VQDM Interview with Granny 4 Barrel

Granny Thanks for taking the time during your tour to answer some questions for us! 

VQDM: Very Nice to meet you Granny!  What inspired you to start rockin?

Granny: Very nice to meet y’all as well!
Heavy metal & Rock in general are primal. It’s the perfect medium to unlock my inner beast… I totally relate to anything primal!

VQDM: How has the feedback from the fans been?

 Granny: It’s a privilege and an honor to play for the extended metal family of Granny every night. They totally ”get” G4B.  I’m like the surrogate bad ass metal granny you always wished you had ... and I’m serving up a heaping plate of theatrical heavy duty shock rock to all the rock n roll children! They get it and they love it!

VQDM: What excites you the most about Granny 4 Barrel?

 Granny: No limits! I remind myself every day this is the entertainment industry and it is also art. If I keep that in my sites then I don’t have to worry about any constraints and I can be free to express myself.

VQDM: How was the experience working with director Stormy Daniels on your video She likes guns and is there a message you want to get across with the video/song? 

 Granny: It was a fantastic experience! She was a pleasure to work with and has a great work ethic. Last June 2017 Stormy and I worked on the video treatment for two weeks prior to the shoot, then we filmed the whole thing in one day! She’s extremely organized and also gets inspired along the way when she finds unexpected gems in the shoot. Meaning, we had a plan but then once she starts looking through the camera lens she notices other possibilities! She’s an artist!

  I want to leave the song open for interpretation and not change the meaning for people who see it a certain way. But I will say that this was never intended to be viewed negatively it actually has a positive message ....at the core of the song it’s really about any bad ass woman who stands up for herself and has the courage to take down bad guys/villains. The “Guns”can be viewed as literal or metaphorical… Remember this is Art. Guns are sexy and powerful... Women are sexy and powerful! They just go together in my book .

VQDM: Best advice you have ever received?

 Granny: Balance! Too much or not enough of something will always fuck you up… It’s always about a balance!

VQDM: What makes you mad, pet peeves or ruffles your feathers?

 Granny: I hate bullies! I can’t stand it when someone tries to instill fear into someone else and pretends that they are better than them or pushes them around. That makes Granny’s blood boil! 

VQDM: Leather or Lace?

 Granny: Both! Remember let’s have a balance LOL 

'VQDM: If you hadn’t been born in a century, when and where would you have liked a lived?

 Granny: I’m rather fond of the Victorian era… In fact in my mind I’m still living in that era lol....When I walk down the street every day and I look at the people I imagine them dressed from that time period and acting and speaking the way they did back then… It’s a fun game I play. It’s like, I wonder what this person I’m seeing now on the street would’ve looked like back then and what their occupation would’ve been and what they would be thinking? 

VQDM: Have you played with any of your fellow shock rockers or is that a possibility?

 Granny: I have not had the privilege but Alice Cooper certainly comes to mind… Of course Granny would be honored to jam with any of the greats!

VQDM:  Tell us a story about a day in your life

Granny: How about today!

Once upon a time in Louisville Kentucky Granny was getting ready for a show at Trixie‘s. When she woke up at 6:50am in the morning she realized the generator was dead on the tour bus! That could prove to be problematic. So her and the driver had to take it to get it repaired. The repair guy said “Oh man we’re gonna have to take this whole thing apart” Granny was thinking to herself “This could be a major fucking problem”
 But fortunately for Granny she had a kick ass driver that was mechanically inclined and while the generator was being inspected by the repair guy the bus driver noticed a loose wire and fixed it on the spot himself...Boom! Just like that!  And it didn’t cost a damn penny. That’s how you get shit done right there....do it yourself!

Once that was out of the way she came back to the hotel parking lot and did a cool ass interview with VooDoo Queen. She had 2 more interviews that day and then she was going to go work out and get prepared for her kick ass show tomorrow. Since it currently was only 11:45 AM most of the day still had yet be written… but one thing was for sure, whatever Granny did she would kick ass doing it....Granny was grateful to be alive and doing what she loved...playing in a bad ass metal band and making awesome friends along the way!
To be continued ....

VQDM:  Best movie ever made?

 Granny: I’m a big fan of thrillers/horror films I’d like to name a few:

 Sling blade 
 Burnt offerings 

VQDM: You have a big family tree ;) Will we see a Family Reunion Tour in the future with all your kin or some? 

 Granny: You got that right! I am most certain you will. Granny has jammed with a lot of folks… Some of which are active working musicians so after a run of shows a couple of the kinfolk may depart into other projects for a time but then they come back. But the family keeps growing so you can expect a reunion for sure!

VQDM: What Song or band are you obsessed with right now?

Granny: Static X- Push It. It’s heavy as Fuck!

VQDM:  Describe Granny 4 Barrel in three words.

Granny: Theatrical /Primal/Powerful 

VQDM: What can we look for in the future from Granny 4 Barrel in 2018?

Granny: You can expect a full length album. It’s mastered and art work is complete ...12 tracks! It’s gonna happen this summer 🤘🤘

VQDM: Any shout outs? 

 Granny: Well I most certainly want to thank Voodoo Queen For taking the time to put together these questions. It’s you and all of the true passionate journalists of a rock and metal that keep the art form alive and thriving!

 Huge thanks go out to our publicist Chip Ruggieri from Chipster PR, Jesse James Dupree and our produce extraordinaire Jeff Tomei 🤘👵🏻🤘

Thank you for taking the time. It was an honor.
 We dig you here at VQDM Granny!

Granny loves you Voodoo Queen!

VQDM- May-2018

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