As the EP album titled ONE  kicks off with the song "We Roll" it has a touch of blues but rolls right into a solid rock sound.  Catchy lyrics that keep your foot tapping with the beat.  Right away the tune changes as "Start A Fire" breaks into a passionate and very vocal driven song.  This four piece band has a flame that is burning from deep with in and the front man Eric Boatright definitely brings the roots from which he comes from to these songs. Being able to cover Renegade originally done by Styx and hit top hits back in 1979, was outstandingly done. I personally am not too found of having to listen to covers from new and up and coming bands on their albums but this is one exception I will have no problem making.  The music was twisted in such a way it became a modern day sound with that string that kept your heart pounding and brought you back to when ROCK was in it's prime! Making my way to the next song was not an easy job. I kept wanting to hit the replay button from a few of the first songs my ears heard. However as I captured the strength put in by the guitars and percussion on Fight Or Flight immediately I was driven to sink into my chair and hear the lyrical content! I have had the honor to see these guys live and I can tell you they are a rock power house on stage... listening to this song brings that in full swing.  Ending this with "Can You Hear Me" was like having a double helping of your favorite meal and not having room for desert. Digital influences you can hear in this song but it fits in every area as their style blossoms. We are very excited to have been able to review this and looking forward to more of what this band from Alabama has to offer. They are currently on tour and will be making head way across the United States in 2017. Check them out on all the major media sites and grab their new EP so you have that cd you can listen to over and over in your car for any time of the day! VQDM-Yvonne Loveland-2017

Shallow Side are:


Eric Boatright (Vocals)

Cody Hampton (Bass/Guitar)

Seth Trimble (Guitar/Keyboard)

Heath Fields (Drums)

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