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Since 2015,  Each month VQDM has spotlighted women in the music scene/Art/ photography .Voodoo Dolls are also women that support those  musicians, artists, band members, writers, and photographers . 

We encourage you to submit and tell us your story or someone you know story!



Please email us at voodoodigmag@gmail.com  

Serious entries only please ........

Send three of your top photos of just yourself. We  keep all submissions for later consideration.
Also, we would like a bio of yourself and how music effects your life for the
shout out in the magazine. Each lady of the month will continue to be supported in her music journey , even when that month has ended,



2018 Dolls

Iballa Chantelle
Feb Doll- crystal girald
March Doll- Kobra Paige
April Shelbie- HTW
Lindy Gabriel
Cat Mues
Alyce Hayes
Aug Voodoo Doll - Inga Rudin
Sept Voodoo Doll - Angie States
Oct Voodoo Doll Alison Masson
Nov Voodoo Doll- Paulette

2017 Dolls

Jan Doll- Maria Friend
Feb Doll- Cristi Cauthron
August Doll-2017 Siren Sycho
sharon allgeier
April Doll-2016 Kimber Starks
May Doll-1017 LucyRose
June Doll-2017 Dayna Jade
July Doll-2017 Meena
September Doll-2017 Lauren Lopez
Oct Doll- Kendra Simpson
Nov Doll - Jennifer Myers
December Doll- Ashley Worhol

2016 Dolls

Jan Doll- Lauren Mchale
Feb Doll-2016 Leona-X
March Doll-2016 Hera Marie
April Doll-2016 Tara Campbell
June Doll-2016 Margarita Monet
July Doll-2016 Misai Chan
August Doll-2016 Misty Kelly
September Doll-2016 Misty Kelly
October Doll-2016 CJ
November Doll-2016 Monique Jones
December Doll-2016 Casper

2015 Dolls

Jan Doll- 2015 Yvonne Loveland
Feb Doll- 2015 Maria Friend
March Doll-2015 Dawn
April- Stephanie
June Doll- 2015 Sue
July Doll-2015 Lauren
August Doll- 2015 Kathey Waxler
September Doll-2015 Rachel
October Doll-2015 Stephanie Simms
Nov-Doll- 2015 Tricia Star
December Doll- 2015 Sara McIntosh
Do you want to be a backer of our dolls?email us voodoodigmag@gmail.com

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