Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine's Interview with September Mourning

VQDM-For someone just hearing of your band now and reading this how would you introduce them to your sound and yourselves?


SM: We are a trans-media project built around a central story-line and characters. The music accompanies the story and is alternative hard rock/ metal with a pop influence.


VQDM: How did the name September Mourning  come to be?


SM:It's the character's name in the story … but for myself personally it comes from the passing of a person who meant the world to me and died years ago in September… a living memory to him I suppose.


VQDM: What made any of you choose the path you are all on now, compared to what your parents wanted you to do and has there always been that support from family?


SM: Our parents are very supportive of the paths we have chosen and maybe if they didn't at first agree with them have come to realize how  important this project is to each and everyone of us.


VQDM: Is there a message you ever want to give to your fans with your lyrics?


SM: Yes… there are many messages within Volume II that are for the fans. September Mourning as a whole is a project of finding the light through the dark. 


VQDM: Speaking of your fans, they have a nickname " Children Of Fate" In today's age of Social Media does it make you feel closer to your fans and how did the name come to be?


SM: In the story "Fate" is personified as this being that controls everything and everyone in the universe… and a being that September seems to battle at all costs for the human souls she is protecting and giving them their own chances to dictate their own fates. These souls as well as our fans are the Children of fate… and it's a message, a reminder that you are in control of your own Fate, your own destiny...


VQDM: What do you find to be the biggest challenge in the creative process?


SM:Fine tuning… the idea is usually there.. just making it as close to perfection as possible is always a challenge... 


VQDM: What inspires any of you when you go to write or jam?


SM:The storyline is our main inspiration. Everything is wrapped around that.


VQDM: What would I find on your iPod?


SM: Everything from Metal to Rock to Jazz, Classical, Pop, Hardcore.. we listen to it all as you never know when inspiration will come to you.


VQDM: What's the best advice you have ever been given?


SM:Never give up. 


VQDM:  If you hadn't been born in this century, when and where would you have liked to have lived?


SM: In a time of Corsets and dragons and castles… Game of Thrones style.


VQDM: What can we look or in 2017 and any shout outs?


SM: Lots of new tour dates and releases coming in 2017… and as always a huge thank you to all of our Children of Fate … we could never do any of this without each and everyone of you.

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