Wayfarer “Children of The Iron Age” Released November 24, 2014 on Prosthetic Records


I love the short description on the FB page for Wayfarer, “Music For Mountains”; it really puts their music in perspective, in that their sound is huge! There are few bands out there that are doing the Atmospheric Metal genre justice, and Wayfarer has defined this genre perfectly! Atmospheric music should send your mind flying with images and wonder, and the greatest part of Wayfarer’s music is that they have been able to capture this quality and allow others to experience some of the emotion and wonderment that was put into creating this musical masterpiece!  “Children Of The Iron Age” is sure to take you on a journey; what your journey is, will be waiting for you to discover! With zero compromise to quality and performance, Wayfarer is sure to make their mark on this world and I for one am enjoying the journey! Fans of Intronaut, Isis, and Fallujah, and Elitist, Check out the full length debut album “Children of the Iron Age” from Wayfarer on Prosthetic Records, this album is absolutely worth the purchase and I for one cannot wait to see this band live!



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Felix Martin “The Scenic Album” Released September 2013 on Prosthetic Records


Human beings are always pushing the boundaries of what is perceived by the masses as impossible, and time and time again, humans are showing us that ANYTHING is possible, you just have to figure out how. In this case, guitarist Felix Martin is really pushing the envelope; to the point of wondering if he really is human indeed! Felix uses his self-designed 14-string guitars, which are two regular guitars in one, but not your typical double neck guitar. Felix created a completely new way of playing the electric guitar by performing simultaneously with two of them as if it was one guitar. It is quite mind blowing to sit down and listen to this with any kind of understanding as to how this is even possible. At the same time, it is also exciting to think that there is no limit to what the human (or not human) mind is capable of. His latest album “The Scenic Album”, although released on September of 2013, has captivated me so much that I felt that I had to write a review on it since it is new to me. “The Scenic Album” blends music genre’s, fusing two totally different styles of playing, Progressive Metal and Jazz to create an amazingly complex and wonderful work of art. Bringing in key musicians to compete the ensemble, Felix enlisted the help of Kilian Duarte – Bass and Phil Galatioto – Drums, to create an epic sound that will take your mind soaring with wonder and amazement! If you have an appreciation for music, especially guitar, you really are in for a treat. Pick up a copy of “The Scenic Album” and get ready to experience next level musical composition and performance. I absolutely love this album and can’t wait to see Felix live!  


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Psycroptic “Psycroptic” Release date March 10th, 2015 on Prosthetic Records


Australian Death Metal band Psycroptic has always put out kickass music, but since their freshman album “The Isle of Disenchantment” this powerhouse has continued to one up themselves album after album, showing the world how a band should continue to grow and refine themselves. I have been a fan now since I was first introduced to Psycroptic in 2010 and couldn’t have been more excited when hearing about the upcoming release of their latest self-titled album “Psycroptic” but the reality is, I had no idea this album would be  so absolutely epic! It is apparent to me now that Dave and Joe Haley and Cameron Grant have obviously had some kind of scientific mind melding process, because I haven’t heard tighter, seamless riffs, EVER! And since their addition of vocalist Jason Peppiatt, the band has truly reached a pivotal point of Death Metal Mastery; almost machine like, Psycroptic will absolutely blow your fucking mind! With beautiful acoustic interludes and all the change ups that make Death Metal what it is, this album will satisfy even the most critical Death Metal fan. All I can say at this point is congratulations Prosthetic Records for signing these guys; I haven’t been this blown away with an album in a long time!

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