Voodoo Queen Digital Magazines Interview with Leo Moracchioli  aka - Frog Leap Studios-

Interview By Yvonne Loveland



I wanted to start off by saying thank you, for allowing me to interview you! This is a very exciting moment for me!



I saw photos in some of your videos that go back to when you were young involving music, what age were you when you first seriously got interested in music and what was the instrument of choice or was it vocals that you started off with?


I first startet getting really into music when I was 14 years old and a friend got an guitar. I saw it and was instantly hooked, so my first instrument was guitar.

I´ve mainly been a singer in bands though.



There is a unique story behind how you got started in the studio aspect would you like to explain how you became Frog Leap Studios?

When me and my wife bought a house here in Oltedal back in 2010 I built a studio outside and was really focused on making a living of it. So I started recording and producing bands, doing acoustic shows and some video work. I manly did acoustic covers on my youtube channel for promoting myself in my area, but one day just for fun i did a metal version of lady Gaga´s Poker Face, and when that kinda went viral I thought to myself that there is a market here, then in fall 2014 I really startet focusing on the youtube thing and it has really exploded from there:)




 What caused you to choose to do videos of you covering songs from artists instead of your own material?

I´ve done own material for about 20 years, touring and all that stuff. Having a family now, and not so keen on all the traveling it was a perfect way to work like this. And I only have myself to think about.



Do you have a band outside of what you do by yourself?

At the moment I just have an Pantera tribute band called Trendkill where we do maybe a couple of shows a year.




 What has influenced you the most over the last few years to keep pushing and promoting your studio like you have with self made videos?

The last year I get really inspired by all the great feedback I get from everyone watching my stuff.




Do you teach music?

I did a little bit of that when I first started the studio, but nowadays I simply have no time for it.


If you could be a super hero what would you choose to be and what would those powers do?

Superman of course, be able to fly:)




 The reason behind the super hero question, if you could change something in the music industry at this moment in life what would it be?

I dont really know, maybe something with the record companies only thinking about money instead of quality.




 Do you see yourself in the same or different position in 3-5 years from now as far as the studio is concerned?

I am really a live in the moment guy, and dont think so much about years ahead. But with things going like it does now it opens a lot of doors to go different ways, so I´m really open and looking forward to what happens next:)




 How do your local businesses and friends look at you in regards to what you do? I noticed that you had done a video in a classroom as well as a dance studio, so do they enjoy you working with them and involving their business aspects as well?

I think many musicians in my area are being really supportive on what I do when they see I can make a living out of what I love. As far as businesses are concerned I haven't really worked much with local ones, there´s more interests outside of Norway.




Your daughter has been involved with music since she was born from what I can gather, I love that fact and I have three children of my own that I have involved with music since they were small too. What has been the biggest plus you have seen with her as she is growing up having the music surrounding her?

I just hope she has an open mind when it comes to music, I try not to push anything on her and hopefully she will find her own way in doing what she loves.



Your other half also plays music from what I have noticed in your videos, has that been an inspiration over the years?

It´s cool that my wife also plays of course and that we can jam on songs together. An inspiration I dont know, she´s more of an hobby player whilst I am totally focused and 100% dedicated on what I do in regards to music.




Do you have any particular endorsements that you would like to give some direct shout outs to?

Yeah, Toontrack, Chapman guitars and Laney Amps is stuff that use and would recommend to anyone out there.




Has anyone asked you to be on their label as an artist yourself?

No, and I dont think i would sign with a record company at this time. Now I do everything myself and reach the whole world, a record company would just take a BIG size of the profit hehe




 Do you have anything to say to the people out there who may be meeting you for the first time?

I just got back from London and actually met a bunch of followers/fans over there which was really great. I have no problem with signing stuff, doing photos or sharing a beer and am so gratefull that people would even find it interesting meeting me, I´m just really grateful:)


Thanks Yvonne:)






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