Eve To Adam with Taki Sassaris, Vocals, Alex Sassaris Drums and Percussion, Matthew Spaker Bass Guitar/Lead Guitar, Markus Wells Guitar/Lead Guitar


The album Odyssey was released at the beginning of 2017 worldwide and has had multiple hit singles already. As a very open minded music lover myself I can honestly say that I have listened to the previous albums from this band and watched them change over the last many years in a most positive way. Although I loved two albums more so then the others (Queens To Eden and Lock and Loaded) this new one has become my favorite from start to finish. Kicking off the album with a high energy and extreme in your face sound with the song Altitude was by far the best choice for this band to open ears to anyone just listening to them for the first time.  Moving forward to their latest single hit  "Tongue Tied" reminded me of the many avenues in the music industry and just how fickle people can be. It allowed me to relate to those who like to talk smack on others and yet can not hold up their end of the deals and like all of the haters they will always fall in their own holes. That happened to be one of my choice songs I hit the replay button on! "Undertow" brings us to a much more emotional view as it touches the heart lines that go beneath our typical listening ears. Gives you hope when your feeling like you simply can not keep your head above water. "The Price" is a song that sends such an exhilarating message and pushes your gut into the song as you sing along with the lyrics. After you feel like you have been whirling through a wind of emotional ups and downs you get this song "Emergency" that grabs you by the hand and takes you away as if you were meant to be with your other half immediately! Landfill and Hurt Me although not in that order... simply keep me coming back to this album. I am infatuated with the songs and the vocal ability that changes from the other sounds you will hear. However there is a song that stirs up demons within.... "Chasing Ghosts" will send chills down your spine if you have ever lost someone to this physical realm that you may not have been able to let go of. It truly brought tears to my eyes but in such a good way!  Their first official single release from this album that was a hit across the SirusXFM airwaves and video attached to it was LUCKY! Energy in more ways then one with this song and if your up for change and want something to keep you motivated this would be the song to do it. Of course the music with all of these songs had exceptional rifts and timing the added electronic bits that make this album stand out from all of it's predecessors was hypnotic! The last song on this album is "Day Drinkin" every band needs that party beat this one happens to be the perfect hang out connector that gives everyone an opportunity to simply be themselves. Overall it was chocolate to my ears... not being able to get enough of it I had to take time to finish this review due to not being able to take it out of my car. For weeks I have listened to this CD non stop and my young teenager now knows the songs by heart whether he wanted to or not. This year will be a huge difference in the lives of these musicians. The fans will have a hard time picking just one song for them to sing. All of the older music is still viably needed but damn this is going to be one hard album to top! Find your new tune on https://www.facebook.com/evetoadam/ or any of their other social sites!

2017-Yvonne Loveland

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