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     Methane Is Fueled By:
Tim Scott - Bass and Vocals
Jimi Masterbo- Lead Guitar
Dylan Campbell- Rhythm Guitar 
Andreas Strom - Drums 

Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine wants to know what "Fuels"  this Southern Metal Band  "Methane" based out of Sweden.

VQDM: First I would like to  Welcome Methane to VQM as one of their newest networking band and look forward to Methane in the states in Sept!

Tim- Thanks! Yeah we are psyched to come back out the states this fall and really excited to be working with VQM! Let's Give 'em Hell !

VQDM:​ Can you tell everyone where you are from and a little about yourself and how you and the guys from Methane came to be and the name of the band where it originate from?
Name: Methane
A highly combustible gas. AKA. natural gas.
From: Dalarna , Sweden also home of Hypocrisy and Sabaton
Name: Tim Scott - bassist and vocals.
Born: Paterson,NJ
Other bands : Revenant (US Death Metal) ,HatePlow (feat. Members of Cannibal Corpse and Malevolent Creation)

Name:Dylan Campbell
Born : Eureka California
Tim-While I was playing in HatePlow down in Florida, we would jam when I was up visiting. When Dylan moved here to Sweden the monster was spawned.
I knew an awesome guitarist, Jimi, through the local metal scene and contacted him with our ideas. It clicked right away, both Jimi and wanted to move away from the technical monotony of Death Metal to playing metal with a groove.
The name .. an explosive gas! What goes better with whiskey and metal?

VQDM-For someone just hearing of your band now reading this how would "you" introduce them to your sound?

Tim- I don't like the genre name game, we play metal! If we are forced we say Southern Metal, because we take alot of influences from southern rock and country. Thrash Metal ,groove metal, beer metal , I've heard a bunch and call us what you want, we are a metal band.

VQDM-When was your first inspiration for playing music, who was it and when did you realize this was something you wanted to do with your life?

Tim- Haha yeah, Nikki Sixx was my first idol because of the stories I heard about Motley Crue's tour bus and I wanted to do that too! Let's face it the biggest motivation for a teenage boy is gettin' layed .

So I was  13 year old with a bass, living in California , enticed by sin and I gave into temptation. Started a little band with my friends trying to play covers and act cool for the girls. I moved back to NJ that it started to get real . I found myself in a pretty good thrash band there, playin gigs going to shows and meeting people..That's how I met Henry and John McEntee from Revenant who later asked me to play with them. It's too late to save my soul.

Dylan- My brother was always my influence growing up. He also got me started in music. Bought me my first guitar bass and amp.

Tim- Brainwashing >:)

VQDM:  Have you always been supported by friends and family or have there been those moments when someone has tried to discourage or steer you all in the wrong direction?

Tim- No. I met my estranged father when I was like 16-17. Just met the guy for the first time in 10 years. He thought was an awesome idea that I cut my hair and move to Alaska to work at a sewage treatment plant. I thought that was a less awesome idea, to put it nicely. (Middle finger raised high)

VQDM: Tim, you are from the states. Why the move to Sweden and are any other members from the states?

I was enchanted and fooled by a witch.

Dylan like I said is my brother, he moved here a couple of years ago. Having 2 Americans and 2 Swedes in the band gives our music something that stands out here in Swedish scene.

VQDM: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Tim- Everything and everyone I have had contact with in life are my biggest influences. I've been shot at and missed , I've been shit at and hit.

I really relate to the dark and depressed. Layne Staley is someone who inspires me from the grave.

Dylan- Tool is my favorite band. I really love abstract and progressive off time music. I also enjoy classical jazz and the blues. I also love painting. another escape from reality. My favorite artist is HR Giger.

VQDM: With both writing and playing bass. Is there one you prefer over the other?

Tim-I love writing especially with Methane, we have an open atmosphere. We all have had input in all of our songs and it gives us a real team dynamic.

Playin live is something totally different, for me it can be like a demonic possession, I actually have not remembered being on stage, I loose that time and place perspective. Or was that the beer flavored water?

VQDM: What was the first tune or tunes you learned when you started playing?

Tim- The very first? No idea. My first band was a cover band we played Exciter, Sodom and Destruction songs.

Dylan- I think the first song i learned was Ironman on bass, sitting on top of Tim's Firebird in grandpas driveway. I also played a lot of Nirvana,Metallica and Rage Against the Machine tunes in the beginning.

VQDM: what inspires any of you when you go  to write or jam?

Tim-I don't know, for me it comes from emotions if I'm pissed off about somthing, or upset, I know there is a good song in there.

Dylan- Mostly just the passion I have for playing. i can just be sitting there watching T.V. and a riff will pop in my head and i will grab my acoustic and figure it out. Then record it with my smart phone so I don't forget that shit.

VQDM: Tim do the words flow as quickly from your pen as they do from your brain as your writing and like most musicians do you wake up or are you doing something and have to find something to write down what was just in your head?

My iPhone is full of 3AM voice recordings of incoherent riff ideas and vocal patterns.

Writing lyrics goes both ways but they usually take along time until I am think they are good enough , then I rewrite them again a month or two after.

VQDM: What expectations do you have for yourself when you’re creating music?

Tim- We started out creating Methane songs to play music we like and have fun. If this stops being fun it just as well to cut it in the jugular nd let it bleed out.

VQDM​: When a song comes together, does it start with the lyrics,music or both?

Tim- We have both chickens and eggs. We don't have certain formula for writing our songs. Somtimes they start with a lyric harmony, somtimes a riff or 2 and everthing influences everything else.

Our songs get a skeleton then we change and re-tool them . A good example is the single we will be releasing in April "Spit on Your Grave" . We recorded these songs a couple months ago, they will also be on our album due out in June but they wont be exactly the same.

VQDM- How do you feel about your bandmates? Do you feel like you are more than just co musicians?

Tim- These are my brothers, we drink together, we play together and we fight together.

Dylan- When it comes down to it we are all brothers from another mother. Oh wait! Two of us have the same mother.

VQDM; Do you have the "prankster" of the band?

Tim- Haha, we all have a pretty good sense of humor. There is a lot of that testosterone fueled teasing and pranking each other. Sometimes I'm not sure if we are on the bus to a gig or the circus.

VQDM- What part of touring all over is truly your favorite aspect, traveling,meeting new people, playing the shows, or the feeling of never ending freedom with all of it wrapped into one?

Tim- Meeting new and old friends is defiantly the high point. Playing new places and occasionally being able to see new places.

I don't really get a feeling of freedom, we have deadlines and times to be places, when we're on the road it's business first. I do sometimes wish we had a teleporter to avoid chair ass from sitting so long.

Dylan- Playing the shows seeing new places and meeting new people. Traveling can be boring and a pain in the ass. But free beer makes it all worth while.

VQDM: What's your ​opinion ​ on the record industry today?

Tim- Pirates are not only people who download music without paying. We have turned down a bunch of " record contracts" things like the band pays for recording and production plus gives us all the rights to release it, then we the company will give you a small  present of the money made from it. - What? Or yeah we'll sign you, just give us the recordings and $10,000. Huh?

There are advantages of being on a Metal Blade or Nuclear Blast as far as marketing and network, but until we find a company who is ready to support us 100% we are doing fine as an independent.

VQDM-What is the worst onstage mishap you have experienced?

Tim- Last week in Norway I tripped, no I did a vault over Jimi's pedal board , and unplugged him. I kept playing though. He returned the favour by knocking over my mic later on. Small stages are hard to go off on sometimes.

VQDM: Hobbies and or professions outside of Methane?

Tim- I work with children most of whom have diagoses that have been taken away from abusive families. Hobbies , beer tasteing and the gym. Methane takes up most of my time but that's a passion.

VQDM: Have you ever been starstruck?

No, I've been privileged to have met and worked with a lot of talented people but never felt in awe of someone. We are all just people.

VQDM: Is there any kind of genre of music any of you would like to compose later in life ?

Tim- I bleed metal, can't imagine I could play anything else. Not with the same passion.

VQDM: If you could have any musical instrument in the world, which one would it be and why?

Tim - A kazoo , you can take it anywhere you go and it anoys the fuck out if people.

Dylan- A didgeridoo... because its called a didgeridoo!!! Nah im set with a Les Paul and Marshall..

VQDM: Can  you  think of the most exciting day in your music career that stands out the most?

Tim- Probably opening for Napalm Death on thier first ever US show in New York with Revenant. We just sign to Nuclear Blast and got the gig with Immolation. It was kind of a realization that hard work pays off.

Dylan-Probably doing the video for 'Hang Me High', first video i ever did. It was an enjoyable experience.

VQDM: Is the fan base different in ​Sweden then it is in the states?

Metal fans are metal fans no matter where you are and metaheads rule!  The scenes are different here in Sweden it's very cookie cutter trendy as far as the media is concerned. The U.S. Feels more open to having a larger variety of music styles.

VQDM: Little fun here! If you could be a superhero, who would you be or what superpowers would you like to have?

Dylan- double Thor.. twice as cool as single Thor. Ladies  love him because he has a big ass hammer.

Tim - Yes double Thor!

VQDM​:​  Alycia-Writer VQDM Wants to know is there 1 secret thing any of you do when alone? ( I bust out and sing loud as I can in different voices in the car Alycia says )​ ha ha​

Tim- I will refer back to the question you asked earlier. My phone comes up in the weirdest places. Even in public I can find some place to hide and start recording guitar noises. People must think I'm a psycho walking down  the street ,looking guilty and making weird noises to myself.

Dylan- * Censored*

VQDM-With your tour coming up in Sweden what can fans expect from the band when attending shows?

Tim- We are getting psyched for this round here in Sweden. We are going out with our friend's from Stockholm - Mindshift. Our live shows are just getting better and tighter. Expect Beardbanging and a great night of metal.

VQDM: What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Tim- Get out to shows and promote your band. Hand out flyers meet people and support a live music scene. Drop the attitudes it's not a competition we are all in it for the same thing.

VQDM: Describe ​Methane in 3 words

Tim- Whiskey Driven Metal

VQDM: What can we see in the future from ​Methane?

Tim- We are releasing a single in April and full length in June. Available from all digital outlets and physical CD's will also be available. A new video will follow that.

We will be touring with Mindshift here in Sweden starting in April.

We are working on an extensive tour for the EU plus we'll be announcing some metal festivals soon.
The smoke in the mountains are talking about an awesome U.S. Tour in September.
We will be doing some radio interviews soon, The Rych Rage Rockshow on February 4th, and I will be co-hosting The Metallicave on March 12 on Nuclear Rock Radio.

​VQDM: Where can we find all things Methane?​

Follow us on Facebook

On Twitter


And our homepage on Reverbnation

Of course CDs and merchandise are available directly from us. As well as iTunes , Amazon ect..

VQDM: Any Shout outs?

No shout outs more than thanks for the interview and we hope to see everyone out supporting and building a live music scene! .\mXm/

​Thank you so much for your time and ready to hear some more Southern Metal​ from Methane in the future \m/


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