VQDM Interview with Taki Sassaris from Eve To Adam

VQDM: This band has been through some changes since the beginning as far as sound and lyrical content. As a fan myself I am enjoying the variety of songs and with that being said I would like to start out this interview with asking where the influence came from on your first album?


Taki: Let's see now, the atmosphere and mind set for the 'Auburn Slip' days, start up the time machine HAHAHA- STP has always been an inspirational influence. RIP Scott.  Also TOOL and SOAD were floating around in the soup for sure at that time. Rage, Radiohead, and Big Wreck were being fed upon as well among others. What I love the most about what we have accomplished as a group is that from 'Auburn Slip' to our most recent newly recorded album, the ingredient base and sound is much the same, essentially just more mature storytelling as time has gone on.  But as a listener you can hear the evolution without total loss of our early identity. 


VQDM: Has the rise of your career changed how you have handled the way you all interact with fans and followers?


Taki: No. We have always tried to make time and be accessible to our fans,...without them we have nothing. The fans that saw us in our early days to the ones that saw us last year could testify that we make time for the people that share ETA with us.


VQDM:  There has been a few songs that have made some major impact in the United States such as Immortal and Straight Jacket Super Model, what songs in your opinion have been more wide spread overseas?


Taki: I think 'BLACK FLAG DAYS' from our QUEENS TO EDEN album probably would find an audience today. IMMORTAL had quite the reach as well internationally, as did REACH from our 'Banquet for a Starving Dog' album.


VQDM:  Is there any specific story that stands out the most from a moment your band was on tour that was either very dramatic or immensely humorous?


Taki: Yeah-The moment I met my wife when we were on tour in late 2013 with POP EVIL.  


VQDM: Do you feel that sharing the stage with particular bands can make an impact on your own career? 


Taki:  YES. If you are doing your job and the band is on you can take a crowd.  But you have to roll in and slay every night. EVERY NIGHT. 'Cause when it isn't your show and you are support- you have to give the audience a reason to give a fuck. Throwing down with everything you are as a band is the best way to do that.


VQDM: They say things happen for a reason and I am one who believes in fate, has there been any moments your band or any of the members had their moment of wanting to quit and walk away only to find that something great was waiting for them right around the corner?


Taki:That is every day for the past year in this band right now. What A Difference A YEAR CAN MAKE. 2015 was a rebuild year for us. It wasn't easy, but I am glad we survived and became even stronger for it. 


VQDM: What has been the focus or inspiration for your new album as far as writing style? 


Taki: TRUTH+PAIN-REGRET+CHANGE = Redemption.  


VQDM:  Is there a specific song with this new album that relates to your current lives?


Taki: All of them. This was a very in the moment capture of a certain temperament.  The entire feeling on this album was looking in the mirror and assessing who we were as people and why we should even keep doing this. What Alex and I went thru in keeping this band together was no small task. Lawrence, Matt and Markus really stepped up and gave us a great canvas of riffs to work with and this material is Alex's best drumming ever.  It feels new again, and I am very thankful for that.


VQDM: You have a very solid Rock N Roll sound and it brings you to a very radio playable time where young kids will follow you. What are your thoughts on the music these days that our youth follows and do you feel it is more important for them to hear you simply on the radio or be able to see you at a live show and experience the moment? 


Taki:  Kids always want the same thing. ENERGY. I make sure I always stay connected to what I felt when I was 18 as a fan and as a young musician. There is some awesome music being made right now, it's just not distributed the same way as it once was. The ears of the youth can still hear the real thing though. They just have many more avenues than we did to make the discovery. Rock and Roll is an energy thing and an attitude. Kids can hear the difference between what is for real and who has fear.  


VQDM:  In closing is there any words of advice you would like to give out to those young musicians looking to break out in this industry who are hungry for touring?


Taki: Just make sure you love it 100%.  Because if you have any reservations or doubts, the internet is a very unforgiving place. I recommend a THICK SKIN and always a united front with the band. Unity with your band members is absolutely key for success.

VQDM- 2016 

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