At The moment Methane just recently got back home to Sweden,from Estonian "signed in blood tour" in order to gain some fresh Swedish air.. and Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine got some time with the guitarist Jimi Mästerbo for an interview..


VQDM: Best part of the "Signed In Blood tour" so far?

Jimi: It was an awesome tour with lots of laughs, beers and rock ‘n’ roll. We have known the guys in “StoneSoul” for a couple of years now, and it’s always fun to hang out with them.

VQDM: Are your so-called weapons (instruments) intact?

Jimi: My “weapons” are my babies, so DON’T TOUCH!!! (would´t be in my wildest dreams! )

VQDM: Best/worst Memory?

Jimi: Best memories are the shows and the audience, of course! Then we had some fun parties where lots of crazy things happened. Hopefully photos and videos from them never will be released.

No worst memories..

VQDM: You have two more Swedish shows left on this “bloody tour”...

Jimi: We have a show in Mora, Sweden with our Estonian friends from “Intact”. “Lilla Helvetet” is a very cool rock ’n’ roll place and it will be nice to play there again. We will also play in Gävle in April 14th with “Eyes wide open” and “Exogenous”. After that it will be Europe with “Eyes wide open”. 

VQDM:Are you sponsored?

Jimi:  Not at the moment, but it would be cool to be sponsored by Dean Guitars…..I do have an awesome support by our local music store, without them I wouldn’t be able to do this. So lots of love to Musikcenter in Borlänge!

VQDM: When you are on stage, does it happen you lose track of nay song?

Jimi: I haven’t lost track of any song yet. But I’m running around a lot on stage, so sometimes I fall of the stage or hook into some of the other guys. In Tallin I fell of stage 

VQDM: You are about to entering the studio soon.. can you tell anything about that?

Jimi: We have written a lot of new songs for a new record, and we try to rehears as much as we can. Now we are touring to the end of May so our goal is to do some recording after that.

VQDM:Most difficult song to perform live?

Jimi: None  

VQDM:Final words?

Jimi:  Methane is a live band, every time we go on stage we go all in, and we know that the audience feel that. Dylan is back in US for a while, so we had to bring a new guitarist, Mr Liam, who did a very good job this tour.

Ulrika Henriksson VQDM-April -2018

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