Do you like skipping through the meadow, picking daisies while your laughter floats along the breeze? Then this album, nay, this band, is not for you. Place your headphones down, turn your speakers off, and say a couple of Hail Mary’s. Now if you’re like me, you relish the idea of blood raining from the Heaven’s, screams of the innocent, and drinking the tears of your enemies. If this sounds more like you, turn your speakers UP and get ready for a full frontal assault on your ear holes.

Repulsive Vision is a four piece, Death Metal band out of “Barrow in Furness, Cumbria”. Hold on – ‘Tha f*ck is Cumbria? I don’t have a globe on me at the moment so I am just going to assume that it’s a magical land of death metal awesomeness that I would one day like to visit. If they’re pumping out bands like Repulsive Vision, then it’ll be worth busting a map out for.

The foursome has recently released their newest album entitled “Look Past the Gore and See the Art” which I have to say is an interesting title for an album, especially given that Death Metal is often times met with a scrunched up face and ill comments about “Screeching cats dying”. It’s an instant reminder to be open to new experiences and not to judge things upon first glance, or in this case, listen.

Upon embarking on the first track (Repulsive Vision - #2 on the CD), I immediately noticed the unrelenting double bass drums courtesy of drummer, Gary Young. If I hadn’t read up on this guy, I really would have thought he was a robot in disguise. Seriously, the speed at which he hits on some of these songs is ridiculous.

Equally matched for technicality is the guitarist, Matt Davidson, and bassist, Mark Kirby who both seamlessly deliver a myriad of riffs ranging from melodic to devastatingly brutal. The way in which they play off of one another in order to bring depth to a song is especially noticeable on the song “Fragmentary”. The breakdown on this song is quite good.

With musicians this strong, it would take a seriously proficient singer to keep up. In this respect, Dan McEwan does not disappoint. His gritty sound nestles perfectly within the blistering instrumentals. His style definitely evokes old school bands that have blazed the path before him, but he makes himself right at home with sharp, punchy lyrics that hit in all the right places. His structured phrasing flows flawlessly with the music, bringing it to that next level.

This release definitely harkens to the old school death metal feel, however, at the same time these guys throw their own spin on the genre and force you to take notice. I highly suggest you take the time to check out their newest album, support them on social media, and definitely check out YouTube for some awesome music videos including one for the single “Fragmentary”.
Stephanie Sims

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