Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine's Interview with Fran Strine

VQDM:   What made  you choose the path you are on now,  videographer, a director, producer, photographer? Where did start? compared to what your parents wanted you to do and has there always been that support from family?


Fran: I used to sneak my camera into concerts to take photos just for memories. Pretty soon I learned that I had a skill set in capturing images and was able to license them to several different magazines..


VQDM: Is there anything that you would still like to learn or do?

Fran: For sure! I would love to learn to be a better editor and be able to shoot my movies on film in the feature.



VQDM: What inspired you to do the documentary Hired Guns?

Fran: I was tired of touring and wanted an out. I knew I wanted to make another documentary and also knew I need to make one that was compelling and super high quality. I think I delivered both with Hired Gun.



VQDM: I felt all the emotions watching the Hired Guns, do you every get emotional as your directing?

Fran: Absolutely! I was in tears as was the rest of the crew hearing Rudy reflecting on the tragic events of the day Randy was taken from him… Liberty and Russell Javors also got me!



VQDM: What excites you the most about being a director?

Fran: Hmmmm, interesting question.. I guess from going from concept to finished product and watching the audiences reactions.. With Hired Gun, no matter where in the world we screened it, It received the same reaction in spots of the film I was hoping for.. That’s a very cool feeling when that happens..



VQDM: Out of all your professions, which do you enjoy the most?

Fran: For sure being a film maker.



VQDM: What are you so excited about in life right now?

Fran: I’d say the success of Hired Gun and looking forward to the slate of new project that sit in front of me..



VQDM: Funniest mishap you could share with us that has happened to you?

Fran: I broke my foot on the way to interview Liberty DeVitto in Brooklyn… I was running to my car, in flip flops, stupid thing to do kids, and bit the dust! So I flew all the way to NYC from San Francisco with a busted, swollen foot for 6 hours. Landed, went straight to the ER and shooting all over NYC for the rest of the week.. It sucked…



VQDM: If you were not doing what you are doing. How would you be spending your time?

Fran: Traveling around the world.. I love exploring



VQDM: Who is the best photographer that has ever lived?

Fran: Oh boy… Well, I can’t name just one but some who have influenced me are Neil Zolzower, Mark Weiss, Ross Halfin, Ash Newell.. All world class..



VQDM: What was the best film ever made?

Fran: American Beauty and Psycho



VQDM: What is a song that you are currently abscessed with right now?

Fran: Not song but band… Ghost! 



VQDM: What can we expect from Fran Strine in 2018?

Fran: I can’t name the projects yet because I am under strict NDA, but they are HUGE and I am so excited about 2018!



VQDM Any Shout Outs?

Fran: Yes! I’d like to give a massive shout out to my small great team that helped me make Hired gun a reality.

Todd Poulson, with out him there would be no Hired Gun

Gavin Fisher, our fearless DP, master editor who crafted these story lines so gracefully.

Thomas Corkran, our amazing sound recordist.

VQDM- Feb-2018 

Hired Gun Documentary

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