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Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine wants to know what makes "Mick James Dead?"

Micky James-song writer, producer/engineer, musician and actor best noted for his work with Criss Angel Mindfreak television show and the highly recognizable “Mind Freak Theme” but Micky’s credits also include  CBS NFL Pre games (2010/To Present). Jets Play off game on CBS (2011/To Present). March Madness NCAA (2011/To Present) on CBS, MTV Cribs, & Teen Cribs, 10 on top (MTV), CMTV Cribs, VH1 That Metal Show (2010/11/To Present). Being Liverpool (FOX TV), CATFISH THE TV SHOW 2013 (MTV) HBO, The American Country Awards, The Tyra Banks Show, Phenomenon on NBC, Entertainment Tonight, Parenthood on NBC, Dirty Money, Hell Roads, Secretly pregnant on Discovery channel. 

So it's no surprise that Micky's family is musical. " It's in the blood & just a matter of time before I realized my calling in life." as Micky has said.

Now Micky is stepping out from behind the scenes and onto the stage!




VQDM: What made you step out from behind the scenes to  the stage?


Mick: The Fans more than anything else. I have always been an active musician, touring & making CD's. But like so many other stories we got nowhere even though we toured everywhere including 5 countries in Europe. But with my fan base growing as fans started to find out I was the one behind all the songs they loved on the Mindfreak TV show. They were pretty persistent in wanting some new material. So my solo career was launched...


VQDM:  You go by Micky and now we hear "Mick James is Dead" Can you tell us the meaning behind " Mick James is dead?"


Mick: "Mick" is my alter ego, the one who is staring in the movie Im making & on stage. He's the prick Rockstar living all the excesses of Rock n Roll. Im a pretty easy going guy, so it's not about me or my life. Although there are some similarities. As you might imagine ha, Im not exactly an angel...


VQDM:  You have your own Studio, Freedom Of Speech Recordings in New York and  btw dig the name! Has their been any clients that have made you star struck when they have approached you with working with them?


Mick: No not yet. I have had a few that I highly respect as musicians & people. It's definitely a thrill working with people I admire & have listened to throughout the years. But when you in work mode it's all about just that. Maybe when Paul Mcartney approaches me I'll freeze up LOL...


VQDM: Ok, I must ask this for the readers haha How did "I'm Mick James Bitch " come to be?


Mick: Totaly started from the Dave Chappelle show telling stories about Rick James saying "Im Rick James Bitch". Soon enough a few of my friends & studio clients were saying it t me. One day one of them brought me a shirt saying "I'm Mick James Bitch ". Of course I thought it was hysterical & the next photo shoot I had I wore it in a few shots. I was hesitant to post a pic, but when I did a bunch of girls had commented they wanted one. I didn't have a store up yet & thought it was odd they would want one. Till a friend out of Texas made her own shit & put the ' in there so "I'm Mick James Bitch " Became "I'm Mick James' Bitch ". I was floored & said OK this makes sense now & it prompted me to start my merch store. I figured I'd be offending a few people but hoped most had a sense of humor like me. To my surprise everyone loved it & to this day has been my biggest request shirt! 


VQDM: Do the words flow as quickly from your pen as they do from your brain as your writing?


Mick: Not always, but when they do a pen could never compete! I've been so amazed lately at how once I'm inspired I get things channeled & flowng thew me. This whole project was inspired by the title blurted out by a friend. I have never experienced such auto pilot type writing before. But now I have been able to find the way & couldn't imagine not having that spark to ignite the path...


VQDM: Are there any producers/song writers that inspire you?


Mick: Pleanty, I think when a producer & or songwriter can bring out something in an artist it's an amazing contribution. Sometime artists don't see it that way but being on both sides of the fence I certainly do. Guy's like Mutt Lange, Rick Rubin, even Chad Kroeger have been major in either groundbreaking production or top of the game with songwriting...


VQDM: You started playing bass and then guitar and now have your own signature serious of guitars and basses. Can you tell us about that?


Mick: I have been very lucky to have people who have believed in me & see me as someone to be successful. I'm by no means an amazing guitar player. But like all instruments I touch, I bring my own style & life to it. Becoming a studio guitar player was really from being forced to play once i stopped working day jobs. It was a drag waiting on people who were at work all day & that's really how I started singing lead vocals as well. Once I was asked several times to play on all kinds of projects I knew I had to get a real guitar lol. Shortly after I was approached by a company that wanted to go the extra mile to endorse me. I always wanted to design my own shape & once I was allowed to do it I came up with the Levitation guitars. I'm currently looking for a new company to make them & get them out in the market again. I play them on stage & they have also become my logo...


VQDM: The song ( 911 )" Guess what you're dead" Can you tell us a little about that song?


Mick: It was actually a song I wrote for hire for a film maker friend originally. It had a cemetery/death theme for a short he was making. I didn't know it at the time but I had later realized I subconsciously wrote it about myself. About how life is short & I spend all my time trying to get ahead & never had time for family & friends. They are always there for me so I realized one day I'll wake up & it will be too late. I'll be dead & regret not being there for all who loved me & were there for me. It's a big wake up call... 



VQDM: Is there  anything about your personality you would change? If so, what would that be and why?



Mick: Well, ha being a bit OCD is crazy sometimes but what makes everything what it is. Sometimes I go nutty trying to make everything perfect & once realized that's impossible, at least I know it's as good as I'll ever get it. I'm also naturally a mad man at getting what I want & where I want to be. It's a blessing & a curse. No sleep but the rewards have been there. So being over driven is rough sometime but  again, thats why Im where I am now...


VQDM: What Genre would you consider your music?


Mick: It's a combination of many styles & tough to have one Genre. There is everything from Middle Eastern flavors to Funk & rhythm type stuff. To industrial overtones with Heavy Rock guitars & dark ripping vocals. So If I had to sum it up I guess I'd say it's Modern Rock with Industrial  flavors...


VQDM: Little fun here! If you could be a superhero, who would you be or what superpowers would you like to have?


Mick: I have been asked this once before & have no idea what I said. So I guess I have to think about this again lol. I'd say I'd like to be an anti bullshiter superhero. I'd be able to detect when people are bullshiting. I'd save us all the trouble of getting our hopes up & know when someone is trying to get over on you. I'd fly from Town to town, Country to Country dropping shit on bullshitters heads as they speak. All would thank me by waving & saying. "Thank you Anti Bullshit man! He almost got over on me"...


VQDM: With the holidays coming up, Do you have any family traditions that are most important to you?  


Mick: Holidays are great now that I have kids. Traditions out of the ordinary of spending it with family not really. Just making my kids smile & happy makes all the hustle & bussle of  the holiday worth it. 


VQDM: Describe Micky James in 3 words


Mick: Real, Driven, Appreciative


VQDM: So tell us Micky what can the fans expect from  Micky James in the future?


Mick: A stage show that will get more & more elaborate as time goes on & budget expands. A Movie that will captivate the imagination. More interesting & original music & movie projects. Im just getting started...


VQDM: Where can everyone  find  all things Micky James?


Mick: www.mickjamesisdead.com 


VQDM: Last but not least... Shout outs to anyone?


Mick: My family for undying support. To all my amazing people behind the sceenes. My promoters managers & fans that are driven by the heart. You cant buy the type of excitement & belief Im so fortunate to have behind me. Big love to you all...



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