Steven Wilson Live at The Grove in Anaheim, CA 6/12/2015


There was much excitement buzzing around the seated room, a gorgeous and acoustically perfect venue called The Grove, and it was here that many of us had seen Steven perform with Porcupine Tree just a few years earlier. You could literally feel the energy in the room and coming from the most diverse looking group of people I have ever seen at a rock show. The stage was lit with an arch of large circular lights about 20 inches wide that were lit with a beautiful blue light which cast out on to the audience. Behind the stage was a giant projection screen that had images of buildings and people in their natural element; kind of random at first, but then you start to see that it is all a part of a story that unfolds as the show is performed. Keyboardist Adam Holzman starts off the music and then Steven and the rest of the band come out. From the first song to the last, the band put on one of the best performances I’ve seen! Steven was in great spirits and talkative with the audience, sharing his thoughts and insight into his writing style. As a fan, it was such a treat to feel connected with him and the band with stories, perspective on life, and why sad songs are often times the most beautiful. The thing that I have always loved about Steven Wilson, is that no matter what line up of musicians he is playing with, there is always a standard of musicianship that is held, and it always shows, especially at a live performance. With a stage of master musicians (Steven Wilson (vocals, guitar, bass, keys, programing), Guthrie Govan (guitar), Adam Holzman (keyboards), Theo Travis (flute / sax), Nick Beggs (bass / stick), and Marco Minnemann (drums), all that can happen is for your mind to be blown, and once again mine is spinning with images and sound, with head shaking disbelief wondering if last night was a dream. I don’t really know if it’s possible to truly put on paper how amazing and emotionally gripping the show was; those of you who were there understand that what we attended was a truly profound musical and visual experience that was a privilege to witness! The music from his latest album masterpiece is called “Hand Cannot Erase” and is available everywhere. If you have the opportunity to see Steven and the band live, do whatever it takes to get to a show; it will literally blow your mind!! The best part of the whole concert is that I got to share that experience with my son, something that enriched his life experience and created another bond and memory that we can talk about for years to come. Thank you Steven for sharing your brilliance with the world; it is that much better for it!


Dean- June- 2015 

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