Voodoo Sex Cult


Royce Taghon ~ Lead vocals

Tim Hills~ Guitar 

Peter Avalos ~ Guitar 

Chris Burgess ~ Bass

Doyle Meredith~ Drums 

We are a multi racial kick ass Rock-n-Roll band. We have a native American Lead Vocalist, A viking guitarist, a castillian guitarist, a black bass player, a red neck drummer. We are not to politically correct at all.~Voodoo Sex Cult 

        VQDM Interview with Voodoo Sex Cult's guitarist Tim Hills 






VQDM-For someone just hearing of your band now and reading this how would you introduce them to your sound?


Tim-Put some good headphones on. Get your favorite adult beverage, I recommend at 3. Crank it up and enjoy.



VQDM: Where are you all from and how long have you known each other?


Tim-We are from Prescott Valley Az. We have all known each other a long time, a lot of history. Doyle and I 26 years we were literally separated at birth.


VQDM: How did the name Voodoo Sex Cult come to be?


Tim-Royce and I went out drinking on the infamous whisky row in Prescott. At the oldest bar in the state "the Palace"- The Earp brothers actually ran this place back in the day. So Royce and I are drinking pint shots by the color of the rainbow after about 6 we decided it was time to name this new project. We wanted it to be an institution if you will, we wanted it to be dark,fun,sexy- Voodoo came up! We want our fans to be cult like in devotion and had to be sexy .... Royce blurted out Voodoo Sex Cult....



VQDM: What made any of you choose the path you are all on now, compared to what your parents wanted you to do and has there always been that support from family?


Tim-well.... There is nothing like connecting with a crowd the energy is amazing! I believe that is a big part of why we do what we do. Support comes in many different forms from loved ones.


VQDM: Is there a message you ever want to give to your fans with your lyrics?


Tim-Our message is pretty simple. No matter what you do Kick ass doing it and a have a blast while doing it. If you are a widget maker be the best widget maker have fun and kick ass while building widgets! You see if I was a widget maker, I would build widgets while drinking mojitos and I would have a work force of beautiful naked Polynesian women building widgets and drinking mojitos with me. If you are going to dream, dream big.


 VQDM-What is the worst onstage mishap you have experienced?


Tim-oh boy..... Playing in 115* degree heat directly in the sun, while drinking warm honey jack whisky. 3rd song in all the other guys in the band are looking at me "wtf written all over their faces" . 4th song Pete is by me trying to show me where we are at in the song. I look at Pete and say "don't try to show me how to play the song, I wrote that shit mother fucker"- I still am reminded of this story at least once a month



VQDM: What do you find to be the biggest challenge in the creative process?



Tim-Our song writing process is great, not really a lot of challenges so to speak. Maybe not enough time in the week to write all of our ideas.



VQDM: Where do you all go when your on stage, do you have a different mind set?


The mindset is game on! Let's have a great time! Our motto for any town we are playing in is "Get ready the Voodoo is coming for your ass"



VQDM: what inspires any of you when you go to write or jam?


Tim-inspiration comes in many forms for each of is- the small of a woman's back, a bad break up, the past, shooting guns, Granny Smith apples,drinking pirate punch,420, inspiration is everywhere




VQDM: Who are your hero's, I'm not just referring to musicians but anyone in general?


Single moms- they have such busy life's. So when they show up at our shows it is amazing to us. You know they had to work hard all week long and they have chosen to come rock and party with us.




VQDM: What would I find on your ipod?



Tim-In this moment- Gary Clark jr- Motley Crüe- prince- ax7- winery dogs- the chimpz- django Reinhardt. Pretty varied



VQDM: Ok, Any Muppet fans?


Tim-Doyle is a huge muppet fan. Animal being his 2nd favorite muppet. Miss Piggy being his first.




VQDM: If there was anything about your personality you could change, what would any of you change and why?




Tim-I am a big time procrastinator, drives my publicist crazy! It bugs me but I wouldn't change it. It is what makes me me and I am pretty damn special :)



VQDM:  If you hadn't been born in this century, when and where would you of like to have lived?


Tim-hmmm 2090 in the U.S.



VQDM: If you were able to sit under the table and listen to any two people speak, who would it be?



Tim-wow.... I am not normally stumped .... Ok a brunch in Hollywood with Lady Gaga and Scarlett Johanson.



VQDM: Hobbies and or professions outside of Voodoo Sex Cult?



Royce is a Hair stylist , Doyle and Chris like to shoot things, Pete likes to cook.



VQDM: If you kids wanted to do this profession, how would your reaction be?


Tim-Supportive! Tell them to live it



VQDM: Describe  Voodoo Sex Cult in 3 words?





VQDM-what can we expect in 2015  from Voodoo Sex Cult ?





VQDM-Any Shout Outs?


Tim-shout outs to all of our fans! Yvonne Laughlin, The Chimpz, ColdCock Whisky!


Tim Hills-2015


Photo Credits Live shots-Kerry Wilson



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