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VQDM: The band Leaving Eden has just recently embarked on a tour that kicked off on Oct 23rd with Saving Abel, how did this tour come about?


Hi Yvonne it's a pleasure to speak with you today. Well we went on tour with the band Trapt, you must know their song headstrong, anyways their Tour Manager ended up being Saving Abel's tour manager. He became our good friend and naturally he asked us to come on tour with Saving Abel. Just goes to show that everything comes back to you in this business, good bad or indifferent. So it is very important the way you treat people and not act like rock stars. We are Very humble. So here we are and the tour has been going great!!


VQDM: Being a female fronted band in this time of industry changes is not easy, how have you (Eve) handled the male dominated world as they press their ideas on  you?


Fortunately I have Eric who handles all the business of the band so he deals with all of the people but where I'm concerned yes your right and I think the biggest thing is when we are touring and some places there are people who don't know us and some of the men expect a Male fronted band and of course my job is to win everybody over. I've had men come up to me and say I can't stand female fronted bands and you've ruined me now because I love you!  You've got to have a pitbull fight the other pitbulls you can't have a little kitty fighting a pitbull and Eric can be the nicest guy in the world but he also can be a pitbull if he needs to be. 


VQDM:Has the band gone through many changes up until now as far as line up changes?


Oh yes and everybody that has been in Leaving Eden we have nothing but respect for. It takes a lot to find the right members but me and Eric have been the cofounders of this band since day one that has never changed. 


VQDM: A eastern based band from Boston MA (USA) have you found that it was easier to work through the regional areas and build your fan base or have you found that your music has been more requested over seas?


That's funny because being in Boston Massachusetts this is where the free world started right here and there are bands that are in other countries so far away from here that would really do anything to be right here where we are already so I feel very fortunate that I'm from this region of the world. It's funny that you ask about our listeners because it's true yes of course we get listeners throughout the entire United States of America but we also get listeners from virtually every country in the world. Right now we're getting a lot of hits from Hong Kong for instance. I don't know how or why but it's true. 


VQDM:You have had three albums released prior to the one you just finished recording in Chicago IL, how do you feel this new album (Pinnacle) differs from the others?

It's true that this album is different from the rest I think partially because of the recording engineer and partially because of where the music came from. Eric is the songwriter for leaving Eden and has always connected with the universe to write but for this album it was a total connection in that he could hear the songs before they were even written so all he claims he had to do was re-create what he was hearing in his minds eye. We are a very spiritual, not religious band If religions could work together instead of against each not trying to convert one from another and causing war etc. then I would have no problem with it. Therefore our spirituality consists of connecting with the universe which is something that we are all part of down to the very fabric of our DNA. So like microwaves and radio waves and satellite we have electricity that runs through our bodies and everything is based on the flow of electricity so we have brain waves and all of us humans and animals are able to connect we all have telepathic tendencies we just don't know. Eric has been able to tap in to that source and write some incredible songs that came from somewhere else. And we as a band together we meditate on it and bring it all together to create. It's a very cool process. I've watched him spend countless hours creating this music and I must say it blows me away I feel honored to be a part of it. 


VQDM:You have toured across the U.S.A. , Canada, and the United Kingdom so far, what is your next area that your looking to conquer as this strong force continues to push and grow worldwide?


I do think Asia makes the most sense. There is a lot of people over there and a lot of people that love American rock music. With that said Our plan is to continue going back to the places that we've already been and hitting up more places in the UK like Germany Russia and Italy. There's more of Canada that we have not been to so that is also a plan. Of course we have to consider the places that are friendly to Americans as we would never want to put ourselves in any danger. 


VQDM: Eve, have you ever felt you were being held back simply due to the fact you were a woman in this music business?


Absolutely remember we've been doing this for over 10 years. It has taken a long time to help be a part of changing the face of rock 'n' roll to include the female vocalist. I think that the bands that Are not big huge superstars have more of an opportunity to change the face of music because we are out there in the gutters we are out there as the pinnacle, that's the name of our new album, pinnacle.  This represents the tip of the spear head and it's trend setting. It's also important to note that if you put an idea out there because of that telepathic energy people pick it up almost instantaneously it's amazing. This is why you might see something on Facebook Like a thought that you might've had and suddenly Bang it is on your Facebook page from somebody else exactly what you were thinking that's not by mistake it's simply represents the connection that we all ready have with each other. 


VQDM:Out of all the people who you have shared the stage with is there one musician or band in general that you would like to share the stage with (dead or alive) and why?


Well of course I would love to share the stage with Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix but that isn't possible now is it?  I would also love to share the stage with Fleetwood Mac. I love there how harmonies. 


VQDM:How difficult has it been working your life with family on a personal level and still maintaining your professional side?


It can be difficult to juggle and balance. I've never given birth to a child and I think that's every woman's inert need and it's been something that I have sacrificed in my life for music I have many a time shed a tear or two on that. However I look at it like I can always adopt one day. There are many children out there without parents so maybe that is one of my callings. We have a song with some lyrics that I think sums this all up it goes like this; cause I sleep and I work I cook and I clean I got no time to dream I got two full-time jobs I only get paid for one and it aint a lot no I never planned it like this when I was a little girl I swore I'd see the world but when I grew up I learned the past for me had burned a long time ago. Eric wrote that from a female perspective. 


VQDM: We would like for you to introduce your band mates in this interview, since we are doing this month of November all about females, we would like for you to tell us about your view on each one of them?


Well Eric my husband cofounder of leaving Eden is really an amazing person he has definitely been the wind beneath my wings. Tony our drummer is very passionate about his work and he too shares that universal connection along with spider on the bass, so it's very unique that all four of us have this universal connection that we employ in our every day lives. When we are on stage and I have this machine like train behind me providing the music for me to sing to I am often in awe. To me it's all about the live performance and in order to be in the right place at the right time you simply cannot be standing still. 


VQDM:Is there one moment in particular that you have wanted to throw the towel in and simply walk away?


In the music business there are many challenges and you must have a thick skin because you get a lot of doors slammed in your face. I can't even tell you the amount of times that we've been excited about something that never came in to fruition. We have another song that Eric wrote called tied and bound and the lyrics go like this; we've been screwed over charged underpaid and abused we been exploited avoided and falsely accused we've been cut down let down fucked around tied and bound but nothing could take the music away. I think that explains it perfectly!


VQDM: What is the ultimate goal for Leaving Eden?


Leaving Eden's ultimate goal is to continue to tour the world and bring about this sharing of the universal energy, the connection between every person to experience a spiritual awakening through the vibrations of the music and the chakras in our bodies being wide open. Through this experience one can feel the positive energy flowing through them and hopefully create a change for the better through the music itself and the lyrics and leaving Eden songs. These days the music industry has changed so much that selling records is becoming a thing of the past. It really all comes down to the live experience. 


VQDM: Is there any companies or individuals that you credit your growing success along the way too?


Oh yes there are many but to name a few; Live nation, New England concerts, Indie promotion, and booking agencies such as the agency group, TKO, and a lot of independent radio stations. 


VQDM: Any advice you can give to our young aspiring women who are looking to break through in the music scene whether they are a instrumental musician or a vocalist such as yourself?


Like I said before you cannot be in the right place at the right time if you're standing still. That simply means get out of your basement. Our motto has always been we will play anywhere anyhow anyway so long as we can do so. It has proven to be a good philosophy. Also have a meaning in your music say what you want to say don't just write about what you think everybody else wants to hear don't change your style because you think that you have to. We went once to this very prestigious recording studio and were excited about recording there the Rolling Stones recorded their Arrowsmith etc. and we were very pumped. Well when we went into the meeting room the woman had a dry erase board and drew a picture of a box and said that you guys are out here outside of the box and you need to be in here. Well Eric stood up and said excuse me are you telling me that I need to be inside that box?  She said well I guess yes I am saying that. He said will thank you very much and have a great day and walked out of the room. Don't do what everybody else wants you to do follow your own musical path and it will set you free only if you have the strength to endure all of the setbacks because there are many. It is not glamorous on the road by any stretch of the imagination i've washed my hair with a gallon of water at a truck stop. Better not have any pride in this business because you are up for a sad awakening. But if the music is calling you then you should follow that path by any means that you have. 


VQDM: We look forward to see what is coming for Leaving Eden in the year 2016, any glimpse you would like to share with your fans about the new year?


Yes I think that fans should know that we will be continuing to tour the world and that our new album pinnacle will be released by a record label and I think that people really will enjoy this album!! As I said Eric connected to the universe when writing this album and in connecting with the universe he felt that he was connected to past musicians that have died and almost used him as a conduit for this album as crazy as that may sound. He felt this as evidence of the signs that he was getting. Signs come in very mysterious ways and when they come so often coincidences need to be weaned out of the equation. Thank you so much for this interview and we look forward to reading it and sharing it with the world!


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