Seasons After-Through The Rain

Voodoo Queen Digital Magazines Interview with Jimmy Beattie, guitarist for Seasons After 

VQDM- The first song I personally heard from you all was the cover of "Cry Little Sister" and you locked me in hook and sinker.  Whose idea was it to do that song and video?

SA: I believe that was our original singer Chris's pick. The band wanted to do a cover but didnt want to do the typical. 


VQDM- Have you found that once you had a hit that people actually gravitated too that it got harder to write songs or was it easier?

SA-We didn't really think about 'Cry' when we wrote. It was more about making music that made us proud to put out. 


VQDM- Your song/video "Fighter" struck some chords with some of our core people in the magazine and they were able to relate in some shape or form.  Is this song from anyone in the band's personal experience?

SA-I wrote the lyrics to Fighter in the wake of my father's passing. It's NEVER easy losing a parent, but unfortunately it was completely unexpected and made it all the worse to deal with. I fell into a dark place once the reality that I would never see him again had truly sunk in. Fighter was written based on the idea that no matter what happens, we can rise again and we can go on. 


 VQDM- How long did you push yourselves on the tour circuit before you felt you got noticed by fans outside of your home base?

SA-It was pretty immediate. It felt like there was always a buzz after we played a venue. Our numbers always doubled when we circled back to a place in the beginning. Not to mention that Cry was starting it's own little wild fire.


VQDM- If you all could be a group of super heroes or super villains which one would it be and what characteristics would you possess?

SA-X-Men! We relate lol. We don't fit in with the norms and they don't understand us lol. 


VQDM- Do any of you have an overwhelming appetite on the road verses at home and if so what are your go to foods while touring?

SA-Dawson likes his sushi!


VQDM- How important is it to you that your music gets heard by the younger generation? Going back to the first question a little bit how many people do not realize that is a cover?

SA-It's very important! The industry is riddled with money making nursery rhyme fake music.. In my opinion lol. It's so far gone now that I don't see it coming back. Music has been monopolized by those with the money to design the system how they see fit. Chart positions are bought and payed for so there is no way to get them without signing the rights away to your own music. That IS signing your soul away..once you've given all that you are away..what are you anyway.


VQDM- Who in your band has the hardest time with sleep, either getting too much or not enough?

SA- It varies depending on a million circumstances lol. If I had to pick one'd be Tony. In general, he has the most awkward sleeping pattern lol.


VQDM- What is coming up this fall or winter that your band is specifically excited for, any news you can tell our readers first?

SA-We have tour with Another Lost Year in the works that we are looking forward to. 


VQDM- What is SEASONS AFTER's goals for 2018?

SA-WORLD DOMINATION! Lol, I'm sure we'll keep our noses to the grindstone and keep writing, touring, and doing our best to spread the word!


VQDM- What advice do you have for young inspiring musicians wanting to hit the road?

SA-Work, work, work, work,! 

The common misconception is that a band can write some tunes, put them out, and the world will freak out. You will be mega huge and ride to gigs on a yacht! No, be prepared to put in all of your time. Tour as much as you can and network. The more people personally invested in your cause the better! Set yourself up with a way to make money outside of the band. In most cases, it will take every dollar the band brings in to keep it afloat. Make your own money so the band can sustain itself. Also, any success you have personally or outside of the band, will be good for the band.


VQDM- Do you have someone in particular you want to give shout outs to for helping you get where you are in your musical career today?

SA-Our wives and girlfriends first and foremost. They deal with, and sacrifice as much as we do. If not more in some  ways. Our family's. Definitely our fans. Their continued support give the band..or any band for that matter. The fans have taught me the true meaning of generosity.


VQDM- What band do you want to share the stage with that you have not had the opportunity to do so yet?

SA-Nothing More! I would love to play with those dudes!! They speak truth. Paul McCartney would also be a dream come true!!


VQDM- Does anyone play other instruments or sing other then what they do in this band?

SA-Yes, literally the entire band plays numerous instruments. A couple of us grew up deep in the sticks so we've even got bath tub bass covered lol!


VQDM- Last but not least, if you could go anywhere in the world and put on a major concert where would it be and why?


SA-We would love to play Europe! We've never been but we all want to experience the culture!  I think our music would go over very well there.


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