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Murder Machine

Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine's Interview with VQM Roster Band Murder Machine

VQDM​: ​For someone just hearing of your band now and reading this how would you introduce them to your sound ?


MM: Punishing, Aggressive, Melodic, Groove Metal

        A Great Mix Of Different Styles. 




VQDM: How did Murder Machine come to be and how did you guys come up with the name?


MM: The Band Was Formed From Members Of 3 Other Prominent and Well Known Local Bands (Bare Knuckle Conflict, Virucide and Parallel 33). The Name and “Stage Dress” All Tie Back To and Represent the “Mafia” Theme and Look. “Cosa Nostra” Is A Great Motto For A Band, Similar To the Mafia, Meaning “This Thing Of Ours”. It’s A Family, and A Band Should Be A Loyal Family. So It All Actually Comes Full Circle With the Name Tying It All Together. 



VQDM: What made you choose the path you are all on now, compared to what your parents wanted you to do and what age did you know this is what I want to do?


MM: Scott - His Father and A Family Friend

                     Age 9

MM: Freebs - His Father

                        Age 9

MM: Jason - His Father and Uncle

                      Age 10

MM: Josh - His Father and Uncle

                    Age 10

MM: Matt - His Father and Friends

                     Age 14


VQDM: What do you like most about being in this profession?


MM: Scott - The Energy

        Freebs - The Energy, Creating

        Matt - The Form Of Expression, Relating To

                   Others Through Music

        Jason/Josh - Hanging With 5 Dudes and




VQDM: Best advice ever given? 


MM: Scott - “Don’t Do It For the Money”

        Freebs - “Embrace the Good and the Bad,

                         Have Fun With It and Practice


       Matt - “Pursue What You Love & Follow Your


       Jason - “Always Pay Yourself”

       Josh - “Do Unto Others...”




VQDM: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? 


MM: The Lineup. Getting the Right People

Together At the Right Time. 




VQDM: How do the songs come together? 


MM: Spontaneously Through Jams and Also Writing Sessions. We Tend To Take Our Time Writing. 




VQDM:  If you hadn't been born in this century, when and where would you of like to have lived?


MM: Scott - Prehistoric Times/Asia

        Freebs - 1700’s/Europe

        Matt - In the Future...

        Jason - 1800’s/Massachusetts 

        Josh - Late 1800’s/New Mexico




VQDM: Hobbies and or professions outside of  Murder Machine?


MM: “Cosa Nostra”



VQDM: what advice would you give a up and coming musician? 


MM: First and Foremost, Do It For the Love. Practice, Practice, Practice. Never Give Up and Choose Your Band Members Wisely. 



VQDM: what is the biggest change in the industry that you have noticed in the last 10 years 


MM: The Move From Physical Disc To Digital Forms Of Music. The Over Saturation Due To the Internet and “Couch” Buying/Watching. 



VQDM: What embarrassing songs might I find on your ipod player? 


MM: Scott - Rod Stewart/Do You Think I’m Sexy

        Freebs - TLC/Red Light Special

        Matt - Kriss Kross/Jump

        Jason - The Clue/Any Song

       Josh - Yanni/Live At the Acropolis 



VQDM: Describe MURDER MACHINE in 3 words


MM: Heavy, Intense, Original



VQDM: What can we look for in the future from Murder Machine in 2018?


MM: The Release Of the E.P. Finally. New Songs, New Merch, and Lots Of Shows. We Shall See You All Soon!




VQDM: Any Shout Outs?


MM: Any and Everyone That Supports What We Do, Our Band, Or Any Other Local Band Out Here Trying To Make It. All the Staff and Folks At Voodoo Queen Management and It’s Affiliates. Local Venues In St. Louis For Treating Us So Well. Our Entire Beautiful City Of St. Louis As Well. Thank You! 






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