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It's Not Enough - lyric video

Solid Ground

An ​extraordinary combination, from his unique powerful vocals to his riveting blues inspired guitar solos. I recently had the honor of chatting with a very humble Tom Keifer of Cinderella about his solo tour and his new​  CD “The Way Life Goes"



“It's been a blast, we're off the road right now, taking a break for the holidays and we're going to start up again next year. Really had a great time on the road since the record has been released we are loving it. Definitely be doing more in the States in next year ( 2015 )."


Kathey: How has the fan reaction been from Cinderella to your solo CD? Have you seen that next generation coming to shows?



" The fan base has been very well received, the live shows we're doing a lot of the new record, along with the Cinderella stuff, they sit alongside each other very well in the show, it's been great.

We actually started seeing that back in 2002,  we started noticing younger people coming in and they weren't with their parents and  as the years go on we  notice that it seems to be increasing with the solo album, we see a lot of younger people out which is really cool."



Kathey: Does your son like Cinderella compared to your solo record and does he go to shows?



"Yes he does go to shows! He really really likes the solo record he really likes the Cinderella stuff as well but he likes the solo record"



Kathey: With everything that you do is there a preference you have from your writing to the instruments you play and what was your first guitar?



"I write on the instrument that the song feels like, with a ballad  I sometimes sit down at the piano or an acoustic guitar. A rock song I grab the electric guitar but the guitar is what I consider to be my main instrument and that is what I started out on and has allowed me to branch out into a lot of other string  instruments like the electric guitar, the mandolin, Lap Steel, National Steel. They are all similar in lot of ways especially with these instruments but I love piano too  but guitar is what I put most of my time into "

My first guitar was a 3/4 size harmony acoustic my mom bought me when I had seen the Beatles on TV and I wanted to take guitar lessons,  I was about 7 maybe 8 years old and she hired a teacher to come to the house every Tuesday at 4 o'clock I remember that for some reason haha"


Kathey: What stands out the most in all that you have done in your music career?


"There's been a lot,  I've been really fortunate over the years and have  had many great experiences. I have to say one of the really cool things that stands out is the Moscow Music Peace Festival we were part of that show back in the eighties . It was really cool and I don't think we all realized how cool it was at the time. The bands that took part in it were really busy, hectic schedules with touring and we all got asked to do the show and the next thing you know we were all on a plane bam bam bam, It was over so fast I don't think we gave it a whole lot of thought. As the years have gone by now performances have surfaced a lot on YouTube and a whole new generation is getting into it.  it's become a landmark in history over there like the Woodstock for here very cool show to be a part."
















Kathey: When did you move to Nashville from Pennsylvania,  and what lead you in that direction?


"I moved here in 1997 . I started in 94 and 95 making trips down here to write with people.

I started thinking about a solo record in the mid nineties, Cinderella  had parted ways with our label at the time and the whole music scene had changed. The Seattle grunge thing coming in we weren't really active as a band at that point because we just really didn't have an outlet for our music and the industry was shifting gears towards a different style and a lot of bands lost their deal at that time so then I started thinking about a solo record I gravitated here.There were a lot of writers that I liked here and I just fell in love with the town."



Kathey: Have you ever been starstruck?


"Yes a couple times, Little Richard was one of them he is in the “Shelter Me” video. I'm A Huge Little Richard fan and whenever the director said he was going to get him to do a guest appearance in the video I was ecstatic. I remember when he walked on the set and sit down in one of the chairs, he was watching the whole thing being made before it was time for his part to be filmed and I walked over to him trying to talk and I do mean try  because I was  very nervous,  that was pretty cool and he is really awesome "



Kathey: Is there anything about your personality that you would change and if so why?


"Um, I don't know I mean sometimes I guess when people see me on stage they might view me as someone that is very outgoing and I don't know maybe crazy or wild or someone that has no fear.  A different side of me comes out when I'm on stage and in real life or normal life if you will I'm a little on the shy and reserve side."


Kathey: What do you think the biggest change in the industry has been over the years?



"The biggest difference and it comes down to one thing I think it's changed for opportunities for a new artist on how you go about in releasing a record or about how you go in developing your craft , a dramatic change for a lot of reasons and decrease to revenue as everyone knows and it's becoming more and more challenging to generate money from the sale of music from the music itself. Back when we first started before we had all those problems or issues when that money that come back through the record company and publishers they used to develop artist and to stay with artists for multiple records and made sure they had the best producers, engineers and studios and that window of opportunity for new artists is shrinking,  Its still there but for the most part labels are looking for for you to bring in a finished product or a finished record and  that's a challenging thing to do when you're young and inexperienced so I feel like we really had the benefit of a label standing behind us for multiple records and developing us, helping us learn and develop as a band. I think that has changed drastically"


Kathey: You love the blues and it comes out in your music, when did you first discover blues?


"I was first exposed to blues music through rock musicians, Jimmy Page, Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Keith Richards through  guitar players that I liked and  I didn't realize when I was younger when I first started listening to those musicians that what they were playing was derivative from blues and i learnt that one day, a friend of mine a guy I was playing in a band with brought a record for me as a gift it was called BB King Live at the Regal and when we started listening to it I said to him this guy sounds like Jimmy Page and he just started laughing,  he was an older gentleman he said no actually I think it's the other way around this is called blues music,  this is what inspired all the people that you like and then like the light bulb went off from that point on  and I started digging back and started listening to BB King obviously that started  me digging  back to listening to Elmore James , Muddy Waters ,  Albert King and Robert Johnson . I started digging back and listening to the people that inspired the rock players that I liked . I love pink Floyd too when I was a teenager in the seventies there was so much incredible music I  could name bands for probably like 2 weeks.”



Kathey: How is the change over from your bandmates from Cinderella to your bandmates now?



"Its always scary to put together a band being in Cinderella's for so long and the whole time I was making the record I knew if it got released eventually I would have  to tour behind and put together a band  and almost dreaded that process of  trying to find people and taking that first step because it just seemed scary  but the second I took the step it just fell into place so Fast & I found just  the greatest players and musician for this band right off the bat. The reason I dreaded it I thought I was going to have to take months  of auditioning to find the right people , it was like the first people that walked into the room  fit , so it's pretty crazy it's a pretty close knit band , we really feel like family and we have a quite a bit in common with each other .It was one of those things where the stars just aligned you know. Hard and scary up until I took that first step  then the second I took that step everything just fell into place so fast and I found the right people and the next thing you know we're out on the  the road touring and having a great time."



Kathey: Anyone you would like to thank?



"All the fans for over the years I’m very aware of the fact that they are the ones that keep the music alive and give it life ...thank you ..without them its just a song on a shelf. "

Tom Keifer-2014




Cinderella - Nobody's Fool (Live HD Moscow Music Peace Festival 1989)

                                    Amazing live  performance by  Tom Keifer  

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