VQDM Interview with Nova Rex


VQDM; This band has been around for quite some time and there is obvious history with you and where the group first sprouted. Can you start this interview off with a quick over cap of that story? 

(Kenny) The Band was formed in 1985 in Toronto, Canada with guitarist JP Cervoni and quickly moved to central Florida for sun, fun, and buns.



VQDM;  My information that I have found on researching the band shows that there was a small gap in time where the band had been stagnant.  What happened and how did you manage to pull it through to where you are now?

(Kenny) After relocating to several different places to run from the grunge movement, we finally ran out of gas and couldn’t find venues to play.  We were involved in some compilation albums during those years. We finally got off the road in 2000 after our last release, The New Kings.



VQDM; What or who has been the driving force behind the songs and the lyrics through all of these years?

(Kenny) For several years, Riffmaster JP Cervoni and myself and we were just expressing the rock & roll lifestyle.



VQDM; What was the one moment in the band's career where your members were star struck by another band you shared the stage with?

(Eddie) Too many to name. I had these guys’ posters on my wall!



VQDM:Times in the industry have changed quite a lot from show production to promotion aspects.  Do you feel that things have gotten easier for your band to self-promote or has it become more of a challenge, even with all of the technology since you first started?

(Kenny) The good thing is now with technology, everybody can be heard; the bad thing is everybody can be heard.



VQDM;Has the band reached it's ultimate limit yet as far as what they will do on stage?

(Eddie) We haven’t performed with Def Leppard yet and I’m still trying to figure out how to set my whole kit on fire!



VQDM; Sometimes there is a fun factor that makes up the artists and how they react to people. If anyone has a super hero they have looked up to in this band and actually simulated qualities of them, which character would it be and why?

(Adrian) Penis Man!



VQDM; The Smithsonian now has some of your band's actual clothing items and more. This is something as a person myself who has been in this business for 20 plus years, I find simply incredible since your still somewhat undiscovered by many. The national aspect and worldwide aspect is here and very viable.  What caused the whole thing to happen in the first place?

(Kenny) I noticed that The Smithsonian did not have any artifacts representing that time frame that we all loved and had fond memories of.  It has been 30 years.



VQDMHow has your recent documentary changed the view of your band for industry people and how they perceive you?

(Kenny) It shows how we are a legit, hardworking band.



VQDMIf you had the chance to do over anything in your bands past what would be the one thing you would have changed?

(Kenny) I would have auditioned for Motley Crue.



VQDM;The influences of the classic rock bands such as Van Halen are definitely present in your music. What were some of the other influences you had that may not be so clear from the style that your band plays?

(Eddie) Anything groove oriented. Whitesnake, AC/DC etc.



VQDM; Is there anyone in this band who has struggled with health issues or addictions and yet still been able to come out strong and be where they are today?

(Adrian) Besides Sex, Chocolate & mirrors the only addiction I have is Rock & Roll.



 VQDM; The fact that Nova Rex has survived and evolved over the years is a huge accomplishment in itself, is there anything left for this band to pursue as a main focus or goal?

(Eddie) Big European tour, performing for our Troops overseas, and making it on the cover of a cereal box.



VQDM; If you could give shout outs to anyone or any main company who would it be for helping you along the way?

(Kenny) Budweiser, all the hard-core fans, and Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine!


VQDM; Last but not least, what do you have to say to the younger generation that is trying to make it in this music scene now?

(Eddie) Stay true to yourselves and don’t chase trends.


Interview-Yvonne Loveland-2015


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