Saence “Relics” Album Review


Saence’s unique attractive sound scores a full-blown soul grabbing album release, “Relics”. Every track is a pure heavy rock piece topped off with brilliant melodic vocals and heavy riffs. Influenced by bands like Deftones and A Perfect Circle, Saence brings a champion to the ring with songs like “Pretty Sorry” and “ Into Forever ”. I really enjoyed one of the tracks “The Hiding” because of the overall tone of the song, absolutely loved it.

Saence has played with bands like Mushroomhead, Shinedown, Chevelle, and many others. Saence’s album “Relics” is one you will appreciate adding to your collection of rock albums. The songs on this album complement each other, and you will really love the vocals, I know I sure did. Fantastic work Saence! The album is out, so you should definitely get your hands on it!

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NonHuman Era – Music Review


Sitting alone in the dark, my mind takes flight through the soaring, lightening riddled skies. In a flash I am transported between the realms to a land unmatched. Over the dusky horizon my third eye soaks in visages of wild beasts never before seen. As they stampede through the distant, dying trees I breathe slowly, and soak in the astral fueled music surrounding me.

NonHuman Era indeed, and as I listened closer, the world these sorcerers of music created unfolded before me. From the first chords off of their self-titled CD, it was decidedly clear these musicians strived for a level of sensory overload that is only attained by few. Accompanied by truly commanding guitar riffs (provided by Carlo Zappavigna), ethereal and enchanting keyboards (courtesy of Marek Krowicki), tight, thunderous drum patterns (thanks to Rick Dessi) and funky, metalicious bass lines (Jean – Francois Vincenti), it’s no wonder singer Pierre St-Jean is able to relax fully into his natural position as front man and just let it flow.


At first listen there was an element of David Draiman that overtook me almost immediately. In my younger years Disturbed really struck a chord, so naturally when I heard NonHuman Era let loose I was taken back. However, as I continued to delve deeper into the magical, metal laden symphonies I started to feel the emotion and rawness behind not only Pierre’s voice, but the gritty power of the music as well. This was especially true while exploring their song “Continuum” and I immediately realized this band was set apart from all others.


During my adventure traversing the depths of this CD, there were a few standout tracks that I would feel terrible for not sharing with you. One of which is entitled “Destiny Machine”. This track had me on repeat for about an hour simply sitting back with my eyes closed, drifting between realities. As a fan of music that paints a mental picture, my brain had a lot of fun with this one. If the keyboardist (Krowicki) and guitarist (Zappavigna) were looking to take someone on a lucid dream during that solo around the 4:00 mark, they succeeded.


Coming in with a devious and quite creepy atheistic, the second true masterpiece on this CD (in my opinion) is entitled “Elements of Chaos”. It had me at first go with melodic keys that really set the mood quite perfectly. As it progressed the pounding drums and rampant guitars melded so well with the accompanying keys that the blend was superb. The patterns, staggered drums and guitars fit so well in the breakdown that I noticed my body was moving to the groove without hesitation. As any music fan will tell you, if their body is moving and they don’t have to think about it, you have flourished in your musical endeavors.


Without swaying your opinion too much with flowery poetics, I implore you to seek out NonHuman Era and give their music a listen. Lie down, strap on your headphones and let the otherworldly vibe wash you out into a sea of musical exploration. Dive in, enjoy, share, and make sure you leave them a message to let them know how much you appreciate what they’re doing!


-A. Brimstone


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Each track off the album Amusing Ourselves to Death is unique in its own way, and I encourage you to give each track equal listening time. It takes several passes to really get the message, but I promise you won’t mind hitting the replay button.


I’m a hard sell when it comes to music, especially when you tread in the realms of Grunge Gods – but with Bravado, damn, I can’t help but give a nod of approval before I sail off on my own personal mental expedition to their jams.

Do your sensory system a favor and queue up their Spotify channel. Can’t find it? Here let me help you.


After you’ve returned from your journey do the band a favor and show some support on their social media pages. You can find them at all of the links provided below. Make sure to leave them a message and tell them how mind bending they are!




iTunes: Amusing Ourselves to Death - EP by With Bravado

Instagram: wbravado


-A. Brimstone

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