The album Smoking Heart's and Broken Guns by Shaman's Harvest : Review by Yvonne Loveland


When an album like this kicks you in the gut and you continue to listen to it over and over, you know your a gluten for punishment! A person is the most Dangerous when they are flying to the top because there is nothing left to tie them to the bottom. Every human has or will feel this way at one point in their life or they are truly not alive. As a music fan of so many kinds of styles I found it impossible to label this under one genre. As the songs continue to play there is a feel of diverse emotion. A good fire that keeps burning even in the darkest depth of water to the gates of hell. Songs such as Ten Thousand Voices that bring the collective fighters and loners together for all the right reasons. Or Silent Voice, which strikes your subconscious chord and makes you look into the mirror and scream out your pain. Lighter and a bit on the de stressing side is the song Country As Fuck. Giving you the ability to let loose and give way to your own (I don't give a fuck) side while still enjoying a groove that will keep you dancing. This song as well as the very intense lyrical gem called Hero plays at the end again of the album in it's acoustic form. Giving you an opportunity to soak both songs in one more time while having the music stripped down to it's bare beauty. I realized after the first month of not being able to take it out of my car's Cd player that it was going to be an extremely hard piece to write on. Keeping it short and to the point is in itself a challenge due to the many avenues each song takes my mind. However I feel that in this review it has been summed up leaving you with the option of buying this treasure or missing out on a life changing experience through words and sound. I can't get the songs out of my head, each one is a relatable aspect to me in a personal form. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone whether they love rock, metal or even country. It has the base for any music lover to grasp and fall in love with. The vocals both primary from Nathan (Drake) Hunt as well as backing from Joshua Hamler set this apart from anything else I have heard to date this year. Musically it is a masterpiece of experiences from all walks of life. However I am just one opinion... try it out for yourself!

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