Eclipse recording artist Twelve Noon have a new album entitled 'Saints and Sinners'. The album's first single and video 'No Way Out' is breath of fresh air for music fans. The guitar riff is a great example of what's missing in new music today, the build up. It compliments the vocal styles of Michael Lowe perfectly. With stand out tracks like 'Better Side' and 'Carry On' it shows what happens when great musicians are firing on all cylinders. Singer Michael Loew, drummer Justin Runkel, bassist Tim Clark, guitarist John Devlin & Rob Heil have made an outstanding album that proves rock n roll is alive and well.

VQDM- 2017- Billy Evans 

Sixty Miles Ahead – “Insanity” Review

The rock band “Sixty Miles Ahead,” hailing from Italy, brings energetic riffs and vocals to the scene

with their new album “Insanity.” The album has a traditional modern rock sound and twelve

emotionally-riveting songs worth checking out, especially “Every Time I Try,” which also has a video

available on YouTube. (A rather cool video to watch, by the way!)

The album has a great flow to it for listening at any time - on your morning city commute or your ride

home at night. Certain songs come to mind to suit the mood, such as “Used to Believe” and “Sign for

Tomorrow.” If you enjoy bands like Sixx: AM or My Chemical Romance, with high energy and great

guitar solos, this album is definitely something to check out!

VQDM- Nov-2016

A BREACH OF SILENCE says that there are always  "Secrets" in the new album that will be released February 24, 2017.

In this new album of "secrets" you will find a sound that is of Powercore Metal with a little bit of "Sugar And Spice" which leads to its Active Rock "Nightcrawler" confessions. This Australian band is A BREACH OF SILENCE, there driven sound is what will take the place of the "Broken" and fill there hearts with "A Better Place", with passion and emotion, that we have the ability to "Ride Or Die" There are many "Secrets" hidden in this album from the heavy riffs of rage to the purest of soft tissues of solemn in the vocals being expressed. You will find  yourself being able to relate to many of the lyrics, giving you the feeling of being  connected to the artists as well on a personal level. There is perseverance with an overall abundance of dynamic and diversity. It is one of those albums that you could find yourself listening to over and over again, and not feel like it is the same old song being replayed. 

Donna Hawkins

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