VQDM Interview with Lindy Gabriel from Gabriel and the Apocalypse

VQDM – I would first off like to say thank you for taking the time to do this interview; I know how busy you are right now with this killer tour! I am so impressed with your latest album "The Ghost Parade"! I absolutely love everything about this album; I don’t think I listened to anything else for a week straight! Please tell us, how stoked are you guys with this masterpiece?

LINDY: We are very proud of The Ghost Parade and eager for everyone in the world to hear it! There was a lot of time and thought put into it and I think that shows. We couldn't be happier with how well received it's been.

VQDM – Who does the writing for the band and can you please tell us a little about your process? How long did this album take you guys to create?

LINDY: Usually the music starts with Jake, he'll have beats and riffs demoed and we all build from that. I help with the formation of the song and I write all the lyrics and vocal melodies. The record took about 6 months to complete.

VDQM – I love your look and the look of the band; have you always been attracted to the dark side of music, sexuality, life? As with Vampire bands like Type O Negative, what do you think it is it that makes horror and sexuality work so well together?

LINDY: I have always been attracted to the dark side of the world in the sense of making it aware in order to make a difference. I write about it to give awareness, to put it in your face and make people feel. As far as sexuality, that is something we don't try to make so apparent. We just are that way and come across that way. We are a band that does push the limits but it comes natural. I don't think of us as vampire band, we are who we are. A in your face, hard rock industrial band that has something to say. Everything I do I think of the art first.

As far has horror and sexuality, I'm not sure I guess. I like to blend strong imagery but for me I like to have a underline meaning behind it. Our latest music video release for "Thrill of the Kill" we mixed sexiness with torture but the meaning was to bring awareness to animal testing.

VQDM – Tell us about the current tour and how it has been touring with Once Human and Wednesday 13? Once Human is such a heavy Death Metal style; do you find the audience welcoming or standoffish to the variance in genre’s?  Do all the bands get together along the way to hang out or does everyone kind of do their own thing?

LINDY: it's been wonderful! The fans have been welcoming to every band. My favorite part has been meeting so many new people and how the crowds have been so receptive to us.

We have had a bast with Once Human! At first I thought we were too much for them but they came around and got comfortable with us and we have had some great hilarious times with them! Wednesday is more to himself. He'll chat in passing and is kind but he keeps to himself. The other boys in Wednesday hang out a bit more.

VQDM – Anyone in this industry knows how hard it is to make it as a band. It’s expensive and it can take its toll being out on the road away from family and friends for months at a time and usually on a shoe string budget; tell us how you guys keep it together and weather through the tough times.

LINDY: It's difficult. We have 6 people in the band and we all need to be on the same page and everyone has their opinion. Joey said it best..."You know, in a group of friends you always have that 1 crazy one in the group, well we're all that crazy person all in one band!" We try to have weekly meetings to keep our communication open and we encouraged to tell someone when they are pissing us off so it doesn't build up. Sometimes you just need your alone time. On tour I like to just go do my own thing if time allows. Once we get back from tour we take a good 2 weeks off away from each other.

VDQM – How did your signing with Pavement Entertainment Inc. come together and how has the label helped Gabriel and the Apocalypse progress as a band?

LINDY: The crazy thing is GATA was on the verge of breaking up. A local manager came to me and told me he wanted to work for GATA, I told him I was considering being done and starting a new chapter in my life. He asked me to just give him 3 months to see what he could do for us. I agreed. Within that time he gave our cd to Tim King of Pavement. Soon after they offered us a record deal. I was kinda shocked but after talking with Tim, I felt he truly understood us and he didn't what to change us. He wanted to help us get to the next level and he has had our back ever since.

I have learned so much from Tim. He has giving me insight to this business. Pavement as taken us to the next level, they have helped us get our music and art out there and have helped us tour more.

VDQM – If you were to describe the feeling of performing on a stage in front of an audience, what would that be and why?

LINDY: For me my adrenaline takes over. All my aggression and pain, I take it out on the stage. It's therapy for me, afterwards I feel a relief. And when people are singing the words I wrote it's the most amazing feeling, I can't describe it but it definitely pulls on my heart strings and makes me feel it's all worth it.

VDQM – Tell us a little about the music scene in Minneapolis and your exposure to music growing up. What are some of the bands that influenced you the most?

LINDY: The scene in Minneapolis is great! There's always a show going on and there is a vast variety of genres. So much art culture out here.

I grew up with music. My parents played in bands throughout my childhood and actually still play music. My Dad would set up the P.A. for me as a kid and I would sing along to songs and I would dress up in my Mom's performing clothes. My parents bought me a bass when I was 11 and that's when I started my first band and started playing shows.

The bands that moved me and truly inspired me would be Nirvana, Hole, PJ Harvey, NIN and Manson.

VDQM – Are there any plans for a European or Asian tour any time soon? How has Gabriel and the Apocalypse been doing in the international market?

LINDY: We do well in the international market. We get asked by fans all the time to tour Europe and have been asked by a few national bands to do a European tour but for us it comes down to the cost.

VDQM – In closing, is there anything you would like to say to the aspiring artists out there trying to make it happen?

LINDY: Consistency is key. Hard work, every day you need to be working on you project in some way. It takes an insane amount of sacrifice and dedication. Find people that are on the same wave as you and have the same goals and be willing and eager to take in constructive criticism.

VDQM – Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us; We are all looking forward to hearing more from Gabriel And The Apocalypses for years to come! Cheers!

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