Yvonne Loveland is OBVIOUSLY a BAD_ASS at this as she does so much! It doesn’t go unrecognized either, another thing I’ve noticed- which is awesome! 5 years ago, did she have any idea what shed be doin today? I mean, really. How does she do it? While she’s doing EVERYTHING she does- shows, venues, flyers, introductions, promotions, interviews- the list goes on and on- how does she NOT flip her lid?  Outside of this, she also has a home life. What keeps her grounded or otherwise so well focused and driven? With everything she does, and has already done, what does she feel is her most prideful success or accomplishment thus far? With being so involved per every aspect of the whole, what is her favorite part of all of it? What got Yvonne started in the whole  

thing? So many questions for such an amazing and hardworking determined woman, but will end with one more out of curiosity simply. She’s stranded on an island with 3 choice possessions- what does she have?

I look forward to getting to know her among others  more personally and if it takes these short reviews and or interviews- well then that’s exactly what I’ll do!


Alycia Berry-Writer/Intern/Assitant for CEO VQDM -2014

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