Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine Interview with Love The Hate

VQDM: How controversial has the name of the band been with people since you started this project and how did Love The Hate come about?

Love The Hate: It hasn’t really been as  controversial as  we thought in the beginning.The name has actually been well received by fans. The band formed when Frank Killian and Butch Howell started writing music with an idea to write radio ready rock. After the addition of Leon Craft and Ruston Barton… we knew that Love The Hate was complete.

VQDM: What was the drive behind making the video Buried Alive?

Love The Hate: The song is about burying your past and moving on with your life. We tried to portray that idea in the music video because that’s something that we have all dealt with i our lives at some point.

VQDM: Has it been difficult gaining momentum with this band in the past year on a physical level verses social media?


Love The Hate: Its tough for any band starting up in the beginning. We feel like if you give people a message that they can relate with, they will come out and support. Our fans that come out to shows are amazing!!! We understand how lucky we are…… and we don’t take that for granted.

VQDM: What was the band's primary influences on the musical style?


Love The Hate: Its been interesting writing music because our musical influences are different. But.. thats what makes this work, we feed off of different angles and ideas.

VQDM: Has anyone in the band started with one instrument and then changed to another during the growth of the band?

Love The Hate: We are all multi instrument musicians. That actually helps in the writing process because each of us can really get our musical point across to each other.

VQDM: Where would the band like to travel to as far as a future tour, in or out of the U.S.?


Love The Hate: We are currently playing regionally, but we are making plans to expand into different markets and travel nationally and further.

VQDM: If you all would have to describe your personalities in cartoon characters who would you each be?

Love The Hate: 

      Frank - Quagmire “ Family Guy”

      Leon -  Vegeta “ Dragonball Z”

      Ruston - Tazmanian Devil “Looney Tunes”

      Butch -  John Redcorn “King Of The Hill”

VQDM: When you were making Bleed The Weak your new video how did people involved with it react to the lyrical content and can you explain the basis of the video?


Love The Hate: The lyrical content of the song expresses what a lot of people are thinking about the current state of politics today. Both sides of the two party system are frustrating people to the point of anger.

VQDM: What is to come for 2017 as far tours?


Love The Hate: We are currently working out the details of touring for 2017. We are excited about the opportunity to finalize those plans for touring.

VQDM: Your band has shared the stage with many national bands in your home town however if you had your choice what band would you want to share the stage with on tour?

 Love The Hate:      Frank….  GNR, Crossfade, AX7

                              Leon…. Metallica, Dream Theater, SUM 41

                              Ruston…. Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Seether

                              Butch…. Thrice, Rise Against, 10 Years

VQDM: What is the biggest fear you have with how the country is changing ?


Love The Hate:  “ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”  FDR

VQDM: If all the lights go out sorta speak with the U.S. could you continue on with an unplugged format (all acoustic) ?

Love The Hate: Yes… Our songs originate on acoustic guitar.  We are currently working on unplugged versions of the set as we speak. 

VQDM: With kids involved in the music scene now do you have any words of wisdom for upcoming musicians?

 Love The Hate: Find musicians who are like minded…… Believe in what you’re doing…… Listen to, but don’t hang on criticism…… become a team.

VQDM: Who do you feel has been the backbone of support for Love The Hate outside of the direct band members?


Love The Hate:  Family!!! Our family is amazing. When we are are on the road and touring, they sacrifice a lot to help make our dream live on!!

VQDM: New president and lots of things to look forward to in this country do you feel your new music will be politically driven or will you choose to go the opposite direction?

 Love The Hate: Our music is always going to reflect the events that have shaped our life. There is a lot going on in this country at the moment… but we stay true to the things that make a difference in our lives!!!

VQDM- Jan -2017

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