Martin Woodhead a Amazing artist out of the UK 


Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine wants to know. What makes Martin's "Pretty Piece of Flesh Even the dead can be beautiful?"






VQDM: Hello Martin , thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for the magazine ? how are you today


Martin: Thank you for having me in your magazine , im doing good in the studio busy as always working on my paintings rest for the wicked .


VQDM: Can you tell everyone where you are from and a little about yourself ?


Martin: I'm from Bradford , a city in the north of England .. so its pretty much always cold and raining here lol


I'll give you the short version about myself otherwise we would be here for hours ,... Went to school didn't do very well, found it easier to spend my time drawing than writing. When I was 16 I got the chance to go into the sixth form ( higher education ) to study art , which was really the start of my journey down the road into the world of art. After a few years in the sixth form I went onto College where I did my Btect Diploma in Fine Art and Photography . At this stage in my life I was still trying to find my way in the art world I didn't really know what I wanted to do and what I was good at. Then onto University where I did a Degree in Photography , at the time when I was doing this I felt from doing this I would give a better understanding about my artwork ..but I now know that this was the wrong path for me to take and would set me back and I knew in my heart that I wanted to paint not spend my time taking pictures. After leaving university I sent a few not really doing anything with my art, I did a lot of jobs mainly bar work, even though I hadn't done art for a while at that point I knew that my dream was to spend my time painting and become an artist ? so that's the short version and the start of what was to become .



VQDM: First I want to say your work is amazing ! When did you first pick up a paint brush ,pen and realize you had a such wonderful gift ?


Martin: Thank you your to kind ? where do I start , well ive always been creative from a very young age I was sat drawing and creating weird and wonderful art . The turning was in the sixth form studying art and my art tutor introduced me to the works of artists like H.R Giger , Dorian Clevenger , Frank Franzette I could keep going but a lot of the artist where from the fantasy art world. At this point I hadn?t done a lot of painting mainly I was using pencils , I never thought I was good enough to use paints and for a while I told my tutor ?ill never use paints I don?t like them? which in hindsight was very stupid of me . Fast forward to college I still fought against using paints, until I did a life drawing class and I was introduced to oils, even though I had found the love for painting It wouldn?t be for many years until I would pick them up again. It wasn't until a very close friend gave me a kick up the arse and the confidence that I had talent for painting and needed to start again and well ive not looked back since that day you could say I owe her big time for doing this.


VQDM: What inspires you ?


Martin: Ive so many inspirations ? im always looking at a few of my favourite artist which when I see there work makes me want to grow as an artist and get better with each piece I do. The one thing that inspires me the most is my friend , when ever im starting a new piece or if im feeling low about my work she always knows what to say to guide me in the right direction. But from this it makes me think about what im doing and that in itself inspires me .



VQDM: How did come up with the name pretty piece of flesh even the dead can be beautiful ?


Martin: Well once again I have to give credit to my friend ? we was talking one day about where and what work I should do in my paintings and because I have a love for pinups , horror films and tattoos the idea for me to do zombie pinups came about . It was something I had never done before and at this point I had been painting fantasy pieces mainly dragons , and the more we talked about the idea of me doing zombie pinups the name ' Pretty Piece of flesh' was born.


VQDM: How many series of your work do you have and can you tell us about them ?


Martin: I've done so many in the last few years , from my ' Zombie pinup girls' 'Seven deadly sins' Dark fairy tales' all of which were the starting point to where I am now with my work. The 2 most recent series 'Geisha' where I looked at the traditional imagery of a geisha and put my own twist on them by adding my love for Japanese style tattoos and giving the girls themselves and darker feel and an almost dead zombie hint . And my series called 'Love , Life and death ' where I wanted to give a more dark romantic yet beautiful view of all the things that love, life and death can bring to us all in our life?s, both these series are still ongoing and I am still adding to them . In the new year I will be starting work on my next series called ' Black porcelain' which im still working on what still ill be going for in the paintings but I think they will be mainly black and white pieces with hints of red running through them but this is still and ongoing idea at the moment.



VQDM: What kind of music do you listen to?


Martin: I mainly listen to rock and metal but I also have a love for blues and classical , all depends on what mood im in when working.


VQDM: Describe martin darkside in 3 words ?


Martin: I would say ' determined' 'strange' and ' loyal'


VQDM: Is there anything about your personality you would change ? If so , what would that be and why ?


Martin: To be more sociable , im turning into abit of a reclusive artist happy to be left painting with my zombie girls around me.


VQDM: Little fun here! If you could have be a superhero, who would you be or what superpower would you like to have ?


Martin: I would have to say id like the ability to telliport , so when I needed to just get away I could be gone and sat on a beach drinking a nice glass of wine lol


VQDM: What does the future hold for martin Darkside and your art ?


Martin: Well the future for me and my artwork I would have to say to keep working hard , keep growing as an artist and get my art out there for more people to see and become recognised for the work I do . I am also hoping from next year to start getting my work into some galleries that would be great to see my art in an exhibition with other known artist. 


VQDM: Any advice for up and coming artists?


Martin: The only advice I can give is work hard and never give up. In time if your committed to your artwork people will start to see your talent as an artist, I know this myself many many times ive felt like giving up but trust me don?t .. you will go through highs and lows and it will be hard but you will get there in the end . So stay true to yourself and your work.


VQDM: Anyone you would like to thank?


Martin: I would like to thank all my friends who have stood by me and my work , and all the people who have bought my art which mean a lot , so thank you .



VQDM: Where can everyone find your art?


Martin: You can find me on facebook at , and im hoping in the new year to have my new website up and running so watch this space for that .


VQDM: Thank you so much for your time martin, I own some of your work myself and its unbelievable and look forward to more of your work !







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