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Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine Interview with Brax Goth Vox for Enslaved By Fear

VQDM: Since the beginning of the band how much has the sound of the music changed?

Brax: The change is massive. They brought in New members and really kicked things into gear when they added me back in 2013. In three months we were in the studio recording an E.P.  Even since then the sound has improved immensely it's indescribable. The only way you can truly understand the change and the progression is to go to it on Amazon or Spotify or Google Play and listen to the EP and then immediately after pick a song off the full-length album American death grip. You'll notice the progression.

VQDM: Enslaved By Fear does it have a sentimental meaning or was it something you all picked based on political meanings?

Brax: The name was picked before I was in the band it was just something that the guitar player Tristan thought sounded cool. Over time it gathered meaning and we now kind of use it as a self enlightenment type meaning. The majority of society being so afraid of their own Shadows but they should never fear their own opinions for their own beliefs and fear themselves. We all need to appreciate ourselves and realize their own self-worth in this Society. And I understand that can be hard sometimes.

VQDM: There is a member in your band with the nickname (Architect) who is that and why was he given that name?

Brax: That would be Tristan our lead guitar player. Not only does he construct the music everything but the vocal patterns ,Melodies, and lyrics he just loves General architecture and how things are built.

VQDM: Does any of the band members play more then one instrument?

Brax: Most of us do I'm not a hundred percent about Tony I only ever see him on the bass and vocals. But our drummer Ben thrash can play drums and guitar. Tristan can play drums Guitar Bass Viola cello keyboard piano give him a few minutes and he'll learn it no matter what the instrument is. And then I do vocals and I play bass. I can keep a beat on the drums but I don't for any project.

VQDM: What was the drive behind making the video for Here I Lay?

Brax: He really was at the time almost mainstream radio friendly song we wanted to have something for radio stations to put out there as well as a video that anybody could post up on their website to go along with it since we felt like it was going to be one of our more popular songs on the album American death grip. As far as the meaning behind the song here I lay it's about losing someone close to you and not having the opportunity to spend time with them and enjoy being around them for whatever reason through death our custody or what have you that person has been taken from you. I wrote the lyrics about my first born daughter Genesis her mother and I don't get along and I am legally prevented from being apart of her life. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. I just hope that one day I'll get a chance to be around her and maybe her mother and I can learn to be friends again even if only for her. You know the chorus says quote I can't stand alone here I finally lay face-down trapped by this overwhelming pain end quote. That's how I felt for a long time and it still gets pretty heavy from time to time. I spend a lot of time just partying going out every night doing anything I could to not think about it when I realized it doesn't work that way I finally calm down and tried to make peace with the bed that was made in move on. The guys wanted me to write the lyrics to the song to an emotionally connected subject so I don't think I could have picked anything deeper.

VQDM: If you had the ability to go anywhere in or out of the U.S. for a show where would it be and why?

Brax: Anywhere in Europe I would just love the opportunity to play a festival out there with the type of fans that they have the type told her that they have would be incredible to experience. Pretty sure I speak for the whole band on that one. Europe Germany Denmark Sweden Russia it doesn't matter we're down. lol

VQDM: Who in the band listens to the most diverse music?

Brax: I wouldn't say any single individual listens to the most diverse music but rather the band as a whole has an incredibly diverse music appreciation. You've got me I like death metal grindcore black metal whatever brutal shit you got tell me who likes Blink 182 and Breaking Benjamin. Ben likes Pantera Vinnie Paul being his favorite drummer in the world. And then Tristan when we started it he was more Bullet for My Valentine Breaking Benjamin. Through the past few years we've spent together in this band we will learn to enjoy and appreciate most everybody's taste in music. When we're on to her stuff in the van and we'll go from Cannibal Corpse cryptopsy dying fetus - Blink-182 Mudvayne Bullet for My Valentine just all over the place.

VQDM: As the band has developed a strong fan base in many of the Midwest areas of the United States where do you feel you need to branch out next?

Brax: I really think we need to start hitting the eastern states a little more and maybe take another trip back out to the West. I mean in reality as long as the two were covering their expenses there's no limit to where we'll go we want everybody the opportunity to hear our music and form an opinion of it good or bad we don't care we just take all input whether it's negative feedback positive feedback and use it to push forward. But we've never gone to a venue and have them tell us they don't want us back everywhere we go people love us act professionally take time with the fans we take time with the people who put on the show and we always put on a high-energy show no matter what.

VQDM: What is the hardest part of being a band in this time of uncertainty with our country?

Brax: I think with all the election stuff going on lately it's actually kind of fueled bigger turnouts. No matter who you supported in the Run everyone's angry everyone's upset every one's emotional everyone wants something different they want better and they're afraid that they're not being heard. So as a person who loves music what do you do to get away from that to experience an excape you go to the concert you go to see Alice Cooper or you go see Breaking Benjamin and Korn or you go down the street and catch a small club and watch a few local bands it doesn't matter because while you're there most the time the music so loud you can't have a serious conversation you just get to enjoy yourself drink some beers and have fun.

VQDM: As a band who supports our troops with not only lyrical content but with support on stage and more what is your view on vets and how they are being  treated?

Brax: I really think especially with the band as a whole were kind of upset with the way our troops are being treated. Everyone joins the military for different reasons whether it's they just need the money or they want to go to school or they truly want to just serve their country it doesn't matter. the fact that for whatever the reason in joining they knew that they could end up risking their lives giving their life into the alienated not being able to own firearms not getting the health care that they deserve because they're so messed up from their time down range or hell they may have had a training accident that left him crippled emotionally physically doesn't matter they deserve to be treated with the highest form of Health Care our government has to offer and that's just not happening highest form of mental care government has to offer and that's not happening.  you know suicide is tragic regardless but the rate of Veteran suicides is scary.

VQDM: What band alive or dead would you want to share the stage with and why?

Brax: I think everyone in the band would probably have a different answer to that mine personally would have to be Metallica. You know in all the old school elitist can say all Metallica died with the Black Album whatever. The fact of the matter is Metallica is the most successful metal band in history there's no man that can pull a bigger Crowd by themselves. now comparing them to Iron Maiden doesn't count because Iron Maiden only does a tour dates in the entire United States any time they come here so you can expect a sold-out crowd. but Metallica will do a full us 200 full South American tour full Europe tour with 20 + States in each continent and still sell out arenas.  now if you're asking where I'm getting at with this it's that hard work and dedication that these guys are put into it controversies aside any one could only hope to be as successful as Metallica hard work dedication and awesome fucking fans have made this band what they are it'd be an honor to share the stage with them.

VQDM: If you would describe your band members with a character from a movie who would they be?

Brax: Oh God I don't even know.   I think I'd have to use a series of movies to get the personalities to even somewhat match. I'd say Tristan would be Garth from Wayne's World just because of the drum solo scene. Tony would Grumpy Cat. LOL. Ben would be Nic Cage's character from Gone in 60 Seconds for the simple fact that there's nothing he wouldn't do to get his brothers out of trouble.  He is always that guy at every show that when somebody gets drunk and Rowdy he pushes everyone out of his way and steps in between the band members and the rowdy guy to make sure nothing happens. I'd probably be Clark Kent from the TV show Smallville. I'm always trying to fix things and make things better but every now and again I tend to fuck shit up pretty good. Lol

VQDM: Any ideas on what song will be the next video made?

Brax: We have a lot of ideas it's definitely going to be something the American Death Proof album I might do it lyric video or something if I can find one for the right price as far as the next full video we just need to find a new director and go from there.

VQDM: If you had to sit down with an upcoming musician who is young what advice would you give them?

Brax: Just keep practicing keep going no matter what there's thousands of bands and there's thousands of more bands trying to make it to where those thousands of bands already are so keep your head up learn your craft put on great shows have fun.

VQDM: What would you say is the best thing about social media and the worst thing as far as how it effects your band and personal lives?

Brax: the great part about social media is it makes things fairly easy as far as sharing your music and generating hype.  but if you get too involved it becomes a mass of negative Force

VQDM- Jan-2016

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