Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine Interview with Kazu Rock from Marching Out

VQDM) What were some of the musical influences behind the music for the song Rock Will Never Die?


Kazu Rock: ¨Nice to meet you ! Thank you for interview  me !it's my pleasure to talk to you!

I'm Kazu Rock and neoclassical original HR band  MARCHING OUT singer!


 I am convinced that MARCHING OUT is a band that breaks in the world!


 My most influenced group is Rainbow! My eternal idols are Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet, Doogie White, Cozy Powell and all members!


 It is a great honor for me that Doogie White  who was a singer of Rainbow sang my song!


VQDM: When was the first time your band was played over seas and you realized this was going to be a worldwide album?


Kazu Rock: ¨I think that ROCK WILL NEVER DIE would be a nice album, but I did not think that ROCK WILL NEVER DIE  gets a high evaluation in overseas!  I'm very happy to be like this!


VQDM:  What is your view on your local music verses music that gets played in multiple countries?


Kazu Rock: ¨I feel that Japanese music is inferior to everything overseas music! In Japan music's position is very low and music industry not trying to up music's position is shit!


VQDM: Did you all know when you were young you wanted to be musicians?


Kazu Rock: Yes! My parents and all members know it!


VQDM: Do any of you play other instruments than what you do in this band and if so what are they?

Kazu Rock: No! The members are really professional and I am proud to be with them!


VQDM: How does your families re act to the neoclassical music?

Kazu Rock: We are doing activities to inherit neoclassical music to posterity and to make it more popular!


VQDM: Does your families enjoy your sound of the band or would they prefer a more cultural sound?


Kazu Rock: Of course they prefer and enjoy our sound of MARCHING OUT!


VQDM: What is your favorite musician or band that is local to your country and why?


Kazu Rock: No, my favorite musicians and groups are foreign!Because they are awesome!


VQDM: Do you have any big news to tell the world about what might be coming for your band in 2019?


Kazu Rock: ¨We have offer from Italian Agent and Germany Record Label!We may contract with them soon!


VQDM: If you could play any stage or area in the world where would it be and why?


Kazu Rock: We could play in Europe and Northern Europe!That's because the place is the sacred place of rock!


VQDM: What is the one food you all crave after a big show?


Kazu Rock: Meat!But we are paying attention to eating too late at night!


VQDM: How do you see yourselves progressing in the next five years?


Kazu Rock: ¨We will be a famous band overseas and play in a big rock festival!


VQDM: If you had to tell a young person some advice about getting started in the music industry what would you say?


Kazu Rock: Have your own sound and convey the splendor of the instrument to the posterity!


VQDM: What is the worst fear any of you may have about being in front of a large audience?


Kazu Rock: Illness and accident!


VQDM: Do you have any group or company you would like to give shout outs to for helping you with your career and getting you to the point where you are now?


Kazu Rock: Yes! We will work in overseas with the aim of nurturing young people who can play an active part in the world and to inherit neoclassical music to posterity!


 We need the support of groups and companies in the world that agree with our thoughts!


 Best regards! it was a pleasure to have you here!


 See you again!




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