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Voodoo Queen wants to know why is Chainfist "Scarred"...

Jackie Petersen - Vocalist for the Danish Based Heavy Metal Band Chainfist! Interview with Jackie and CD Review....


VQDM: Hello Jackie , thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for the magazine ? how are you?



Jackie: Hello Kathey. Thank you for doing this interview with me. I am doing very good. At the moment we are preparing for a big show tomorrow in Copenhagen opening for the Pretty Maids and tonight we’re shooting  video for one the of the songs of the new album . Lots of things are happening in Chainfist at the moment and it’s a lot of hard work, but also very exciting and what we love to do.  


​VQDMCan you tell everyone where you are from and a little about yourself and how you came to be with the Band Chainfist, which I have recently been turned on to the music and wow where have you guys been hiding?



Jackie: Thanks again. Chainfist started out back in 2007, and I joined the band in late 2009. Before that I was in a Rock’n’Roll band called Epicenter, but the band was falling apart due to many line-up changes. I was looking for a new band, and really wanted to write music that was more heavy and intense. Chainfist seemed like a good fit, and I already knew Michael Kopeitz (guitarist) since he did a show with us as a stand in guitarist. I went to the audition and I guess they accepted me – ha ha .  



VQDM: You have amazing vocals, who inspires you?



Jackie: Again, thank you so much. I grew up listening to all the classic heavy metal icons like Iron Maiden, Metallica , Black Sabbath/Ozzy,  and I still prefer the melodic side of the genre. There are so many great singers out there, but if I should point out a few I would say that guys like Mike Patton and Corey Taylor are inspirations, mainly because of their ability to be diverse in the way they sound vocally. I think that is something every singer to try to accomplish.  Being able to be diverse, gives you a lot of possibilities to express the right emotion in a particular song. And besides that I just like to challenge myself vocally.



VQDM: What age did you know this is what I want to do?



Jackie: I started to get into Heavy Metal when I was in the 7th grade. A new kid came to my school, who was into Metallica and AC/DC. We quickly became friends and he took me to my first Metal concert. Monsters of rock in Copeenhagen. I believe. I was 15 at the time.
It opened my eyes for great music. Passionate , yet aggressive and along with it came the coolest people. I still see the world of metal as a large brotherhood of people with the same interest. That appealed to me.



VQDM: Where did the inspiration to your second album "Scarred ' come from?


Jackie: After recording the album, we needed to come up with a title and our lead guitarist Thomas Hvisel came up with “Scarred”. It just seemed to be the word that kinda combines all the songs. There’s a little bit of scarring going on in all the songs and I think that everyone can relate to that. Life is not always a walk in the park, but somehow you have to keep on fighting and eventually it pays off.


VQDM: How is it working with 4 other guys? 


Jackie: I think the strength of this line-up is that we come from different musical backgrounds. I mean we are all in to metal in some way, but Michael Kopietz and Braca Pedersen have both been involved in the death metal scene. Thomas Hvisel has been playing in a blues rock band for several years and on top of that he is a huge Pantera fan and even has a Pantera jam band. Jesper has also played other genres and I have been involved with Rock’N’Roll and stoner rock in the past. I think this is a huge part of the Chainfist sounds. All combined of the stuff that we all as individuals like to listen to and play.

Besides that we are really good friends and every person is heard when making music.  


VQDM: Is there a message you ever want to give to your fans with your lyrics?


Jackie: For me every song has to be about something. Either a story or a message. Some of the songs on “Scarred” do  have messages.  The opener  Scars of Time. A song that deals with  society’s obsession of beauty, perfection and youth and Black Rebel noise which is basically a songs that tells you to be strong and never give up. Do what you love and be yourself, cause it’s impossible to be anyone else .



VQDM: Can  you  think of the most exciting day in your music career that stands out the most?

Jackie: Right now, it’s really exciting and a lot of hard work to try to promote  and push this album. Times are not easy in the music business in 2014, but we are doing all we can to spread the word about Chainfist.


VQDM: How do the songs come together? Do they start with the  lyrics, riffs? Or a



Jackie: Most of the songs starts out with a good riff and we’ll take it from there . Building up verse, chorus and other parts. The lyrics are often based upon a theme that I either find interesting or are personally involved in. Sometimes I also have lyrics for songs not written yet, and when the right mood / feeling comes with a riff I add the lyrics that I think fits for the song.


VQDM: Is there  anything about your personality you would change? If so, what would that be and why?


Jackie: Not really. It’s not really possible to change your overall personality. You are who you are and as long as you don’t hurt people that’s all good.  Just acknowledge  who you are and do whatever makes you happy. I must admit these things get easier with age ☺


VQDM: Is there any kind of genre of music any of you would like to compose later in life ?

Jackie: I’m really open to a lot of different genres. A good song is just a good song even when played acoustic or with a distorted guitar. I just started taking piano lessons and have totally fallen in love with it, so yeah maybe I will try other genres, but at the moment Chainfist is taking up all my time really.



VQDM: Is the fan base different in Denmark then it is in the states?


Jackie: Denmark is a very small country, so of course there are less Metal Heads here than in most other countries mainly because of the size. When you go to gigs you see a lot of familiar faces and there are a lot of bands competing for the same stages. On the other hand some of them are good at working together so even though we are not that many there are quite a lot of bands playing.  There is no doubt that Chainfist wants to do some touring in both Europe and hopefully we will be able to do some touring in the states as well.  



VQDM: Is there anything about Jackie the fans might not know about? What do you do when your not making music?


Jackie: Music has always been a really cool hobby for me. I work daytime as an IT consultant for one of the largest transportation companies in the world. TNT.


VQDM: Who are your hero's, I'm not just referring to musicians but anyone in general?

Jackie: My son Loke, who I love above anything in the whole world.  



VQDM:  Have you all always been supported by friends and family or have there been those moments when someone has tried to discourage or steer you all in the wrong direction?


Jackie: My parents are not musicians, so I didn’t grow up with heavy metal or music in general. I think they at some point couldn’t understand how much it meant to me and told me go get a good education to “fall back” on. I did get that education, but the passion for music didn’t go away. I think they finally now understands that it’s a large part of my life and personality.



VQDM: little fun here! If you could have be a superhero, who would you be or what superpower would you like to have ?


Jackie: That guys from X-men who shoots out fire from his hands. Who’s need a pyro technician then – ha ha – that would be cool.


VQDM: When you are on stage,do you go somewhere else? What is your mind set? Any per show rituals?

Jackie: I try to do some warm up vocal exercises. Besides that I’m here to entertain and get people off their asses and rock out with us. I want the audience to be a part of the party and just go crazy with us.


VQDM: Any funny moment with that band that stands out?


Jackie: Every gig is fun. Both playing and hanging out together as friends. We make a lot of jokes with each other and it’s a laugh every time.  


VQDM: Any plans in the future coming to the states?


Jackie: We hope to be able to come to the states. We have some good people working for us at the moment to make that possible.


VQDM: Describe  Chainfist in 3 words?


Jackie: Aggressive, Melodic and very Headbanger friendly \m/


VQDM: What advice would you have for up and coming musicians? 


Jackie: Find your own sounds instead of trying to follow a trend. Be yourself.


VQDM: What can we see in the future from Chainfist?


Jackie: We just did a video which will be released soon. We have also started to work on songs for the next album and are planning a lot of gigs for 2015.


VQDM: Where can the fans find  everything about Chainfist?


Jackie: Go to our facebook page – facebook.com/chainfist. It’s updated all the time with the latest info and activities. We also have a website and merch shop. Shop.Chainfist.net


VQDM: Anyone out there you would like to give a shout out to or Thank you's?


Jackie: A big shout out goes out t0 Rych Rage from the Rych Rage rock show. You kick ass man.
Also I would like to thank our promoter in the states Mr. Richard Lee of Mighty Music , USA.



VQDM: Thank you so much for your time Jackie and we will be sure to spread the word about Chainfist!

Jackie: It was my pleasure. Thanks a lot for the support.

Kathey- VQDM Dec-2014











































































Photos by: Vibeke Johansson & Nuno Alexandré

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