Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine Interview with VEILSIDE

VQDM: Who was the founding member of Veilside and what is the story behind your band's name?  

Veilside:Ron founded the band in 2004.  When the original singer left the band in 2005, they took a year and a half off and then Tony joined in late 2006.  It’s been downhill ever since, LOL


VQDM: This band has been around for quite some time and has seen many ups and downs, this year (2016) what is the primary goal for you all?  

Veilside:We used to want to conquer Sheboygan, WI – and then when we made that our reverbnation zip code, determined we were ALREADY the #1 band from there – so this year we’ve set our sights higher – Bald Knob, AR!!   (Really, we just want to get new guitarist Sharon Cline up to speed and keep writing new material)


VQDM:You have recently released your acoustic album, what was the inspiration behind doing this versus your normal full electric sound?

Veilside: We’d always been told that people enjoyed our acoustic set, so since we spent most of early 2015 getting Tom Finnelly up to speed – and we needed some new material – we felt “Intermission” was being done at the right time.


VQDM: Out of all the bands you have shared the stage with up till now, who was artist that star shocked you the most?

Veilside: Believe it or not, NELSON (remember them?) were seriously some of the nicest guys we’ve ever met.  Last year Tony and Russ got up on stage and did a cover with Eric Martin (from Mr. Big) on his set.  Absolutely fantastic evening!


VQDM: There has been a new edition to the line up for Veilside recently, how has the chemistry been flowing and is it something you were prepared for being that your new guitarist is female?  

Veilside: After Tom’s passing, we had NO designs on putting a female in the band – she flat out beat everyone in auditions.  Sharon Cline is not only amazingly talented, she’s about as down-to-earth as they come, so the chemistry has been great because she simply fits!  We’re honored to have her in the family!


VQDM: Is there plans for a video for any of your new songs in the works?

Veilside: The one thing we’ve never done is a concept video (live videos and lyric videos have been done) so yes, there has been many discussions about doing it.  Recently our track “Left Town” from “INTERMISSION” was pushed as 95.1 WIIL Rock’s “4:20 Hit of the Day” and had considerable positive comments – we may mess with that one.


VQDM: How has your personal lives and the losses of close family and friends affected your writing with the new material?

Veilside:You’ll have to get back to us on this one…..we’ve only started writing with Sharon recently.  We have seven songs in various stages of development, and we hope to have one or two of them brought to the stage soon.


VQDM:Some of your band members have young ones, in this business how do you feel about children being involved in the shows and overall experiences with live entertainment?

Veilside:As we’re a family-first oriented band, anytime our kids can be either at the show or a part of it, we’re fine with that!


VQDM: What are some of the main influences for your writing style?

Veilside:Tony and Ron do about 98% of the lyrics.  Ron is influenced heavily from the 80’s “hair metal” era and writes some of the catchiest hooks.   Tony grew up on British pop bands (and a lot of Def Leppard) so although we’re most definitely a hard rock band, there is a lot of pop-oriented hooks written around some de-tuned hard rock.


VQDM: Has it been more of a challenge to get new fans in this day and age at shows with all the social media where people feel they don't need to leave the comfort of their home to enjoy the music?  

Veilside:Not really.  People have responded because we have no delusions of grandeur.  We just love to play, and that shows every time we take the stage. We’re a fun night out.  


VQDM:If your band would have super hero powers who would you model yourselves after?  

Veilside: Someone who had the ability to generate serious cash so we could all quit our jobs and chase the “brass ring” risk-free


VQDM: Being on the road with your band have you ever had a moment where you all felt like throwing in the towel? Or has it been different and you all wanted to stay out longer because you had so much fun?

Veilside: I think everyone has had moments where you question it, but the core has been together almost 10 years, what the hell else would we be doing?


VQDM: If you were able to play any stage in the U.S. this year that you have yet to, where would it be and why?  

Veilside:Red Rocks Ampitheatre – Morrison, CO – it’s outdoors in the mountains, and the acoustics are supposed to be fantastic!!


VQDM: Is there any one in particular that you would like to give shout outs to for helping your band over the past few years succeed?  

Veilside: Far too many to count, so if we leave someone out – SERIOUS apologies!!  Tony “Shark” LaBarbera of Shark Entertainment, he’s been a longtime confidant and co-manager of the band, Joey DeMarco of United Talent, our crew – Jason LaFauce, Gary Zimmer, Scott Connelly, Heather LaFauce, Bob Jozzy – our art staff – Mike Greninger, Jackie Duleba of Rockin’ Graphics.  Many photographers, our sponsors (endorsements) and everyone who has ever flopped down a few bucks to see us do our thing or buy a CD!!


VQDM: Any words of inspiration you would like to say to those who are working hard to be a band or simply trying to survive in the music world?

Veilside: Yes – ignoring the business aspects of your band (like saying “I just want to play and not get involved in all that”) is a detriment to your career.  Get involved.  If you don’t know, LEARN IT.  It’s every bit as important as the work you put into writing a song.



VQDM- Feb 2016


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