Chad Smith - Drums 

Boe Skadeland - Bass 

Todd Evans - Guitar/ Vocals 

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Based out of Toledo, Ohio, MOBILE DEATHCAMP has been sawing clubs in half, and leaving crowds with their collective jaws on the floor since the band's inception in 2008. Formed by Todd Evans at the end of his 6 year stint as Beefcake The Mighty with the legendary shock rockers, GWAR, and joined in aural battle by Boe Skadeland and Chad Smith, this musical terror pocket has been consistently leveling venues across North America. 

Todd Evans answers a few questions for VQDM before they kick off their 2015 Tour!

VQDM-With your tour coming up what can fans expect from the band when attending shows, any chances of meeting the band at signings/show?


Todd- 50 minutes of fury (we think we're brutal)... stripped down, no glitter, bells or whistles... vicious speed metal. SO easy to find us at shows, we're always very available, and totally approachable. We're just music fans too, ya know?



VQDM-For someone just hearing of your band now reading this how would you introduce them to your sound and will the band ever tour Canada or elsewhere?


Todd- We're a product of the old school early days of speed metal. I'd say we'd be enjoyed by fans of" Slayer/ S.O.D./ Black Flag/ Kreator/ Voivod/ D.R.I./ Exodus/ Venom... that vein.

We've toured Canada, coast to coast. Love it up there! We're ready to do it again, um... hopefully in the summer next time!


VQDM-Where does the name of the band originate from , is there a connection to the military term?


Todd- Our logo is a graphic of the Earth. The Earth whips around the Sun, making it "mobile"... what's the favorite past time of Humans? Killing things and each other, making it "deathcamp". The Earth is a Mobile Deathcamp.


VQDM-With your years the music business  how has the industry treated you over the years?


Todd- Pretty good, so far... I mean, it's more of a racket, than a business (at our level anyway). I have met some of the most awesome people thru band stuff... also have met some of the worst assholes too. Fortunately, the good folks out weigh the douchey ones.



VQDM-When was your first inspiration for playing music, who was it and when did you realize this was something you wanted to do with your life?


Todd- I have two older cousins who were in a band WAY back when I was 9 or so. They were in high school, and I don't even remember if they were any good... to me, they were fucking amazing! They introduced me to hard rock and metal. They bought me my first album, Deep Purple - "Machine Head." Then, Black Sabbath and Kiss... it was ALL about music for me after that.


VQDM-What is in the future for Mobile Deathcamp?


Todd- We're really close to signing with a super dope management company, I'm quite stoked about that! Been talking to a few diff labels, we'll see what happens.


VQDM-Do you prefer touring or recording?


Todd- It's all part of the monster that is being in a band. You record your product, then you go out and tour your ass off to promote it, and show people you can bring the heat live too!


VQDM-What is the worst onstage mishap you have experienced?


Todd- I've been pretty lucky with things going smoothly on stages... I keep my gear to the absolute minimum, so the chances of things fucking up are cut way back. One time playing Indianapolis, we tool the stage, and on the very first open chord, BLAAAAAANGG!!!! I farted, and felt a lil pudding slip out... the classic shart! Played the entire set with semi-muddy drawers. Wasn't very pleasant. Much worse mishaps with fans during the Gwar days, hahaha, we won't go into that right now.=D


VQDM-Is there any type of meditation or calming exorcise you do after or before a stressful showcase?


Todd- Not really, no... I just try to warm up, and limber me fingers. I'm a pretty calm feller most of the time anyway. 


VQDM-How do you feel about your bandmates? Do you feel like you are more than just co musicians?


Todd- I love those turds... great guys! We're definitely comrades. We tour together really well, like the 3 stooges. 



VQDM- The moment you feel your no longer able to tour what do you see yourself doing? Do you still think you will continue to play and record?


Todd-  I don't think about when I can't tour... I guess if I'm not able to tour, then it's time to nail the box shut. I'll be playing, recording and touring til my end days. Too old and stubborn to do anything else at this point! 



VQDM-If you could be a superhero and it would benefit the band who or what would it be?


Todd- I'd be "Unlimited Awesome Man!!" My awesomeness would be unlimited (obviously). I used to want to be "Unlimited Check Book Man", then I could write BIG checks non-stop, benefiting everyone! Then I figured, why limit myself to checks? (Scary and sad that this has been all thought out for years). P.S. I can't talk about this subject without mentioning that Matt Maguire is dumb. 


VQDM-What part of touring is truly your favorite aspect, traveling,meeting new people, playing the shows, or the feeling of never ending freedom with all of it wrapped into one?


Todd- All of it. You hit the nail on the head with "freedom!" Touring is by far the most awesome thing that I've been fortunate enough to be able to do. We average around 175 - 200 dates per year, and I hope to step that number up in 2015. 




VQDM-Do you like the new metal acts that are coming out and any pointers to some of the bands that might be interested to hear an experienced musician speak of things to help others.


Todd- I def like some of the things I'm hearing... right off top of my head, Exmortus and Havok. They're young dudes, but both bands have been charging for more than a few years. Pointers? Hmm... quit now, get a real job... make real money... buy that JEEP, and that snowmobile!! Hahaha!! Actually, if you're gonna try to make music your thing, and you REALLY wanna "go for it". You have to put everything else aside. Sounds unreasonable I know, and it is. BUT, you have to be able to do what's necessary for the band at any time, on any day, in any city. It's a huge sacrifice. It's the worst AND the best thing I've ever done.=)



VQDM-Your thoughts on Hard Rock and Heavy Metal do you feel it is going in a good direction  or bad?


Todd- MY OPINION (and I'm not the authority on anything)... So many dope bands out there, and plenty of crap out there too. Music will always go in every direction at once, I guess that's really the true beauty of it being an actual art... annnnnnd, art is subjective.


VQDM-what can we expect in 2015?


Todd- From MOBILE DEATHCAMP you can expect air tight vicious speed metal all the time. Every time.=)


VQDM-Any Shout Outs?


Todd- Thank YOU for giving enough of a fuck to quiz me about the band, and help us push our madness to the masses!!


Anthony , Yvonne & Kathey-VQDM-2015

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