Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine Interview with Hinder

VQDM - Your band started out in 2001 and has been based out of Oklahoma City OK, do you still feel like it is your main home town spot throughout all your travels and experiences over the years?

A: Definitely. 3 of us still live in OKC. That’s where we write, record and where we do all of our rehearsals. 


VQDM - You kicked off 2019 with a bang in January with the (Lucky 7 Tour) do you feel this year is going to be different for you verses the last few years?

A: We certainly hope so. Sometimes when you start a new cycle, you can feel what it’s going to be like. It definitely feels like this is going to be a busy year. 


VQDM - What is the hardest part of starting each new year in the music industry?

A: Just figuring out how to get the music out to our fans. Radio can be an expensive game to play and doesn’t necessarily reach everyone anymore. 


VQDM - Hinder has had a few major hits that almost everyone would recognize if they hear it on the radio such as Lips Of An Angel.  However what songs do you feel the band would like to see out in the radio sea to be heard that has not gotten that chance yet?

A: I’ve always felt like “Lips” wasn’t our best song, it just happened to get the most exposure. However, once you release an album and move on, you don’t ever go back and try to work those tracks at radio. I thought “If Only for Tonight” off of the When The Smoke Clears album would do well. I also thought “Too Late” from The Reign could have had a shot. Some of the our new material is pretty solid as well, but I’m not sure that we’re going to try to chase radio on this one. 


VQDM - With this new year is there any new surprises that the band would like to share with their fans?

A: Obviously, we have a new single that we just released on Jan 25th called “Halo.” We have at least one more single coming before we release the full album. 


VQDM - Out of all the places you have toured where is the most memorable area and venue or stage that you played?

RedRocks Amphitheater and The Gorge are both pretty incredible.  


VQDM -  Do you feel that any of your music has an influence on the younger generations just now hearing about you?

A: It’s funny, we’ve been around long enough now that some of our fans that we met in the early years of touring are now starting to bring their kids out to the shows. That’s pretty cool to see. I don’t know how much of an influence we have with them but it is nice to see a new generation of Hinder fans.  


VQDM - If you had to pick a few foods to eat over and over on the road what would your band mates choose?

A: Cinnamon Toast Crunch


VQDM - What has been the hardest part about your evolution as a band?

A: Obviously going through a member change was difficult. However, the change itself wasn’t the hard part. The worst part is seeing “fans” online completely turn on you without knowing anything about our situation. It’s amazing how terrible people can be while hiding behind a keyboard. I’ll never understand why people always feel that they have pick a “team.” 


VQDM - Can you remember the moment you felt like your career turned from being a local band to a national act?

A: I remember being on the road with Nickelback and looking out into a sea of lighters and an entire arena singing the words to “Lips” back to us. I think that’s when it really hit us. 


VQDM - Do you have any thoughts on how things will change for the industry with record labels and online music in the upcoming year before we hit 2020?

A: I don’t think anything is going to change that fast. Labels are finally starting to figure out how to become profitable again. On the flip side, there are also more avenues and opportunities for independent artists to break through and be noticed. 


VQDM - Who is the main songwriter in the band? Do you bring in any guest collaborators for new music?

A: Marshal and I are the main songwriters in the band. We do collaborate with other writers quite a bit. However, on the new music it’s mostly the two of us. 


VQDM - If your band could do one thing to change the state of affairs in the world as it stands right now to bring more peace what would it be?

A: That’s a loaded question. I think until humankind as whole changes it’s mindset, (in a lot of areas) we’ll continue down the path that we’re on. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything changing anytime soon.


VQDM - Do you have anyone you would like to thank or give personal shout outs to for helping you become the band you are today?

A: We’ve been very lucky to be surrounded by our awesome friends and families throughout our career. Obviously a huge thanks to them as well as our fans that have stuck with us over the years! 


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