VQDM: Although the band was founded in 2007, bio information shows you didn’t hit the scene as they say till 2012, when do you feel you hit the scene?

Mike: Well it depends on what scene you are referring to. As far as the Northeast, Ohio scene it was as early as 2008. But the national scene more so after we released our first independent record and full production music video in 2010. We started to see traction via social media from the album and the video in different states and even different countries. This was exciting for us and was one of the many moments that kept us pushing forward. 2012 is more of when we actually started touring. We would book our own tours which started with weekend trips then turned into full month runs. All of this done by ourselves and in between work schedules. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. 
VQDM: The bits and pieces I have read up on the band sends me into a different direction with questions for you all. Is there a spiritual connection or should I say do you feel you have a bit of past life insight to what your doing now?

Mike: Past life maybe not but spiritual yes. I feel that overtime we felt like giving up and doing something else another opportunity would come about and sucked us right back in. These opportunities never came easy and never often and always after multiple dead ends and failures. When Ryan and I first started writing music together we felt like we had something special that no one else had. We knew given the opportunity we could make some waves in the music industry. I'm sure this is a thought that all musicians have however that thought never left and also contributed to our persistence. 

As far as our songs, we always make sure our lyrics are saying something and saying something that we believe in. Sometimes this makes our lyrics a bit progressive than a lot of mainstream music however we try and make it digestible so a listener can find their own meaning in our songs. That is the beautiful thing about music and art in general. Getting people to feel something. and that something is different for everyone including the artist who creates it.
VQDM: The new hit that keeps everyone talking about your band at the moment " Emotionless" do you (Mike) feel that it finishes out your dream into a reality format where others can relate?

Mike: The dream I had that led to the song Emotionless many something more than just a dream. I hear a different theory almost daily from fans on their take on the songs meaning and some of these theories are beautiful. Again we embrace the interpretation from others. The song seems to morph into a different meaning for myself regularly due to whatever is going on in my life. And maybe that was the reason the dream happened. Maybe this song is supposed to travel my life with me. Or maybe I'll figure out the true meaning of it one day in the future. But for right now its bringing people together who sing it with me all of the country and thats surreal.  
VQDM: The timeless aspect of how you feel your music should be is a very interesting topic to me, what were your influences for the music you chose to flow with as far as writing style?

Mike: It depends on our mood. What we had been listening to at the time we were writing a song. Or even a riff or a melody that is reminiscent of another song and you decide to travel down that particular artists thought process on their approach. We try to pull influence from everything and everywhere. Every genre and era of music. I think that is important because although our music is happening now it doesn't have to make you feel the present. It can take you somewhere else. Maybe somewhere nostalgic. Thats what we want. Because thats why we write music anyways to heal or relive something or express intros in something that we wish would happen. 

VQDM: Do you have a hero or possibly a villain that you all would connect with if you had to depict yourself in cartoon or comic book world taste?

Mike: The Stinky Cheese Man.  

VQDM: There has been a surge in your social media and of course your popularity has it changed how you view your shows or fans?

Mike: There is a different level of excitement when you know you are about to walk out to a crowd who knows your music and is going to sing with you and be thrilled to see you. Much different than the "OK guys we gotta go win these people over, let's do it" attitude. Now to be clear this doesn't mean we put less passion in or don't play as intensely when people know us. If anything it makes you want to justify why they came to see you. They came because they love our music now we need to perform it as well as we can every night. We may be 4 months into a tour and tired but we always remember that the fans at the shows are not on tour and they are fresh and want to see us at our best. It also helps that we love what we do right? 
VQDM: Is there a place where your band would like to play this year that has been up till now a bit out of your reach area wise?

Mike: We would love to play Europe and meet those fans over there. I think this is very possible for us in the very near future and we are all very excited. 
VQDM: What is the most important aspect to you all as band mates at this point in your career?

Mike: Friendship and family. Your band mates are your best friends and your family. We see each other more than our own families. The energy that is created by this bond 100% translates in the performances and in the music itself. It also makes being away from our blood family much easier. It is important for the longevity of the band.  
VQDM: If all forms of electric were to disappear and bands were left in this world to either give up or go acoustic in order to make it would you quit or move forward?

Mike: Well we write all our music acoustically first so that wouldn't be a problem lol 
VQDM: Is there any upcoming news as far as new video releases or something that you have yet to announce to the public?

Mike: Yes we will be releasing a 3rd single from our Debut Album Polyester Zeal. The song is Amnesia and we do plan to create a video for it as well. Really looking forward to getting another tune out to the world.  
VQDM: For fun, who in the band has the biggest appetite and what is the food they crave the most?

Mike: Pat. Our drummer is always saying "Man I just need a home cooked meal so bad" And of course we all would love that but he is very vocal about it haha. And when he finally gets one he like moans and shakes his head while he eats it. Its a true spectacle. Ryan loves late night Nachos and candy bars. Dave loves sugar in general. Ricky loves gas station burritos. We all try to eat healthy but sometimes eating something on the road thats terrible tastes so good. My weakness is carnitas and York Peppermint Patties for sure.
VQDM: How important do you feel our kids of today's music scene is to the progression of your own band?

Mike: Its very important. If not the most. I remember when I was a kid and would hear a song on the radio and then my band would try to play it together. Those songs are still songs I love today.  

VQDM: Any one you would like to give some shout outs too that has helped you along your journey to where you are now?

Mike: Honestly being independent so long there have been so many people. Too many to name. But first and foremost all of our parents. We are thankful we all have parents that supported us and are very proud of us now. And then there is our management team The Elevation group (Denny Young and Steve Lindecke) and G&G Entertainment (George Cappellini Jr) for all their hard work ingesting us this far. Razor & Tie and the team their have also treated us like family and works very hard for us. We have a great team that we have built.
VQDM: If you had one band you would want to share the stage with (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Mike: Wow... tough. The Beatles,Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Tool... This list could go on forever really.  
VQDM: Closing out this exciting conversation, did any of you ever think you would be in this position nine years ago when the band first came about?

Mike: Yes and no. Yes we were confident we could make this our lives. No we didn't know how or when. Nor did we know things would move this quickly once we got here. We are just excited to be hear and able to make music that actually has the means of getting herd. Now we have fueled the fire to work even harder to stay here and deliver quality art to our fans.


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