VQDM-For someone just hearing of your band now and reading this how would you introduce them to your sound?

Smash the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Pantera and the Blue Man Group, and boom... you have Downfall 2012. We also get that we resemble Static-X, Snot, and System of a down a lot.





VQDM: Where are you all from and how long have you known each other?

I ( Danny) was born in NJ but got to Texas as fast as I could! haha..  I grew up in Humble a suburb just Northeast of Houston.  Boo Rogers comes from the sticks in a small town called Splendora, TX about 45 min North of Houston.  Casey grew up in Las Vegas and Australia.  He kinda bumped around all over until he eventually ended up in Houston as well.  Downfall 2012 existed for quite some time prior to Boo and Casey's involvement.  I remember seeing Boo in the audience going crazy.  He played in several great punk bands out here as well.  I was a big fan.  When our prior line-up disbanded  I sought out Boo Rogers and the rest is History.  Shortly after Boo and I teamed up we were introduced to Casey Bowen, a young jazz drummer.  He auditioned in our studio and just left his kit there.  haha.  That was almost 9 years ago. haha  Those 2 guys are some of the absolute most talented musicians I have ever met.  We make a great team!  



VQDM: How did the name ​ Downfall 2012 come to be? 

As a kid I was obsessed with all the past and upcoming projected "Dooms Days".  I did a tremendous amount of researching and speculating myself.  However, the most intriguing to me was always 2012... "The End of The World as We Know it!"  They ALWAYS phrased it that way, suggesting that we may all see a great change as opposed to a complete "END".  The concept was exciting and was the foundation for quite a bit of our early writing. We stuck with the name post 2012 because it has found a very strong metaphorical relevance to our current lineup's history and personal story.  





VQDM: What made you choose the path you are all on now, compared to what your parents wanted you to do and what age did you know this is what I want to do?

I think we've all wanted to do this since as far back as we can remember.  Some of our family has been incredibly supportive since day one.  Others continue to protest it. But I think both sides of that are very helpful and motivational.  On one side of the ring you have all the people pushing for you and cheering you on, giving you the strength to continue, while on the other side you have those who think the opposite, which gives you the motivation push harder and harder to prove them wrong. haha




VQDM:​ Influences and Role Models?

​​Trent Reznor, NIN, Pantera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Nothing More, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Metallica, Bob Marley, and the list goes on and on and on...



VQDM: What do you like most about being in this profession?

While writing and recording is exciting and fun, touring is what we love the most.  There is nothing quite like it.  We want to be on the road as much as possible!




VQDM: What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

This is a tough industry.  Writing music, playing shows... that's easy stuff.  But to try do it "For real" is like a maze up a mountain.  There is no certainty in what you are doing... no rule book.  You can model after the success of others but that will only take you so far.  So the biggest challenge, in our darker weaker moments in the semi distant past, was to decide to keep pushing forward, or to scale back and do this thing more recreationally.  Most band hit this dilemma at some point or another.  Either option would be OK  I suppose, but  I'm really glad we have chosen to continue to push forward though.   



VQDM: What is the worst onstage mishap you have experienced?

First date of a 3 month tour... too many shots on stage resulting in a major verbal fight, between Boo and I... in front of fans, followed by a fist fight behind the venue that the other band had to break up.  We all kissed and made up within an hour or so, but that was horribly embarrassing... though I feel, to a certain degree, it was probably pretty entertaining to the audience lol. 



VQDM: How do the songs come together? 

The formula varies occasionally but in most cases Boo comes up with a few riffs.  He and Casey create a rough structure of a song and show it to me (Danny).  I help refine the structure and tweak the pieces.  We cut the instrumental demo and I sit with it for hours and create the vocal lines and delegations.  From there we all revise and refine until we're ready to present it to our producer Jim Finley.  He provides input and additional modification ideas before we finally record the song.





VQDM: What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?

Love Love Love what you do.  Don't be lazy either.  Time flies and everything always takes longer than you think it will.  Don't settle for mediocrity when it comes to recording.  We're living in a time where there is no excuse not to have a great sounding representation of your band.  Be willing to listen and learn from those around you and remember that this is an incredibly hard path, but also incredibly rewarding if traveled strategically.  Don't go on the road without plenty of promo to hand out.  Make as many friends as you can along the way.  And HAVE FUN!!!  (while still working your ass off in the trenches! lol) 



VQDM:  What are typical mistakes people make when trying to pursue this career?

See previous answer...lol.   Here are some in my humble opinion:  Touring without promo or merch.  Releasing records that don't sound as good as you want them to (Downfall 2012 learned the hard way on both of these).  Releasing video that is not well put together.  There is just too much competition out there to be releasing anything sub-par.  




VQDM: What is the importance of the connections you make? How can you utilize them?

Unfortunately it really really does boil down to who you know.  Always be mindful about who you are dealing with.  You never know who they may be or know who can be a helping hand.  Make solid connections and keep in contact with good communication.



VQDM:​ What's the best and worst thing about playing clubs?

It really depends on the club.  Playing clubs can be great if the production team and venue staff are on top of their game.  It can also be the opposite if any one or more components are flawed (Sound, lights, general staff, hospitality, etc)


VQDM:​ Songs I might find on your iPod? 

Yikes... way too many to list, but a few anthems to our tour crew are "World Wide Choppers" Tech N9ne,  "I'm Broken" Pantera, "Party Rock Anthem" LMFAO...lmfao hahaha 



VQDM: If you were able to sit under the table and listen to any two 

​famous ​ people speak, who would it be?

Me (Danny) personally, it would be Trent Reznor and James Hetfield.  Not sure about Boo or Casey but if I had to guess I'm certain Boo would love to kick it with Flea and I'm sure Casey would love a one on one with Bob Marley... that would be tricky though.. lol 


VQDM: Describe Downfall 2012 in 3 words?

Danny, Boo, Casey...       HAHAHAHAHA



VQDM-what can we expect in 2016?

A new record or 2! A new video or 2! And another tour or 10!



VQDM-Any Shout Outs?

Much love to Yvonne Laughlin for kicking ass as our publicist, Jim Finley for kicking ass as our manager/producer, Alex Tomic for kicking ass as our graphic artist, Big Justin for kicking ass on the road, and Wendy Shepherd for kicking ass on social media. And to our fans, friends, and families!!! Thank you for the continuous support!



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