VQDM:  Roses Unread has a very significant meaning that could be perceived as multiple facets. What is the meaning for the title of your band and where did it originate from? 


Allison: Roses Unread began in 2007, I came up with the name after the band went through a band name change. To me, the name fit perfectly because we had a lot to show but needed to be given a chance. We were like a flower that hadn't bloomed just yet, you couldn't see its true beauty until it opened up or a good book never read, just judged by its cover. 


VQDM: Allison, being a female fronted band has it's challenges as well as many other things in the music industry. What is the one obstacle you have felt as a woman you have had to overcome more then anything else to be in the position you are in currently with your band? 


Allison:  Going back to the name of the band, a lot of female fronted bands get looked over and don't get as much respect as male fronted bands, not really sure why that is, but being a female in band means you have to do  whatever it takes to prove you have a right to be in the position you are in. It's about overcoming challenges and gaining that respect. It's about never backing down from what you believe and making others believe it as well. 


VQDM:  There has been quite a few interviews since the beginning of this band's career, during that time from my understanding there has been some line up changes as well. How does your view on your current line up verses the original one differ?


 Allison: We actually are in the middle of another line-up change. Our bassist Brant and guitarist Blake decided to step down because of creative differences. The thing is if you are band that has been around as long as we have, four albums, etc, you are are going to have member changes. It is part of it, but I don't let it bother me, I just keep going because I know Roses Unread is what I've been called to do. 


VQDM; When you were a little girl, did you dream of being in the limelight of a stage or possibly cameras? 


Allison: I actually did, my mom dug up an old journal from second grade called "My Dream Self". When I read it I could not believe I had been chasing the dream that long. It said "I dream of being a singer and performing on stage in front of people." It was the coolest thing ever to read that! 


VQDM: Your job as they say while your artist career is launching at the moment is that of a teacher. We have great respect for those who are in that position, do you feel that our children of today should learn more about the music industry itself if they have interest in going that route? 


Allison: Yes, I do. My school requires students to wear uniforms, which as I teacher I feel is fine, but students need to find their identity in other ways if they can't show it through what they wear. I feel music is a perfect opportunity to do just that. My students also learn better through music. We play songs about each skill I teach and it helps them remember what they are learning so much better than just a lecture the whole time. Our weekly story this week is actually called Ah Music! so I can bring a lot of my background into the lesson!


VQDM:  What song do you feel shines the most with your recent album? 


Allison: I feel like the song Break Away shines because it is about chasing your dreams and never giving up on what you believe in no matter what life throws at you. 


VQDM: What was the inspiration behind this new album in it's making and production?


Allison: The past few years have been a roller coaster of emotions, not only with the band but in our personal lives as well...we kept saying there has got to be a light to all this darkness we are going through. There has got to be a break in the clouds, or something, which lead to "The Silver Lining". The album was bittersweet to make. It is a great album but it caused a lot of turmoil at the same time. I am super proud of it and feel it is one of my greatest accomplishments of this band. I wouldn't change the way it all worked out if it meant I wouldn't have the album. 


VQDM: The band members that you play with currently, are there any strange but consistent rituals if you will, that you do before a show?


Allison: We always pray before we play, and I am sure with the new line-up we will announce soon it will continue to be our ritual. 


VQDM:  Does your personal life and music life have two separate roles or do you have the ability to combine them and keep a balance for your own mental state? 


Allison: No matter what I am doing I am always thinking of my music. I try to do other things but it always comes back in the midst of it all. Ha,ha!


VQDM: Who is the muse for your band's writing style and approach?


Allison: Different people really, different situations...I rarely write about myself. Break Away was actually the only song on the new album I wrote about myself. 


VQDM: Who is the one band that you would want to share the stage with in the upcoming year if you had a choice?


Allison: SEVENDUST!!!!


VQDM: Any public shout outs to companies, people, or other entities that have been a huge part of your growing success?


Allison: A special shout out to all of our indie go go backers because without them we wouldn't have The Silver Lining!


VQDM: Is there any tour information coming for Roses Unread in 2016? 


Allison: Our reverbnation page has the whole list of shows! Go check it out!! www.reverbnation.com/rosesunread


VQDM:  Allison for all of those young women out there looking up to the strong musicians such as yourself, is there any words of wisdom or advice you would like to share?


Allison: If you want something bad enough, don't think, just do! 


VQDM: Last but not least, does this band have an ultimate goal that you feel is achievable and if so what is it?


Allison: We want to be on the road full time!




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