VQDM Interview with Vixen Drummer Roxy Petrucci 


VQDM: This is the beginning of 2016 and although the band Vixen has been around for 30 plus years your still going strong, what are the current plans for this year?  


Roxy: 2016 wow! The fact that we’re still doing what we love is pretty mind-blowing. We are currently working on music for a new record and tour dates are rolling in for spring/summer. We plan to have so much fun it should be illegal!


VQDM: Having so much change in the music business you ultimately have to evolve to stay alive, what do you feel has been the biggest challenge you have had to confront?


Roxy: We lost our guitarist and founding member Jan Kuehenmund to cancer in 2013. We were devastated, heartbroken and questioning whether we wanted to continue on as Vixen. What would Jan have wanted? She devoted her life to Vixen so with the support of friends and fans we decided to honor Jan and her legacy by going out there and rockin that stage with Jan in our hearts and her spirit by our side.


VQDM: Over the years there is still one song that remains in the for front of people's minds and hearts and that is "Edge Of A Broken Heart", how do you feel about that song?


Roxy: I believe Edge of A Broken Heart was the springboard for Vixen’s success and helped shape our signature sound.  I still enjoy playing it and it’s a fan favorite.  The song has all the elements of a good solid hit and it suits us well. Thank you Richard Marx and Fee Waybill for writing such a perfect song for us.  The second record Rev it Up was mainly written by the band and is pure Vixen. Having toured nonstop before hitting the studio we were very tight and delivered a record with great songs and passionate performances.


VQDM:  Have you all had the ability to enjoy and live personal lives outside of the music industry or have you felt that the music industry was and is your family?  


Roxy:  Music is so much a part of my being it’s not just what I do but who I am. This goes back to my childhood that was filled with music, music and more music.  I have pages and pages of lyrics that I work on and aside from Vixen I’m writing with my guitar slinging sister Maxine. I dabble in Real Estate with my husband when I’m not bangin the drums.


VQDM:  Being all female musicians in this world that is generally dominated by men do you feel you have had to struggle that much more to accomplish the things you as artists have achieved?


Roxy:  Back when we were kickin around the rock scene it was definitely ‘the boy’s club’ but that didn’t stop us or slow us down. In fact we became more determined and perform every show with a take no prisoners attitude. If the boys can’t keep up we try not to hold it against them. ; )  


VQDM:  Can you tell me if there is any new material that you have been working on?


Roxy: Oh yes! Vixen is currently writing and recording. Geographically we live in different states but all come together in my home state of Michigan to do much of the recording. We’ll be adding a new song or two in the set and plan to release an album sometime this year.   Our goal is to deliver a record we can be proud of.


VQDM:  So many national acts as well as up and coming acts have found that it has been extremely difficult to capture new audiences after a length of time has gone by, do you feel your able to grab new attention from a younger generation with the help of social media?


Roxy: Social media yes! Word of mouth from our live performances is definitely drawing young rockers to our shows.  Many of the parents are turning their kids on to Vixen and bringing them along.  I can’t tell you how many kids and parents have said they’re learning to play instruments because of Vixen. Inspiring others inspires us… It’s a beautiful thing!


VQDM: If there is one place your band would like to play either for the first time or again where would it be geographically speaking and why?  


Roxy: Never been to South America or Australia and I hear they rock!  We were slated to play Australia just before the band split up but it was not to be. The time to rev it up is now and I have to say we’re having the time of our lives playing together, I only wish Jan was here with us.


VQDM: Do you have any words of wisdom to those young females out there that are desperately trying to break into the music world?


Roxy: I have (3) strong pieces of advice to anyone just hoping for a shot at greatness with still no guarantees.

  1. Play.

  2. Play Often.

  3. Play More.

Put yourself out there, overcoming difficulties is what makes success that much sweeter!


VQDM:  We here at Voodoo Queen Digital Magazine can honestly say being a female based company that you all are truly inspirational in all that you have done and we would like to know who your overall inspirations were to help you get to where you are now?


Roxy: My parents probably made the biggest impact on my life. They came straight from Italy with much of nothing but incredible work ethic…. and damn good homemade wine!  My father introduced me to the Clarinet at a young age and I was hooked.  He was strict but understood creativity and discipline is necessary to develop a good musician. My musical inspirations were mainly male groups like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The exception was the all female band Fanny; they were extremely talented, rocked hard and were no doubt ahead of their time. I can’t leave out Lucille Ball! She was a force…I loved her! I once thought about naming a band ‘Lucille Balls’. Now that rocks!


See you on the road!

Roxy Petrucci



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