VQDM: Where did the idea of Salohcin (the name) for your clothing line come from ?

Coen: The name is actually Nicholas spelled backwards which is my boyfriend and partner in crimes first name. As soon as he said the name I was instantly captivated by it.


VQDM: Who's original design's are they, your's or your other half's?

Coen:The staple inverted cross design and the skull fuct tee were by designed by Nick Ball the creator of the clothing line. The pentagram tee was designed by our lovely friend Eirini Papadopoulou aka Absinthe Green aka Green pro Quo. She is a super talented make up artist and all around style god. She really hooked us up with a special piece that we both love.


VQDM:  Being a female in the clothing line is not that unusual however doing it with a very strong point of view is tough. How do you feel about the press or media responses you have received since you started this company.

Coen: Being a female in this industry now a days is better than being a male most of the time haha but seriously when people realize I have a brain they listen. A lot of folks now a days get in a routine and when they are speaking with a male about an idea or a show they just hear the same blah blah blah. You gotta shake it up and that is what I am here to do. You know there is always going to be someone with something unsavory to say but all in all 95% of the response we have gotten has been beyond positive. Believe me we were ready to play defense when all this started but we did not have to. We have been so fortunate in meeting the people we have. People that understand that our message is positive and so are our values. Just because you wear a certain symbol or listen to a certain type of music does not make you anything but yourself. 


VQDM: Do you have a goal for 2016 as far as expansion and if so can you share a small portion of that with us?

Coen: 2016 is going to be bigger and better. To be honest 2015 for Salohcin was a lot better than we had ever dreamed. We have gotten to do so many amazing things and we owe it all to the clothing line and our hard work. Look out folks, we have some sweet things in store but I can not give too many details. We are pretty excited about Nick Ball CEO's birthday party on January 30th though. It will be our first big show of the year and also the celebration of our 1 year anniversary. 


VQDM: How many bands have you sponsored and what are your expectations for these bands that you have done this for?

Coen:We currently do not sponsor any bands, we only sponsor shows. It is not because we dont want to, it is simply because we are still small. I would never count out the idea and who knows it could happen sooner than we think. If we were to sponsor my expectations would be simple. Wear it, take pictures, and tell people about it on social media and in real life. As long as they were to stay active with us we would be happy and we would in return plug their music, pages, etc. 


VQDM: Has being involved with the music scene helped or hindered your business?

Coen: Being involved with the music scene has done so much more than just helped. We have really gotten involved with the shows and the bands. We love it. We love to help promote the shows and bands and in return we have received so much positivity and support. Shows are my favorite place to be, being involved is an honor and I know Nick feels the same.


VQDM: What kind of message are you trying to send the world with your line and images?

Coen:The message we are trying to send the world is that we are being ourselves and we are proud of that. You only get this life, you might as well be yourself and show your true feelings or beliefs. Our images are symbols that represent how we feel. We hope that others can interpret them the way they want, the way the suits them best. 


VQDM: As far as children, do you have any plans to incorporate things that can be worn by our youth?

Coen: I think trying out things for kids is a great idea! You gotta start that free thinking young haha. Right now we are open to all ideas. If there is a market for it we would love to go for it. 



VQDM: How have you felt about being a sponsor and involved with the ladies of the Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine called the Voodoo Dolls?

Coen:Being involved with Voodoo Queen has been a true pleasure. We love the concept and we love the women who are voodoo dolls! I have met some amazing women, ones that I can look up to and learn from. The effort is real with this group. Everyone is not just looking out for themselves but for everyone involved with this scene. I love the sharing and positivity the Voodoo Dolls has brought to us and provided. All the ladies are super sweet and deserve recognition for everything they do. 


VQDM: When you were a little girl what was the one thing you dreamed of as far as being when you grew up?

Coen: Hmmm.. When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a lawyer or something like that lol I honestly have never really known what I wanted to do but I have ALWAYS loved music. I do remember just wanting to grow up already so I would know if I was going to be pretty or not hahaha. I wish I could sit here and tell you that I have always wanted to be co-owner of a clothing line but that is just not the case. I do however feel like I have really found something that I love being involved with in every way with Salohcin, from the music to the new folks, talking to people, getting involved with shows. All of it has truly been the most fun I have ever had and I can not wait to do more. 


VQDM: If you could be on stage with anyone (dead or alive) and rep your clothing line along side an artist who would it be?

Coen: I have to say the one person I would love to share Salohcin and a stage with would be Marilyn Manson. I have so much respect for his opinions and views. 



VQDM: Is there any words of inspiration for young woman looking to dive into a business endeavor of their own?

Coen: Young women everywhere, you can do ANYTHING. You can not ever let people or opinions or pressure from others change what you believe or what you want to do. It is not easy, it takes hard work and dedication. You know when your parents told you that you could be anything you wanted when you grew up? Take their advice! 


VQDM: Have you had any breaking moments where you wanted to throw the towel in and just say your done?

Coen: I do not think there has been any time since this started that we have wanted to give up. We have received too much support and love from everyone around us to do that. We are small but we are growing and it will be a cold day is hell before we give up!



VQDM: What has been the highlight of your business life as Salohcin CEO?

Coen: It is so hard to pick just one thing because we have had so many amazing things happen. I think one of my favorite moments was when our sweet friend Heidi Shepherd one of the front women for the Butcher Babies wore one of our shirts on stage at Capone's in Johnson City, Tennessee. We did not sponsor that show but we had tried. The fact that she wore in support of us was more than I could ever ask. It still gives me chills thinking about it. 



VQDM: Last but not least do you have any shout outs for anyone or group of people who have stood by your side during your ups and downs in this career?

Coen:  There are so many people that we want and need to thank so brace yourselves. I would like to start out by thanking the Railyard in Bluefield WV for letting us host our launch party last January and having us back for our Anniversary party next month. Muncheez Bar and Grill in Beckley WV for letting us sponsor our first show. All of our friends that have supported and helped us along the way. Our super awesome customers that sport our stuff everywhere they go, you know who you are. Gina Barry, Dallas Napier, Will Lewis, and Adrian Lozada have been great customers and great friends. We would love for that to happen with everyone that buys something. All the people that have taken time at a show to come talk to me or Nick. The support from Jordan Gaw and the Final Drive band, The Blackcross Brotherhood, Zeroking, Black Plague, 9electric and Elevation sports. Our friends Eliza-may Tolhurst, Eirini Papadopoulou, Toxic Techno, Lexii Lynn Frazier and Kaitlin Willis for modeling for us. Our dear friends in the Butcher Babies, Heidi Shepherd, Carla Coates, Chris Warner, Jason Klein, and Henry Flury who have shown us nothing but love and support. Christopher Spencer Crouse for giving opportunities we would have never dreamed of. Every single person that has bought a shirt, posted a picture in their gear, worn it at a show, put a sticker up, liked our facebook, gone to one of the shows we have sponsored, followed us on instagram. I could seriously go on for days and if there is anyone I have forgotten I truly apologize. 


VQDM- 2015 


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