Alexander (Vocals)
Mathew (Guitar)

Eric- ( Bass )
Frank (Keys/Samples/Vox) 
Ken (Drummer)

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The Buffalo, NY based SKINBOUND combines dark imagery with topics of controversy. Their music depicts the violent truth of human nature and how greed, hypocrisy and power have corrupted the sacred institutions of religious belief.


Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine wants to know why  Skinbound has "Written on your Stone?" 


VQDM: ​ First I want to thank Skinbound for taking the time to do a interview with us! While I am sitting and working this interview up you guys are in the middle of a major snow storm out there in New York. Hope you guys are safe and warm!



VQDM:​ Tell us a little about yourself or self's and who I will have the joy of interviewing from the band and what your craft in the band is?


Mathew: I like long walks on the beach, quiet nights by the.. wait oh yeah I play lead guitar and write for the band.

Alexander: I like electronics, computers, I sing for the band, write, produce, and do grafix.

Kirk:  Right now I’m the bassist, as far as personality I like to think I’m a pretty chill guy that is fun to be around.


 VQDM:​ Skinbound, How did the name come to be?

 Alex: We are all bound to this prison of flesh, or something Hellraiser sounding haha.

VQDM:  Why did you decide to play the genre you do?


Mathew:  I’ve found that people interested in metal seem to be more from the same walk of life as myself. Many times metal has been a saving grace to me and I want to repay that by giving more to the world in the hopes that someone may find the strength in our music to pick themselves up and carry on.

Alexander:  Me likey the metal haha

Kirk:  I love the fast paced side of music so I figured playing with Skinbound would be a good fit.


 VQDM:​ How long have you all been together?


Mathew: Alex has been my best friend since 2000, started Skinbound with him and I.

Alexander: Skinbound formed in ’06, knew Mathew since 2000 and the rest is history.

Kirk: I’ve been with the band since June but I know the history of the band.



VQDM: When a song comes together, does it start with the lyrics, music or both?


Mathew:  Usually I’ll come to rehearsal with a verse and chorus riff. Then as a band we’ll tear it apart, add in the nits and grits, etc. It’ll usually become a totally different song 3 times before it’s done haha. Then we hit the studio with our producer Doug White and he hears 10 things we didn’t and he adds 20 layers.


VQDM​: ​ Anthony VQM Staff  wants to know are you guys enjoying your time in New York? :)


Mathew:  I love NY, Buffalo especially. The winters could be better haha.

Alexander:  We have some of the best food and the bars are open till 4 a.m., having a great time.

Kirk:  Well coming from Texas it’s a big change. The people are very different and the weather sucks ass haha.

 VQDM​:​ Alycia-Writer VQDM Wants to know Favorite Super Hero?


 Mathew:  Hmm never gave it much thought. I’d have to say the Punisher. Just a normal dude who became a stone cold badass. Never took the easy way out.

Alexander:  Wolverine, he smokes, drinks, fights, doesn’t give a fuck and has blades that come out of his fists.

Kirk:  Batman!!!


VQDM : Anthony VQM Staff  wants to know do you prefer touring or recording?​


Mathew:  For me it’s hard to say. I love touring, traveling, seeing new things and places, seeing old friends and making new. I also love recording, our engineer and producer Doug white is one of my best friends and getting to spend time with him, creating, learning and just watching such a talented person bring a finality to something I’ve sweated over is priceless.

Alexander:  Touring, seeing new places and people. Fun road trips with friends.

Kirk:  I’d say touring. Recording allows the creative process to take hold and you’re able to capture raw emotion in its most perfect form. But touring is just an overall fun experience. Seeing new places is always a blast.


VQDM: What's your opinion on the record industry today?


Mathew:  Not going anywhere for awhile? Grab a snickers haha.

Everyone thinks labels aren’t worth anything. They say do it on your own, and to an extent they are right. But check this out, Marilyn Manson’s last record was put out independently. It sold 39,000 copies in its first week. Now, no offense to Manson, the man’s a god in my book, but that’s pathetic. Why? Nobody was there to push it. Stop stealing, start buying, support label bands or the bands you love will have no chance at feeding a family doing what you and they love.

 Alexander: It’s a shell of what it used to be.

Kirk: It’s crumbling. These days it’s getting harder and harder for bands and labels to make a living doing what they love. Mostly due to illegal downloading but at least people are listening to the stuff.


VQDM:  What inspires you to do what you do?​


Mathew:  The fans, the release and the travel. I love the emotion of music whole heartedly. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.

Alexander:  History, news, politics and general anger haha.

Kirk:  I just wanted to be good at something. And music was my outlet to do that.


VQDM:​  Alycia-Writer VQDM Wants to know is there 1 secret thing any of you do when alone? ( I bust out and sing loud as I can in different voices in the car Alycia says ) ha ha​


Mathew:  Um I people watch a lot haha. I write and sing little jingles about people while driving down the road. Record them on my phone and send them to my friend Dani Vargas.  Who, is actually on the “Between Blood and Angles” cover as well as throughout the liner and is staring in the “Written On Your Stone” video that drops 12/16/14.

Alexander:  I think way too much.

Kirk:  I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a “M” and ends in a “asturbation” haha no in all seriousness I spend my alone time practicing.


VQDM:​ Zombie apocalypse, your escaping your home and you grab a CD that is just laying around, what would that CD be?


Mathew:  Hmm what’s laying around, you’ve got a choice, John Hiatt’s Perfectly Good Guitar, Tom Petty’s Wildflowers or Breaking Benjamin’s We Are Not Alone.

Alexander:  Who uses CD’s? (Grabs MP3 player)

Kirk:  Ride The Lightning by Metallica, it’s pretty diverse haha


VQDM: Describe a SKINBOUND show?


Mathew: Depends on the angle. From the stage I can say exhausting and fun.  We have a pretty crazy light show and we’re all high energy. I mostly try not to get kicked in the head while running around because Frank our keyboardist and backing vocalist is always doing flips on stage haha.

VQDM:​ Yvonne From VQM  want's to know. Where do you see SKINBOUND a year from now?​


Mathew:  Being on our way to becoming a household name. We have what it takes, I know we can handle the “big show” and with people like VQM behind us, anything is possible.

Alexander:  Laying face down in a toilet haha.

Kirk:  China haha, hopefully returning from a successful tour.

VQDM: What advice would you give to fellow bands?


Mathew:  A good friend of mine Johny Chow (Stone Sour) once said to me “stay humble” and honestly I’ve had advice shoveled down my throat during my career thus far and those two words from such a successful, great guy have stayed with me and my life and career have been better because of it. So “stay humble.”

Alexander:  Learn as much as you can from anyone who is willing to share with you. Don’t be a dick, to anyone, ever.

Kirk:  Don’t over saturate your home market. And if you’re gonna tour, come back in the black.


VQDM: Your hero's?​


Mathew:  My mother and grandmother. Both no longer with me, but they raised me and I owe everything I am and anything I’ll ever become to their love, support and unbelievable strength.

Alexander:  Nikola Tesla

Kirk:  Dimebag and my Dad.


VQDM: Who is the prankster in the band?


Mathew: Frank

Alexander: Frank

Kirk: Frank


VQDM: Musician, dead or alive would SKINBOUND want to share the stage with?


Mathew:  Engleburt Humperdink. Wait, that dudes dead right? Lol

Alexander:  Dimebag

Kirk:  Dimebag


VQDM:​ What does SKINBOUND having coming at us in the future?​


Mathew:  We have a new video for “Written On Your Stone” dropping 12/16/14, a tour with VQM roster band Final Drive tentatively slated for April 2015, another new record in the works that you should see in the fall of 2015, a video for “The Suffering” being shot in February, a whole new merchandise line coming from us as well as our sponsor DirtBag Clothing and many, many festivals and dates on the way for 2015. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and website for everything Skinbound.


VQDM:​  Where can everyone find things all SKINBOUND?​

If it’s a site you use or like, chances are we’re on it, even XBOX Live, GooglePlay, Spotify, Pandora and iHeart radio


VQDM: Any Shout Outs?


Skinbound would like to thank all the staff, radio stations, DJ’s and all the members of the VQM family that we’ve been working with lately. This really is a giant family that we are so proud and happy to be a part of. You all have given us so much hope for a new year and have inspired us to keep doing what we do. From all of us thank you! Alexander would also like to give a shout out to Justin Pierchala and Kirk would like to give a shout out to his “homie dawgs in the 716” and he politely requests that they “stay fresh.” Ohhhh Kirk…. Lol  And a special thank you to you Kat, for putting this all together for us.  -Mathew


VQDM: Thank you so much for you time , continue what you do and working so hard and look forward toSKINBOUND in the future \m/

Kathey Waxler- Dec- 2014


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