VQDM Interview with Paul Quinn Guitarist for Saxon 

VQDM - Has everyone in the band Saxon lived their lives fully in England or have members come from different geographical areas? If so has that brought anything unique to the table as far as musical influences or lyrical content?


Paul-I can only speak for myself, having spent time (but not domiciled) in Netherlands and France, l used the two note announcement call sign of SNCF railway stations as the inspiration for our Battalions of Steel main riff. Biff also used to live in France, Nibbs lives in Germany and now Nigel is in the United States.


VQDM -The band has been a seasoned heavy metal band for quite some time yet still bringing high energy to the performances, what is your secret to keeping up on stage with that of a band in it's early 20's? 


Paul- My neck is quite long, so I have to head-bang less than in my youth, but luckily my fingers are strong and not arthritic, or carpally challenged. I really have a strong element of enjoying the adrenaline rush from a great crowd, and including them in the mayhem.


VQDM - The most recent video was on a live stage setting and it was performing your newest song "Thunderbolt" from your upcoming release Thunderbolt as of February 2nd 2018. What has been the influence for this particular album and the title of it?


Paul-Heavy Metal, and our version of it. We can be a force of nature in full flow. Never knowingly undersold!


VQDM -This upcoming year it looks as though you will be touring Europe, Canada, United States and some parts of South America. Where is the one place you are most excited about being and is it a place you have played before?


Paul-World at large, please travel to San Antonio USA and experience their fanaticism! Do it now!


VQDM - You will be sharing many stages and events with the legend Judas Priest, you yourselves are a part of the legendary metal bands, is this tour in your opinion going to super succeed your past tours?


Paul-We can only give our usual 200%.


VQDM -With the heavy issue of theft with your personal identifications such as passports etc that happened not too long ago... are you all taking any extra measures before leaving the country on this upcoming tour that is different than you would have done in the past?


Paul-We take valuables to the stage now.


VQDM - On your new album what has been the driving force behind the music and the lyrics to take it to a different level compared to your past releases?


Paul-Put simply; Peter ‘Biff’ Byford.


VQDM -Has there been any tricks of the trade when it comes to production that you have stuck with over the years in order for your band to continue to push forward and see success with the Single or top 40 Charts?


Paul-I like to think our music is hook laden, that is the main trick. We spend time with most things, refining them. We also do a lot of double tracking.


VQDM - If you had words of inspiration to speak to up and coming musicians what would it be?


Paul-Find rich partners (hopefully) and don’t quit (definitely).


VQDM  As a heavy metal band we know you have done live unplugged sets in front of live audiences how does it differ versus your full blown electric sets?


Paul-Only lip-syncing (miming) for a promotional video clip, we have never done live unplugged sets.



VQDM -Do you find that the youth of today is being drawn back into the (old school sounds of metal) and if so have you been seeing an increase in younger teenagers at your events or festivals?


Paul-We see and welcome fans usually older than 10 years of age, and it warms our hearts to think that they find something they can relate to.


VQDM - What is the one thing that would still give you stage fright?


Paul-That would be an equipment failure (or working with a surviving Beatle).


VQDM -How long do you feel you will continue to push and do live shows and tours? Is there a mental cut off date or a personal commitment choice?


Paul-I think our fans might want a valid Death Certificate, bless them. As long as they want us, we are their men.


VQDM -In this industry you have seen many solid musicians deal with heartache and loss from drugs and alcohol abuse, do you feel as a band you have been able to handle obstacles within as well as dealing with friends in the scene pass on due to their choices?

Paul- We are not perfect, but we try to remain coherent for the duration of the show. After that, all hell breaks loose. I feel for the relatives of party animals, they have to carry on.


VQDM - If you could tell us a slice of what is to come for 2018 that has not been shared or spoken of very much for the band SAXON what would it be?


Paul-Plenty of shows, hopefully no injuries, and R’n’R parties on stage.

Cheerio, see you on tour.


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