in his journey yet experiencing your own thoughts and images. 

Truly an amazing album from song 1 to song 11 there is no set of words that could realistically describe this album without missing something.  Having known some of these musicians on a personal level and watching them grow over the years musically as well as individuals I do feel this is a legendary album that has come from the depths of all of their hearts with blood, sweat and many tears. Yet after four long years the original idea for this album has evolved so amazingly that I do not think it would have been the same if it had been done on it's original time schedule. We encourage you to check this band out as well as purchase one of these albums for yourself. Experience the magical journey for yourself.

Yvonne Loveland- March 2016


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