Jinjer “King of Everything” Released on July 26,2016 on Napalm Records

This review may be long after the release of Jinjer’s killer new album “King of Everything” but it had to be done! I have been on a female metal vocalist kick for the last couple months and boy did I hit the jackpot when I came across Jinjer’s music video Just Another! First of all, this band is technical as they come, bringing Death Metal of the European school, Progressive Metal Core, and Groove Metal at their core with some hints of Funk thrown in the mix! The technical performance from this band is as tight as they come and you can’t help but physically move to the music. The members of this Ukrainian metal masterpiece consist of Tatiana Shmailyuk – vocals, Roman Ibramkhalilov – guitars, Eugene Kostyuk – bass, and Vladislav Ulasevish – drums. While Jinjir has released 2 previous albums with a different label, their latest album was released on Napalm Records and I couldn’t be more stoked for the band! With the help from their fans and he respect that Napalm has in the metal community worldwide, Jinjer is sure to become a global presence! Now, let’s not forget about who I really want to talk about, I didn’t forget about you girl! I’m talking about the beautiful, powerful, talented and straight up kick ass front woman Tatiana Shmailyuk!! This girl absolutely is the icing on the cake for this band and I think probably the hottest Female Metal vocalist on the planet! Tatiana has a metal growl that would rival the power of most men and then throws out some of the hottest clean metal vocals seamlessly, and quite beautifully! Her passion on the stage is killer and this girl can put on a show. This new album is very intense lyrically, musically, and thoughtfully written about all kinds of things from the wonders of the Universe to the real life struggles of getting beaten down and bruised but getting back up and pushing through no matter what not letting anything stop you from getting what you want. “King of Everything” is power packed with killer tunes and the coolest thing is the two songs on the album that show their softer side with a song called Pisces and a little treat at the end of the album; a song called Beggar’s Dance that is a total one off 1920’s era swing jazz song that shows the fun and expansive talent this band truly has. If you’re looking for something new to add to the Metal collection do yourself a favor and pick up Jinjer’s latest offering “The King of Everything” and see why this band is making a huge mark on this world and the metal community! You can help support them and throw them a like on their FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/JinjerOfficial/about/?ref=page_internal

You can pick up a copy of all their music on iTunes and Napalm Records as well as other retail outlets and don’t forget to tell a friend!


Dean Taylor

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