Members: Rawrb - Vocals, The J - Guitars, Schmalex - Drums, Matty J "Moose" - Bass

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 Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine Wants to Know Psychostick's"Revenge of the Vengeance" Josh Key Guitarist Interview.....



VQDM: Who in the band does the least amount of public talking an what is the reason for it?


Josh: That would be Alex, our drummer. He's usually busy doing online classes on the road and off the road- he currently has an associate's degree in finance, and is going for his bachelor's. On a side note, our bassist has an engineering degree. Rob, singer is a web designer, and I am an audio engineer. Not what people exactly expect from the "Beer Song Band".


VQDM:How does the area or outside weather effect your moods prior to the shows when your on tour?


Josh: If it's hot outside, it pisses you off. If it's cold outside, it pisses you off. If it's raining outside, it pisses you off. If it's a beautiful day but you are hungry because you haven't had a chance to eat, it pisses you off. If you drive home from tour and nearly get hit by a tornado and come home to a house with the power off for 5 days, that REALLY pisses you off. But it's okay, because we're positive people. Unless we're pissed off at the weather.


VQDM: Can you explain the difference between life now as a national touring band an life before as a local band?


Josh: Stability and routine... as a local, you have that. As a touring band, you don't. When you are local, you can still hold down a steady job and do the band thing, so it's way less pressure. As a national touring band, there's pressure to write good music and worry about how well tours are going to do because feeding yourself, paying bills, buying new socks, getting that root canal you need to have done, and paying taxes (you get SCREWED by the IRS if you are self employed) all rely on your ability to be successful, and you have to ALWAYS keep moving and stay active or people will start to forget about you. When you're local, it's all about the music. As a national, music is a small percentage of what you deal with on a day to day basis. Not to say that it's not still totally awesome, but there is definitely a dark side no one realizes when they are dreaming about touring someday.


VQDM: Has it been harder in the past year due to the economy for you guys on touring, with payments for performances and what needs to go in the gas tank to get from point A to B?


Josh: It affects things a little bit, but when you think about it, people go to the bar to drink more and forget their problems during recession, so it evens out a bit I think in the club scene. Also, with our fans specifically, whether they are having a good year or a bad year, they always want to laugh.


VQDM: Is there a moment that as a band you have thought about giving up?


Josh: Absolutely... touring can be tough, and it makes you REALLY dig deep on long drives to think about what the hell you are doing driving through the middle of nowhere in West Virginia at 4am while your mind races about all the problems you dealt with that day as you are missing your girlfriend, your family, your friends, and your bed. But at the end of those dark nights, it's totally worth it, and there's always the thought, "I came this far, why not keep going and see what happens? Besides, quitting is lame. And if I chose to quit, I could do that at any time. Perseverence and shit."


VQDM: Who is the most animated member on and off stage?


Josh: That would have to be Matty J "Moose", our bassist. He is a ball of furious ball of energy. He doesn't drink coffee, because I think he generates his own caffeine within.


VQDM: Which musician or musicians write the majority of the songs both lyrically an musically?


Josh: On the first few records, it was mostly me, but it's more of a group effort now, although I have a hand in every song helping nail it down the structure into a demo, arranging things, basically playing producer, and because of that I always end up writing something to make that happen.


VQDM: Where do you see yourselves in the next few years is there a goal you are working towards?


Josh: Our goal is to crank out more music videos, more music, more EVERYTHING. We have our own fan-funded recording studio now, and we want to use it! In addition to that, we want to get overseas.


VQDM:  If any of you have children, do you believe in allowing young kids to be apart of the shows an experience it up close?


Josh: None of us have children... but I will say it is awkward singing "Because Boobs" or "Orgasm=Love" with 9 year olds in the front row.


VQDM:  What is your advice to give to a young an inspiring artist just starting out in the scene?


Josh: FINDING THE RIGHT BANDMATES IS THE HARDEST PART. In the beginning, it's very difficult to find a group of people who are all into the same type of music and have the same level of commitment. Everybody's got different ideas of what the band will be and where it should go. If even one of you are not on the same page, there are going to be problems. If they aren't working out, find another. Don't force a square peg into a round hole. If you've got the right lineup, you will FEEL IT, because there will be positive forward momentum. You will feel the project going somewhere.


VQDM:  If you are going to continue to keep a fan base that is youthful what type of tools do you use more to self promote?


Josh: It's always changing, but just be aware that different age ranges are into different social media. For example, younger kids are moving away from Facebook because their parents and grandparents are on it and can see what they post. You know something has lost it's edge and it's cool when your parents and grandparents are on it.


VQDM: What is the one moment any of you as individuals remember the most since you have been in the limelight?


Josh: For me, it will always be the VERY first live show we ever played at Boston's in Tempe, AZ. I was expecting us to get booed off the stage... we played the "Hokey Fuckin' Pokey", which is basically the Hokey Pokey in the style of Hatebreed- we did all the "right foot in", "left foot in", all those... when we hit the last note, there was a moment of this stunned silence from the audience, like they were in shock at what they had just witnessed... followed by roaring applause.


VQDM: Is there a timeframe in which you have set for the next tour?


Josh: Yep! Spring of next year (2015). We typically do 3 tours a year.


VQDM: Any news you would like to share with us first-hand?


Josh:Yes! Plenty more music videos for songs off of "Revenge of the Vengeance" coming out next year, as well as plenty more "Whatever the hell we feel like doing because we have a STUDIO!"


VQDM:  Last but not least, if you were able to share the stage with any band ,dead or alive, who would it be as your dream showcase?


Josh: Weird Al, Tenacious D, Dethklok, Primus, Gwar, Bloodhound Gang, and us.


Yvonne Loveland- VQDM- 2014


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